Have a glance to what TRIAC 2.0 offers apart from fun & knowledge.

IEEE PES Kerala Chapter, IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter & IEEE ComSoc Kerala Chapter happily informs you that we are offering a pool prize of ₹15,000 for the Hackthon winners of Technical Revamping Initiative Aspired Concourse~TRIAC 2.0, Co-Hosted by IEEE SB CEK, organised on 2nd & 3rd October 2021.

Registering & participating in any one of our parallel tracks, opens your door to participate in the Prototyping Challenge, which offers a cash prize worth ₹20,000.

Here have a look at all our parallel Workshop cum Hackthon tracks at our official facebook page & register for your track from there

In Case of any queries feel free to contact:

Vignesh Haridas: +91 92072 79405
Nevin Koshy Daniel : +91 75609 36257
Faresh Rahman: +91 75109 22363

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