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Home; Who We Are . Talent or whatever, that doesn't matter. Toko and Komaru decided to leave the secret base, but as they did they saw adults screaming while they watched a monitor. Makoto and the other survivors defeat the Mastermind of the Killi… Worried about the wounded agent, Komaru asked him to join her, but the agent refused when some Monokumas catch sight of them. English On the fourth floor they met a man with glasses who confessed that while hiding from the kids he was trying to program a way on his laptop to remove his wristband. Komaru and Toko then chased the Monokuma Kid until they arrived at a construction site. He has brown hair and light grey-ish, milky green eyes. The two left, only to find that another subway station had opened. I won't abandon anyone! After being told to leave immediately, Komaru became afraid, as all she wanted was to be reunited with her family. She explained that nobody but Shirokuma was allowed to go outside unless they could sneak out, commenting that she has adults sneak outside to bring her cigarettes. However, this is translated incorrectly in the official English version, with Toko inaccurately stating she has no best friend and with no mention of the matching surnames. Makoto Naegi is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and one of the central protagonists of the Hope's Peak Academy Saga. Komaru and Toko went to the road filled with Monokumas after Byakuya tasked them to head out and search for Monaca's hideout. Devastated by what had happened to Yuta, Komaru burst into tears, saying it's impossible to escape. When Toko "officially" agrees to assist Komaru, she hugs Toko in happiness, which makes Toko uncomfortable due to her not being used to physical contact. She thinks now that her brother has grown and become more reliable. Kotoko advised them to confront Monaca and get the key to the hostage's room while she left to get the controller. Cherami Leigh Kuehn (born July 19, 1988 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.) is an American actress and voice actress. "Komaru, lay back down," Naegi ordered from the sides. I think I got it from you. They hoped to cross the bridge in order to escape, but soon found that half of the bridge had been destroyed. Nagisa revealed the secret passageway and ordered Komaru to left. I can't just leave it like this. Cherami Leigh (Komaru) and Amanda Miller (Toko) have done a really great job portraying these characters. She admits that she enjoys talking into electrical fans and that she is sorta bad at math, while her Hit List entry is examined. Danganronpa: The Manga Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo: Danganronpa Another Episode Comic Anthology When Monaca showed a video of Komaru's parents dead in a torture room, Komaru fell into complete despair, deciding to break the controller and be done with the madness. As such, she chose to open the door at the top of a ladder, prompting Monaca to emerge and reveal that she had full use of her legs after all. Though, she once tried to claim she has lots of experience with dating and sex because she was afraid Toko might make fun of her. Cherami Leigh is the English dub voice of Komaru Naegi in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and Aya Uchida is the Japanese voice. Shirokuma wanted introduce him to Komaru and Toko. Although she was still confused about the usage of the weapon, she still managed to get rid of all Monokumas inside the restaurant. Shirokuma's head was then seen being ejected out of Big Bang Monokuma's evil red eye before the giant robot collapsed. Komaru later took control of Miaya and through her computer screen, contacted her brother and told him of what she learned from Monaca. When imprisoned, Komaru thought of her brother many times, especially when things got bad. Makoto Naegi Secret File Romaji They agreed, rebelling and murdering their parents first, then moved on to start "Operation Children's Paradise". Before Makoto's title is switched to the Ultimate Hope, both share the same title as the Ultimate Lucky Student. Komaru who see this tried to tell him to stop, but Masaru didn't listen to her and begin to fight her after he was satisfied. At the elevator, the man had barely begun hacking around the security system when Junk Monokumas appeared, forcing Komaru and Toko to cover him. Exploring the district deeper, Komaru and Toko then saw someone underneath a white sheet being kicked by Monokumas, crying and begging them to stop. [7] They also had a dog during her childhood. Jataro introduced himself to the girls before he explained that Komaru, the one with the wristband, can't leave the city because she is one of the Warriors of Hope's targets. She was surprised when she looked up at the TV, as she found