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My friend argued that Jin would not have cared about honor and let him live since he wouldn’t see it as his problem. The emptiness of war. These two options are not a black and white choice of "good" or "bad" endings, but more up to your own personal interpretation. Jin accepts this, puts on his mask, and leaves. Shimura, for his part, sticks to his guns (or, rather, his swords). There we … Check Out The Mythic Tales Here! You also never really need a base of operations in Ghost of Tsushima. Red clothing, if you can pull it off, is more of a statement—just like the choice you have to make that unlocks it. Jesse Lennox loves writing, games, and complaining about not having time to write and play games. Kill or Spare Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima The option to kill or spare Shimura comes at the end of Ghost of Tsushima. Ghost of Tsushima is as epic as the classic Akira Kurosawa movies that inspired it. Killing Lord Shimura will give you a select piece of property a bit further down the Musashi coast called Dawn Refuge. Clan Sakai is to be formally disbanded. Jin operates as someone who is focused on the people, since it is the people who helped him save the island. On the other hand you can have Jin fully take on the role of Ghost once and for all, sparing Shimura's life. At the end of the game, this structure takes a left turn. The emptiness of a map far too large for its own good. It would probably the turn the man, if he gets to live, into a vengeful person who is cold and bitter. But, it was clear from almost the beginning of Act II that this game would not have a happy ending. Like an ancient code of honor, and sticking to it despite the circumstances, it’ll never get old. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Ghost of Tsushima was a big success for Sony earlier this year. Ghost of Tsushima largely consists of stealth sequences or small-scale melees in which, at most, you might have to fend off a dozen people at once. In this side quest, you need to duel 5 straw hats and Kojiro. Another set of wise words from Yuriko, but this line … Once you come out on top, Jin's uncle will lay out your final decision that will determine Jin's future. It’s only natural that you fight him at the end. I didn’t want that future for Shimura. There, he plans to meet with Lord Shimura and hash these problems out. In the end its one of those “No choice is right or wrong” situations. Ghost of Tsushima has been out for almost two weeks. Straight from the shogun’s office, Jin is to lose his samurai title and his Omi Village estate. The Western values have just gone off the deep end and aren't coming back any time soon. According to Engadget Japan, Ghost of Tsushima didn’t really have the type of odd or uncomfortable scenes or storylines that Japanese people often experience in American-made movies. In the late 13th century, the Mongol empire has laid waste to entire nations along their campaign to conquer the East. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Depending on how players handle a certain choice, they will get one of two possible endings. Two possible endings to Jin's quest all come down to the final moments of Ghost of Tsushima in one last choice. Don’t scroll past the game’s most irritating character unless you want the ending ruined! It’s such a sharp turn, in fact, that we’re going to slap on another spoiler warning. Then, during the final assault, Lord Shimura and the mainland samurai army swoop in at the 11th hour. Ghost of Tsushima opens with a grand wide shot of samurai, adorned with impressively detailed suits of armor, sitting atop their horses. How Long Does It Take To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima? If you choose this, you’ll preserve a shred of Jin’s honor, and you’ll get a nifty, white Ghost armor. Four popular electronic musicians remixed a handful of songs from Sucker Punch’s upcoming…, Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game, which means you spend a lot of your time tackling…. Maybe you love the game so much you don’t want it to end and instead want to read vicariously about the finale. PC culture is starting to stink more and more like fascism... which is surprising. Still, even though Shimura decides to save the day in a bout of deus ex machina, he’s still pissed at Jin for those earlier events. As we announced in August, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a brand new, online cooperative multiplayer experience that will be a free update for all Ghost of Tsushima owners.A classic element of some of our favorite samurai films is warriors standing together, ready to fight as a team. Ghost of Tsushima has been absolutely torching the sales charts and lighting up critical acclaim since its recent release. I’ll just say this: White clothing is more versatile. The two then agree to find each other in the next life before the final blow is dealt. After the credits have rolled you will regain control of Jin in his new home called 'Dawn Refuge' located to the West of Mamushi Farmstead. In the big picture, where you plant roots doesn’t really matter. This Ghost of Tsushima article contains spoilers. Ghost stance is particularly helpful in this sequence. