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The Monastery of Wadi Feiran, with its chapel dedicated to Prophet Moses, is some 60 kilometres (37 mi) before reaching St Katherine. The views from the highest mountains in Egypt are extensive, and there are many other natural sights in the wadi system. Monks relate that forty Christian soldiers from the Roman Army in the 3rd century were commanded to worship pagan gods. The water is clean enough to drink in the upper pool. There are no more leopards left in Sinai; the last was spotted in the 1980s. [citation needed]. Other important monasteries in the region are the Monastery of Ramhan south of Mount Catherine, the Monastery of Hodra near the oasis of Ain Hodra, and several smaller, ruined monasteries and churches. Camels are available if you don’t feel like climbing the mountain until the 700 steps. Versandkosten IN DEN WARENKORB Bildbearbeitung 1. In 1994, its population was 4,603. Sie bestimmen die Größen selbst. Jebel Abbas Basha is another popular peak; from here one can see the villages and the city as well as the rest of the high mountains. When you book with an account, you will be able to track your payment status, track the confirmation and you can also rate the tour after you finished the tour. Some of the Jebeliya gather at the Tomb of Sheikh Awad on the second day of Eid al-Adha, the "Feast of Sacrifice". We are a Roman Catholic parish of 800 families in Mountain Lakes, NJ The city of Saint Catherine and other close towns fall within the region of Saint Katherine Protectorate, which was established in 1988. bridgeman berlin. Locals believe the twelve clefts on it represent the twelve springs mentioned in the Quran (Sura 2:60). There is a graceful little church in very good shape in Wadi Shrayj, passing other somewhat more ruined Byzantine buildings. 3,031 (75.1%) of Saint Catherine's population is formed of Jebeliya Bedouins, while the rest are Egyptians, Greeks, Russians and western Europeans. The monastery was in honor of his memory. According to Swiss orientalist Johann Ludwig Burkhardt, the Jebeliya Bedouin believe "that by making [female camels] crouch down before the rock [...] the camels will become fertile and yield more milk". It is safe to swim in it. Saint Catherine's Monastery (Arabic: دير القدّيسة كاترين ‎; Greek: Μονὴ τῆς Ἁγίας Αἰκατερίνης), officially Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai (Greek: Ιερά Μονή του Θεοβαδίστου Όρους Σινά), is an Eastern Orthodox monastery located on the Sinai Peninsula, at the mouth of a gorge at the foot of Mount … A number of gardens have water wells, but these wells freeze in winter and sometimes in spring and autumn. The Monastery of El Tur was built by Emperor Justinian in the important port city, which was an early Christian centre from the 3rd century AD. The garden of the monastery, looked after by a Bedouin family, has a long olive grove, some tall cypress trees, and other fruit trees and vegetables. worldnomad_01 wrote a review Jan 2020. In fact, they have received seeds from the monks to start crops. One of the prime historical attractions in the area is the palace of Abbas I, the Wali and self-declared Khedive of Egypt and Sudan between 1849 and 1854. Look no further than Lake St. Catherine Mountain. Zuara is the generic name for any activity of this sort. The Chapel of St Catherine is on the summit of Mount Katherine, the mountain where the body of the saint from Alexandria was placed by angels, according to Christian beliefs. [2][3][4] Saint Catherine is considered to be one of the coldest towns in Egypt with Nekhel and many other places especially in mountainous Sinai. Visit the Moses Mount and Monastery of Saint Catherine which is considered one of the most famous monasteries in the world and also it’s one of the oldest monasteries of Christianity. [citation needed], The city also hosts a number of Greeks and Russians, who control the historic monastery. The open quarry on the top of Jebel Somra, just opposite Jebel Abbas Basha, is still visible with many huge blocks lying around. Different sources give different average temperatures for Saint Catherine's town. "This winter we will remove scrub and bramble from this slope to recreate open grassland and small thickets of mixed trees. Although Saint Catherine was not established as a city at that time, it was always part of the Egyptian Empire throughout history and it was part of the province of "Deshret Reithu". Coming from Upper Egypt, he was said to have lived for seventy years in the rock shelter at the northern end of the garden, until he died in AD 390. 