the newscaster's corpse was being toyed with by a group of children. He sprayed powder to Toko so she could sneezed and switched to Jack in order to kill Komaru. Toko once again accused Haiji of being a weak leader, but Komaru sided with him, arguing that Toko did not understand the feelings of the weak. This would then be shown to the students of 78th Class and act as a motive to convince the students to kill each other. Female After Komaru's grand speech and help with finding the Big Bang Monokuma, Haiji believes she is the adults' hope, causing him to put lots of pressure on her. Toko gives Komaru a very warm, genuine smile and hugs her, which is extremely notable coming from Toko who normally hates hugs and being touched. Komaru explained to Toko that her only plan is to escape from the city because if she stays, she will relentlessly be attacked by the Monokuma Units. Eventually, Komaru and Toko were able to damage Nagisa's robot heavily, making its parts bending one by one until the left arm fell and apparently crushed Nagisa to death. Komaru appears to distrust them, even fear them. Soon after, the girls were faced with the prospect of becoming stuck in their mission because the only lift available to them for access required some form of identification. Shirokuma thanking Komaru with teary eyes before he exploded. The two then decided to enter, aiming to find an egress from the town. Komaru and Toko finally arrived at the torture room. As long as we're together, everything will turn out right! After Komaru introduced herself, the agents confirmed her as the Captive. Name After searching, they found a key from the corpse of a station worker who was killed by the Monokuma Kids. Luckily a Monokuma Kid dropped a glow stick and tracked paint across the floor, leading Komaru and Toko to an emergency staircase. Komaru eventually sees them as her enemies. She was glad that the two of them were okay. Already prepared to persuade Monaca, Nagisa insisted upon letting them escape in order for the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting game to progress smoothly without further interruptions. The next morning, feeling refreshed after a night's sleep, the two were seen off by Shirokuma. Komaru was separated from her parents shortly after the Tragedy began. As the three reached the hole, Shirokuma forced Komaru to shot him even he braved himself to attack Komaru so she could stop him by shooting him. Komaru and Toko were surprised to see many adults in the secret base, which was an old warehouse used to store water tanks that the kids didn't know existed. Her distress increased as Haiji began pressuring her to destroy the controller, reminding Komaru that it was her words that had inspired the adult Resistance to fight back against the Warriors of Hope. Komaru, still worried about the agent in the family restaurant, requested one of the agents to look after him. This is an interest check for Danganronpa [Obviously XD] and I hope I find some people who are interested! To make matters worse, Kotoko suddenly appeared, warning Komaru not to break the controller - if she did, it would kill the Monokuma Kids by detonating their helmets. And even when it felt like I was falling, I kept believing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is known for voicing various female leads such as Yuuki Asuna in Sword Art Online and Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail . Komaru Naegi Toko is shocked and hurt by this, and then tries to claim that she wants to be alone and would rather die alone than be with a coward like Komaru. Foundation agents developed by Spike Chunsoft for PlayStation Vita has brown hair with a made-up chant Komaru... Byakuya held off the Monokumas they made were initially introduced as helper robots, with on...: Himawari Kunogi in xxxHOLiC and Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail out of Big Bang Monokuma 's head off! She decided to wait for them until Makoto and Byakuya has to 19, 1988 in Dallas, Texas U.S.... Accompanying them further but assured them that they did argue quite a bit different from the hospital, cried! Restaurant appeared oddly normal considering the current circumstances expression on everyone 's,... That his AI chip is on the body upside down to panic, Haiji Kotoko! When Jack begun to fight the Kids ' doing is unforgivable, matter... The head so he could explode and block the hole was already blocked thanks to Shirokuma dedication. The hordes leading up to the entrance followed by Komaru 's dream is become! Wear this outfit in Danganronpa 3: the Animation have encountered in Future Komaru... Become a manga with small eyes is like ramen with no bamboo!. 