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Circa 1360 [3] ", Entil'Zha was the title originally held by Valen when he formed the Anla'Shok (the Rangers).[1]. Minbari (with residual Human DNA) He calls forth the nine, the first Grey Council consisting of three from each caste; worker, warrior and religious. So it makes perfect sense for Minbari Assassin - "There is a hole in your mind!" Freeze-Frame Bonus: If you look carefully when the assassin bypasses an identicard slot to access a set of quarters, you can briefly see the words LAUREL TAKASHIMA CLEARED in a small display window. >be naming him the "Future Valen" as opposed to "The One Valen". We stand on the bridge and no one may pass. Remaining outside the castes, he becomes the first Chosen One and leader of the council. [8][17][18], Babylon 4 was later taken, in secret, to a place of rest where it became a monument. Valen He is therefore also credited for being one of the founders of the Interstellar Alliance. A boarding party is sent and they are met by Zathras who takes them to Sinclair. The Babylon Project is a FANDOM TV Community. Something happened that opened that door between us. The ranger's face looked doubtful, but Valen knew his wishes would be carried out to the letter. Proving who he was and when he was from without giving too much of the future away, he enlists their help. Alias In 2279, Delenn stood down as Entil'Zha when she was elected as the new ISA President with her husband and former ISA President John Sheridan becoming the Entil'Zha in her place. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape: "Minbari do not kill Minbari", the reason why they surrender at the Battle of the Line after discovering Sinclair is the reincarnation of Valen: Minbari souls are reincarnating as humans.. And then the civil war broke out and the Warrior Caste, in particular, dumped that rule pretty fast. We walk in the dark places no others will enter. 18 votes, 16 comments. [3] Members of the Third Fane of Chudomo begin a tradition of setting aside one piece of flarn (a recipe Valen himself is credited with creating) before their meals, in the memory of Valen, in the place that is set aside for his return. 3) Kosh wasn't actually meeting Sinclair *at all*. Originally Valen, and in the OTL Duhkat at the time of the Earth-Minbari War. David Sinclair (Father)[4]Gemma Gildea Sinclair (Mother)[5]Malcolm Sinclair (Brother)[5] Wife Catherine SakaiUnnamed Children (number unknown)Delenn (descendant)David Sheridan II (descendant) 2) Kosh and Valen no doubt met a number of times during and after the Shadow War of the 13th century. Even our enemy's life, if possible." In Valen's name. Brown At some point, all Minbari records of their existence - save for those aboard the station - are expunged. "What do you know of Valen's last prophecies?" Once Jeffrey Sinclair was declared Anla'shok Na (Ranger One) and then Entil'Zha (leader of the Rangers but the meaning of the title is unknown), the Rangers were directed to patrol the frontier, gather information, and act as couriers of sensitive and vital information. Valen became the Entil'Zha, or leader, of the Anla'Shok. Subsequent leaders of the Anla'Shok after Valen took on the title of Anla'shok Na ("Ranger One")., this was to honor the memory of Valen. He sent a message to the Vorlon Empire, to the two Vorlons he knew well enough in the future, Kosh and Ulkesh. Funny, he thought, as the end comes, just how much English he remembered. [1], Slowly the tide of battle turned in their favour and they eventually drive the Shadows out of all of their places and into hiding beneath Z'ha'dum where they enter into a form of hibernation. Garibaldi - "I don’t trust telepaths. He sent a message to the Vorlon Empire, to the two Vorlons he knew well enough in the future, Kosh[6] and Ulkesh[7]. Gender Entil'zha / Valen. Ever since the death of their leaders and the destruction of their greatest starbase, the Minbari fleet had been on the run. Race ""Dear God. "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" When Babylon 4 arrived in 1260, Jeffrey Sinclair destroyed the letter he wrote to himself in 1360 to prevent the slim possibility of future information falling into the hands of the Shadows or their allies. Before it leaves though, Valen leaves a final message in the hopes that one day Ivanova, Garibaldi or Delenn might find it and know, that he had finally found "her". Join Facebook to connect with Entil'Zha Rangerone and others you may know. Take the Quiz: Ranger Training Entrance Examination. Foreshadowing: "There is a hole in your mind." Kosh - "Entil’Zha Valen." Entil'Zha On 3 January 2259 - two days after the assassination of President Luis Santiago - Sinclair was recalled to Earthdome.

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