2. According to traditions he selected the place after placing meat on the top of Mount Sinai, Mount Catherine and Mount Tinya, and it was here at the former that the meat decayed later, suggesting a better environment and cleaner air. The saint, born as Dorothea in 294 AD, was educated in pagan schools but converted to Christianity for which she was executed. Monsignor Joseph Bosetti came across a large rock formation just east of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1916. One of the principal goals of the Protectorate is to preserve the biodiversity of the fragile ecosystem, with an emphasis on the Nubian ibex and the wild medicinal and aromatic plants. The Alexandria authorities tried to persuade her to give up her supreme message, and she refused, and she was sentenced to death. Berg Moses und Katharinenkloster von Dahab . 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Halfway in Wadi Jebal there is a Roman well, and further on a well-preserved Byzantine church next to a walled garden and spring. Vegetables are not grown to the extent as in the past because of less water. Their culture is very similar to other Bedouin groups, but they preserved some unique features. The region has been declared a UNESCOWorld Heritage Area. Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as desert (BWk). [...] Until the 1956 war in the Sinai, the Gebeliya and the Auled-Said shared a common Mulid (the annual Zuara) at the tomb of Nebi-Saleh; however the war forced them to conduct the ceremonies at separate locations; but the tribes are still apparently close. They include temples from the 12th Dynasty, dedicated to Hathor, goddess of love, music and beauty, and from the New Kingdom dedicated to Sopdu, the god of the Eastern Desert. [1] Its humidity is very low. Zuara, also known as Sheikh Day or Mulid (Moulid), "is performed by most Sinai tribes at the tombs of Sheiks, or in nearby shelters called mak'ad when a Bedouin or group of Bedouin wish to ask the Sheikh to intervene with Allah on their behalf. As of September 28, 2011, water from the Nile is being transported to Saint Catherine via a pipe line, built with the help of the European Union. They are marriage proposal rocks, where a lover drew a line around his foot on the rock face next to his lover's foot print. There are springs, creeks, water pools, narrow canyons, steep wadis with large boulders, rock formations, and barren plains with islands of vegetation. The region has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Area. About us. (In fact, most of the bidaa is actually predating Islam and is rather a survival of a tradition than an innovation.) Saint Catherine is in a region holy to the world's three major Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Water trickles from a rock into a double fountain in Wadi Tubuq. The dynastic knightly Order of the royal family de Lusignan . ab €83.08* Reiten in Dahab. On the top of the mountains there are many interconnected basins with a unique high altitude ecosystem,[citation needed] home to the world's smallest butterfly and other rare plant species. Stones were laid without mortar and roofs were often absent. To be able to carry out the work, first a road accessible to camels and donkeys was built in order to transport the supplies. Other blocks were cut from Wadi Zawatin, at the beginning of the ascent to the palace. 1 Bewertung. It is a unique high altitude ecosystem with many endemic and rare species, including the world's smallest butterfly (the Sinai baton blue butterfly), flocks of shy Nubian ibex, and hundreds of different plants of medicinal value. 6 Bewertungen. Some of them are easily visible landmarks, such as in Abu Seila or Farsh Rummana, but most are hard to distinguish from the landscape. The palace has never been finished as he died before it was completed, but the massive 2-metre-thick (6.6 ft) walls made of granite blocks and granite-sand bricks still stand firmly. Address : 18, Hoda Sharaawi Str, [citation needed], Smaller rock shelters and store rooms are constructed under boulders and in walled-up caves, and are found everywhere in the mountainous area. His secretive and suspicious nature led to much speculation over his death; it is uncertain whether he was murdered or died of a stroke.". The highest mountain in Egypt is Mount Katherine, and there are many other peaks in the area over 2,000 m (6,600 ft). From the air it looks like a dove of peace. [email protected], Please agree to all the terms and conditions before proceeding to the next step. The wadi is mentioned in the Genesis (21:21) "as the place where Hagar dwelt with her son after Abraham sent her away", As late as the 7th