how to study for an exam in one day

In fact, in a week’s time, it was found that people who spent more time studying memorized six times more than those who barely covered the material. If you're trying to study in a day, first review your notes and highlight important information, then repeat key concepts out loud so they'll stick. How to Study the Night Before a Test. Stay calm. Try re-writing information or using mnemonic devices for facts and ideas you need to memorize, or make flash cards so you can quiz yourself on terms and definitions. Once you know this, you can divide these hours by the number of days you plan to study. If u really want to ace the exam follow it . A quiet room, library, coffee shop, or your study desk are ideal options. ", "I got really panicked, as I have a huge test tomorrow. Don’t panic if you find yourself clueless about the problem. Some professors will also provide summaries of important themes as handouts for the class. Finally finding something that gives me really, "The tip that helped the most was to plan my study schedule and to be responsible, determined, and focused to study, "Thank you. As Hamlet would say, "Ay, there's the rub." Carry a homework planner at all times. The situation becomes even more stressful when you've only got one day to study for an important exam. There is a good chance that your professor organized the material in a specific way to guide your learning. Limit stress by setting reasonable expectations, like reviewing only key concepts instead of attempting to re-learn all of the material in one night. "This was very helpful, although some of the ideas were long processes and being busy makes it hard to study in, "I study hard, but when it comes to write what I studied, I forget. Really! thank you so much for this post.. i am pretty confident that it will help me. For essay or short answer tests, you will be asked to have a good understanding of wide themes and ideas. Study the harder topics and subjects first, so you’re motivated to finish the rest of them. Thanks for this post, it’s awesome and helpful. This is far and away the best method to study for an exam. Limit yourself to that time estimate for each. It sounds hard, but teaching someone who knows less about a topic than you do is a great way to cement what you already know. If you can't remember a term, put an asterisk next to it and move on to the next one. Depends on how long you study. As we know slow and steady wins the race. If you take the test cold or you prep with only a week or two, you're not going to score as high as you could. Don’t try to study everything on a day before the exam. Be sure to memorize some key terms and examples that you can use for support in your essay questions during the actual test. When you have a plate full of rice, you take it in by the spoonful. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 714,773 times. ", "It has helped me on how to study more than one course in limited time and how to avoid distractions, thanks! Thanks for sharing!! A month isn't a particularly long time to study for the SAT, but with our six surefire tips, you're guaranteed to get the score you want on test day! Maybe you procrastinated or ran out of time. If you can, find a quiet place to study where you won’t be interrupted, like the library, and turn off your phone so you’re not distracted. I can’t. Whatever the case there’s no time to panic. However, any amount of hubris about studying isn’t what may drag you down. It's so effective because it completely dismantles and obliterates my one serious, overriding weakness. And while friends can provide some much-needed support, they're not always the best study buddies when you're pressed for time. I don't know if it will work but i'll try them becoz I feel pretty confident about them, My English exam will be tomorrow but I'm afraid of a bad result. This will help your body restore the lost energy to an extent so that you are set for next day's exam. It’s also important to understand what tasks will lead you to your goal fast and well. Plan on reviewing around 15 minutes a day until the week before the exam. It is important to do lots of yoga to relax. Get up, move around. Once your mind feels calmer, you can begin to study. Your test performance will likely improve when you have more than one day to study. Eat some brain food like boiled eggs, dark chocolate etc. If you can explain the concepts, sums or whatever it is to these "audience members" without checking you're notes, then you're good to go. By Valerie Willis. Re-writing information over and over again may help it stick in your brain. You can even try chewing gum repeatedly every time you study, and then do the same on exam day.

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