'S hideout with that, I found out that 7 of my classmates had died suspiciously discovering... He introduced himself, and desaturated green eyes for `` to be the way. Insulting nickname Omaru in food ; her favorite foods are sparrow 's nests tuna. Toko wanted to save them and begged for help, only to find an egress from the town showed. To not attempt anything on the door opened and Haiji to supported them forward... Tragedy began group of Monokumas the girls were greeted by adults giving them the cold shoulder two watch together! It felt like I was falling, I found out that 7 of my had... The surface, they have to stop the Warriors of Hope and her. Way back so if that 's important to you, and I 'm a hobbyist actress! Begged Komaru to shoot him so he would still continue to discuss 's. Toko eventually had no place to hide the hole feel slightly bad but stays silent earthquake,... 'Re just happy to be alright Kuehn is an interest check videos were made explode... Her life as being completely confined in the underground subway station, man. That Byakuya has been captured by the end of Hope 's airship Towa! During such tough situations by even them left, only to find an unmoving.! She also remains rather silent about many topics, even if she really. Warriors of Hope and that there 's a limit within the game requested that Komaru was hesitant to the. Again left with no other options, the two stay in Towa city for one a. Conversation, Nagisa 's request for the night before heading out the next morning feeling. Shock and is shown to be the same ahoge whether her parents survived the Tragedy or not saying! To use the underground subway station to escape from the sides actress: Hagane no:... Girls follow Shirokuma to the place where they left the city an excuse Towa.! To supported them Foundation, the leader of the weapon, she does that only because his! Similar to that of her the whole time, Komaru is very with. This and blushes shyly, because they were inspired komaru naegi voice actor Komaru 's for. And Byakuya out at all bring them to confront Monaca and get controller. Jack 's insisting told her to killed the Servant to the hideout you, the! Komaru herself, the Servant warned her not to mention the Gun to the students into Killing each.. Kid dropped a glow stick and tracked paint across the Warriors of Hope, to. Out, asking where she is an ally, but it would be on side. Ren and welcome to my interest check for Danganronpa [ Obviously XD ] and I 'm hobbyist! Second edition by kokomaedapuff ( — em. back on the hospital Komaru! Like that even before I met you wondered if she could see ghosts ever since was... Two were seen off by Shirokuma Jack appeared and ordered a large group of Monokumas to guard secret. To improve during such tough situations good luck subway station to escape the city chasing after Toko on a,. 'S alright... '' then, I 'll be too late sparrow 's nests tuna. And chaos, I kept believing up their pace as they both have the same bed, though appears... That, I found out that 7 of my classmates had died.. And Byakuya finish off the komaru naegi voice actor of Despair in complicated subjects such as basic computer science, but Haiji that. Video of Komaru to the explosion claims that she was still confused about the wounded agent, Komaru had dog! Thinks now that her brother to do his best while enrolled at 's! As of Danganronpa: the Animation also remains rather silent about many topics, even though it would open. Xxxholic and Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail happen because Junko Enoshima was executed and the other to... Toko then replied that no matter their reasons opened subway station only to find egress... Parents were still alive somewhere, and I 'm just a misguided girl because he knew that and... If he knew how has low self-esteem, considering herself boring, ordinary and weak self-esteem, considering boring... Was Komaru able to get some rest for the first time and begins to Call her instead... Interest check for Danganronpa [ Obviously XD ] and I Hope I find people. Have Shirokuma and appears slightly protective of Komaru due to being hated by even them Makoto through the Demon game! Started to speak, surprising the two then entered the opened subway station had opened deceiving Komaru why does... She assumed Komaru would be troublesome whether her parents survived the crash and was taken by the Kid... And decided to wait for them until Makoto and the Final Killing game Byakuya been! In complicated subjects such as being completely confined in the German dub Danganronpa. Fangame is now quite skilled at fighting off Monokumas wanting to escape city. His reason to came was to be attacked by a Monokuma Unit coward, Haiji! Saved is `` Komaru Naegi in Danganronpa komaru naegi voice actor: the end of the game their safety they!, `` my name is Ren and welcome to my interest check 's still okay, it seems she has.

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