Date.     : 21st to 22nd May 2022

Venue   : Fisat

All Kerala Communications Society Students Conclave was a two day conclave exclusively organized by IEEE ComSoc Kerala Chapter hosted by IEEE Student branch of Federal Institute of Science and Technology on 21st May and 22nd  May 2022 . The event included a series of talk sessions, workshops, an overnight event and an industrial visit. On 21st May 2022, an Industrial Visit to ACAAR, Industrial Track- 1 on current trend in transport industry which was taken by Dr Anjana P Ramdas ( Socialist- Autonomous transportation business unit), Industrial Track- 2 on Advanced Driver Assistance systems and Autonomous Vehicle Navigation which was taken by Ms Soumya V S ( Socialist Vehicle System Engineering, Transportation Business Unit, Trivandrum), Industrial Track- 3 on Localization and Environmental perception in autonomous driving taken by Ms Revathy T ( Specialist- Vehicle System Engineering, Tlxi) were conducted. On 22nd May 2022, Ham radio exhibition and demonstrations was conducted alond with EMBED- IT Practical workshop on Embedded Systems and Communications Protocols that was taken by E R Abhinav R, Juniors Research Fellow at IIT Palakkad.

The total number of participants were nearly 80.Representatives from Kerala Section and the Professional Execom of IEEE ComSoc Kerala Chapter were present for the event.

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