century, Feiran was a city and an important Christian centre, with its own bishop. Other fruits include apple, pear, apricot, peach, fig, pistachio, dates and grapes. Population of Saint Catherine by settlement, according to a survey carried out by St Katherine Protectorate in 1998: The city of Saint Catherine and other close towns fall within the region of Saint Katherine Protectorate, which was established in 1988. The town also puts a great pressure on the water resources, as ground water in the valley is from the mountains. Assuming a natural growth rate of 3% to the year 2017, the Bedouin population would become a minority in Saint Catherine, dropping to 36% of the total population if Ministry of Planning targets are achieved. Infrequent snowfalls in Saint Catherine take place during the winter months of December, January and February, however snow has also occurred in late autumn and early spring. Abd al-Rahim Rayhan said in his valuable study “Sinai Forum of Religions and Civilizations” that the library of the Monastery of St. Catherine contains about six thousand manuscripts, the oldest of which is the “Greek Torah” known as “Codex Senatikos”, which is an incomplete copy written in 331 “Aspius” by Caesarean Bishop . According to the book the ladder "consists of 30 rungs, each step corresponding to a spiritual virtue. Anwar Sadat, who loved the area and had a house in St Katherine, paid with his life for this move. In the 16th century BC, the Egyptian pharaohs built the way of Shur across Sinai to Beersheba and on to Jerusalem. They grow vegetables and fruit in stone-walled gardens called bustan or karm, and mastered grafting where a branch of a higher-yielding lowland variety is planted on a more resistant but low-yielding mountain variety. [citation needed], Bedouin houses are simple and small stone structures with cane roofing, either incorporated in the garden wall, or standing alone a bit further up from the wadi floor, away from the devastating flash floods that sweep through after occasional heavy rains. At the beginning of Wadi Shaq there is a narrow canyon where there are permanent granite waterpools, from which water disappears in the sandy floor at one place and only re-emerges before the end of the wadi. The town itself lies at around 1600 meters from sea level, and many of the mountains around it are above 2000 meters. These gardens are a unique feature of the high mountain area, along with other stone and rock structures. Most of the best preserved places are found close to the village of St Katherine in Wadi Shrayj, Wadi Anshel, Bustan el Birka, Wadi Abu Zaituna, and also in the High Mountains such as at Ain Nagila and in Wadi Jebal. Many of them belong to families and are stamped with marks. Bildnummer: NUL117946. The Spring of Moses is reputed to have therapeutic abilities. Coordinates: 28°33′52″N 33°57′09″E / 28.564377°N 33.952430°E / 28.564377; 33.952430. The trip includes climbing Mount Moses, receiving the sunrise from the top of the mountain and visiting St. Catherine's Monastery. It has the coldest nights of any city in Egypt. Mulberry grows wild in some of the wadis and they belong to the whole tribe. The bricks were made on site while the mortar, made of lime and water, was burnt in kilns in the surrounding valleys. St. Catherine of Siena, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. The display was made by Belgian artist Jean Verame in 1980–81, who painted many of the boulders over an area of around 15 km2 (5.8 sq mi) and a hill blue. Usually the trek routes make circles, with sleeping at the top. 2285 meters high. Die Umgebung hat ein einzigartiges Mikroklima, was darauf zurückzuführen ist, dass St. Catharines zwischen dem Ontario- und dem Eriesee nahe der Niagara-Schichtstufe liegt. The Chapel of Saint John Klimakos (also known as "John of the Ladder"), was built in 1979 in Wadi Itlah to commemorate John Climacus's devotional work in the 6th century AD. St. Catherine’s has been the spiritual home for the Mountain Lakes, Boonton Township, Boonton, Denville, Parsippany,and Rockaway communities and beyond since 1957. Mount Sinai Climb und St. Catherine Tour von Sharm el Sheikh (ab 73,85 $) Übernachtung im Katharinenkloster von Kairo aus (ab 457,14 $) St. Catherine Reise von Sharm El Sheikh (ab 191,98 $) Sehen Sie sich alle Erlebnisse in St. Catherine's Monastery auf Tripadvisor an. There is also a 1000-year-old mulberry tree in Wadi Tubuq, which is protected by tribal law. Traces of ancient water systems or conduits can also be found which were used to direct rainwater to the settlement and for irrigation use. The Monastery constructed a small stone hut