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So, premium processing is open as described earlier. Premium Processing extended - H4, EAD, L2, F1, EB1-C I-140 HR 8337 bill provides continuing FY2021 appropriations to federal agencies through December 11, 2020, and extends several programs, including expanding U.S. The New Cost of Premium Processing: For immigration benefit types eligible for premium processing on or before August 1, 2020, the fee will be $2,500, except for … (E) any other immigration benefit type that the Secretary deems appropriate for premium processing. H1b Premium Processing 2020. This is an unexpected news which brought cheers to hundred thousand plus people utilizing H4 and L2 EAD. H1b premium processing latest news. Open file in New Window > The survey’s 14K responses reveal that H1b skilled people are getting ready to get Canada or Australia PR.. News Timeline. 8337, an appropriations bill that will expand the availability of premium processing service provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to a larger pool of applicants for … Premium processing will be offered in a two-phased approach during the FY 2020 cap season. H1b Premium Processing Latest News Aug 2019. This essentially delayed the overall processing of H4 and H4 EAD applications. Generally, the H4 and H4 EAD will be processed in premium timeline too if you upgrade h1B to premium. The premium fee will vary from $1500- $2500 depending on the type of application. Given that the USCIS is primarily just expanding an existing program (i.e., premium processing service), the hope is that the rulemaking process can be abbreviated. There is no separate process to inform USCIS to connect H4 and H4 EAD to premium H1B. There is no latest news on h1b premium processing as of today Aug 8 2019. Welcome back to Visalawyerblog. Bloomberg Law reported that USCIS has completed its proposed regulation to end a programme that allows spouses of H-1B workers, … The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people from all corners irrespective of class, religion, and status. Given the current situation, these changes might not be effective anytime soon. The ability to apply for premium processing would bring down the processing time to under 30 days. H4 workers aren’t an exception. The exact fees would be determined by USCIS and would be under $1,500. Apr 8, 2019: ImmigrationVoice presented good defense in support of the H4 EAD rule citing it does not affect American workers. H4 EAD Premium Processing H4 EAD February 2020 Update The Appeals Court formalized their decision from November 2019.They issued a final mandate to the District Courts to proceed with the case and look at the merits going forward. Happy Monday! Immigration lawyers consider the mandatory biometric requirement for H4 visa holders as the main reason for delays in the processing of the I-539 forms for H4 extension. But, with new biometrics requirement for H4, the premium timeline will any way not be honored. We kick off the start of a brand new week with very exciting news. Currently, processing employment documents for H4 visa holders (spouses of H-1B visa holders) can take up to six months, during which time they cannot work in the United States. How Is COVID-19 Affecting H4 Workers? AM22 Tech – 17 Apr 19 They already are connected. While the return of premium processing offers some respite to H-1B applicants, their spouses face a comparatively grim future. The same holds true for the other categories that should eventually be granted premium processing, including the EB1(c) category. We are happy to report that on October 1, 2020, Congress passed H.R.

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