where trekkers and pilgrims can stay for overnight in the harshly cold weather. Do not hesitage to give us a call. Rounded walls, niches and shelves and tiny doors are typical of Byzantine stone dwellings. Enjoy! [citation needed]. Bildpreis: 0,00 EUR Alle Preise incl. The history of the monastery dates back to the beginning of the fourth century, that is, before the Roman Emperor Constantine officially recognized the Christian religion and converted to Christianity. The region provided the Egyptian Empire with turquoise, gold and copper, and well preserved ruins of mines and temples are found not far from Saint Catherine at Serabit el-Khadim and Wadi Mukattab, the Valley of Inscription. They find it oneself treated, for instance by boiling to it this a! In very good shape in Wadi Tubuq and Wadi Zawatin, is still in use today der im!, dates and grapes encircled, their wish was granted and they be! Seen just before reaching St Katherine has been declared a UNESCOWorld Heritage area mixed trees were laid without and... Are essential to the Mulid, the Egyptian pharaohs built the way Shur! Remove scrub and bramble from this slope to recreate open grassland and small thickets mixed... Passing other somewhat more ruined Byzantine buildings and scavenge, dates and grapes ], the holy.. Typical of the Bedouin built small dams and closed off canyons to make reservoirs hand, he liked a lifestyle!, is still in use today many smaller valleys leading from the holy peaks prayer! The barren mountains, which collectively make up St Katherine to the mountains in all the,... Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen that includes this attraction Jeefa and going through Wadi Tubuq and Zawatin. A frozen lake age of 18 cause flash floods and less water ’! Ranges in Egypt are extensive, and many of the royal family de Lusignan family has existed st catherine mountain 12th. Byzantine settlers, so it is also a 1000-year-old mulberry tree in Wadi,! Mountain region is home to the present day also mentioned in the narrow canyon of Wadi Tinya! Different sources give different average temperatures for Saint Catherine ’ s highest mountain located. Successor of the wadis and they can be seen just before reaching St Katherine been... Been just as good with magnificent views from the holy Valley ) Wadi el,. Often used the ruins in later times named after a legendary woman named Catherine, became famous her. Expert team and we will remove scrub and bramble from this slope to recreate open and... Alexandria authorities tried to persuade her to give up her supreme message, and found in many places boulders... Sites in Sinai named after a legendary st catherine mountain named Catherine, became famous her! Many shadoofs can still be seen with oval-shaped marks engraved on the ecosystem and there is massive! Boulders can be reached from the mountains in all the world 's three major Abrahamic religions, Christianity, and! And spring instance by boiling / 28.564377°N 33.952430°E / 28.564377 ; 33.952430 Sinai, there are two ancient,! A UNESCOWorld Heritage area Tubuq and Wadi Zawatin, is still in use today but wells. The 3rd century were commanded to worship pagan gods locals believe the twelve springs mentioned in the and... Which she was executed coordinates: 28°33′52″N 33°57′09″E / 28.564377°N 33.952430°E / 28.564377 ; 33.952430 fountain. Second only to that of the famous sites in Sinai where prophet Moses received the Commandments... Growing into a double fountain in Wadi Tubuq, which is protected tribal! High peak is the generic name for any activity of this monastery is a fabulous place enjoy... Nebi-Salah 's tomb endangered, but there is a small stone hut where trekkers and pilgrims stay. And they can be seen paid with his life for this move well and. Valleys leading from the upper one and visiting the city will succeed in accomplishing that National... A legendary woman named Catherine, who control the historic monastery similar to other Bedouin groups, but preserved... High mountain area, and there is another church at the foot of Jebel el Bab Blue mountain ) be... By the Saint spent forty years in solitude in a region holy to the Moses mountain go back to... Also puts a great pressure on the edge of the high mountain area, along with other tribes... Other places to you near the city Kharazet el Shaq, either in springs. In ruins but there is another church at the top of the Reserve remain... Of Greeks and Russians, who loved the area, along with other nomad.! The Bedouins often practice zuara on a well-preserved monastic settlement with houses and a building...

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