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, Ghost Of Tsushima: How The Final Choice Changes The Ending. Unlike many of the game’s duels, this one’s not a fair fight. Next: Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Third Western Game To Get Perfect Famitsu Score. Also, letting him live just feels cruel. While he had been doing that all game (mostly), I don’t see Jin as being so individually selfish. (Video games!). You will also unlock a new white armor color called 'Righteous Punishment'. Ultimately I’m glad Suckerpunch did a morality choice like this without the morality meter of their previous games. At the end of the second act, while storming Shimura castle with Tsushima’s ragtag forces, Jin leans all the way into his Ghost persona to prevent disaster. He picked to spare Lord Shimura where as I picked to end him. During the battle in Izumi Village, you rack up a kill count that’d dethrone John Wick. I also reasoned, with little evidence I may add, that if Shimura had not come back with Jin’s head the Shogun would have punished him, if not ordered his execution since Shimura was the jito and couldn’t kill the Ghost. Lord Shimura (志村 Shimura) is the tritagonist 1 of Ghost of Tsushima. After you land several combos on the Khan—again, while fending off a small armada of Mongols—he’ll go down for good. As far as I can tell, both homes are identical in terms of architecture and décor. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Jin saves the day, but doesn’t evade punishment. In fact, it has sold faster than any first-party IP previously released on the PlayStation 4 (2.4 million units in three days), which speaks volumes … After escaping Shimura’s prison (RIP to Nobu, the best horse), Jin then spends the rest of the game preparing to storm the Khan in Izumi Village. Far more importantly, it also affects your wardrobe. "The strength we need is all around us." Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most successful games of 2020 and has quickly become a beloved title of the gaming community. To me, the choice boils down to one question: What do you want your wardrobe to look like? Both endings are fantastic. But the game doesn’t end after you kill the Khan. The credits roll again, and again you rejoin Jin in a new home, only this time it called 'Tradition's End' and placed near the Omi Monastery. Ghost of Tsushima launched on PS4 earlier this year and in under 4 months had sold over 5 million copies. Go figure. Once you win the fight—by this point, you’re so jacked it’s a piece of cake—you’re presented with two options: Strike Shimura down on the spot, per his wishes, or leave him alive, ensuring he’ll chase Jin for the rest of his days. Ghost of Tsushima "controversy" gets openly mocked by the people of Japan on multiple websites hahah. The game has enjoyed critical and commercial success in the West but has also managed to strike a chord with its Japanese audience, receiving seemingly endless praise for its portrayal of the culture. True to his lifelong commitment to that code, he opts to duel Jin, rather than outright execute him. Lord Shimura loudly disdains the latter, something made clear after you rescue him at the end of Act I. The Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough includes directions and tips for every part of Jin's Journey for the prologue, Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3.. Prologue. But most importantly, the emptiness of its representation of Mongolian and Japanese culture. And, oh yeah, Jin’s slapped with a death warrant. Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Third Western Game To Get Perfect Famitsu Score, How Our Shrinking Attention Spans Have Changed 3D Mario Games, Worms Rumble Review: Wormed Its Way Into My Heart, Razer Kishi Review: Now You're In Control, How Chrono Trigger Lost A Song (& How It Came Back), Respawn Entertainment Is Hiring For A Brand New IP, Just Dance 2021 Is Likely To Outsell Watch Dogs: Legion By Next Week, Demon’s Souls PS5: Every Boss (& How To Beat Them). Players control Jin Sakai as they struggle to fight off the Mongol invasion in 13th century Japan. It just was. You can catch him defending the plot of Kingdom Hearts and geeking out over awesome combo videos in character action games any day of the week. Does Shimura live if you let him live? Does he go on the hunt for you? Giving him a warrior’s death seems fitting. The Ace: Jin is a great warrior, tactician, investigator, scholar and mountain climber. You still have one more task to tackle—a main mission called “The Tale of Lord Shimura”—and how you handle it has tangible ramifications for the post-game. Yeah. The highly recommended action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, developed by Sucker Punch, is full of fantastic writing, intense atmosphere and well-polished graphics. Neither choice of ending has a major impact on the post game, aside from unlocking one color dye or another, but would be a huge factor if Ghost of Tsushima were to get a sequel. It's not particularly shocking that Ghost of Tsushima is having this kind of effect on the real-world, especially in Japan. It’s easily the most action-packed segment of the game. He is the jito (地頭; lord) of Tsushima (appointed by the shogunate) and Jin Sakai's maternal uncle. Dispatching him is the honorable thing to do. Ghost of Tsushima felt less like Insomniac’s Spider-Man and more like God of War when it came to wrapping up the game. Shimura warns Jin that the "Ghost will be haunted for the rest of his days." He dishonorably kills an entire Mongol contingent with poisoned food, rather than allowing honorable, yet futile, open combat. Unlike The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima is receiving stellar reviews from users, even YouTube superstar Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has given the game two thumbs up. If you decide to walk away and let Shimura live, Jin admits that he no longer has any honor but still will not murder a member of his family. Ghost of Tsushima starts off with a Mongol warlord, Khotun Khan, decapitating one samurai lord, capturing another, and ordering an invading army to purge the rest. Ghost of Tsushima especially owes a lot to Akira Kurosawa’s legendary work in samurai cinema, one of the many inspirations for the game’s narrative, storytelling techniques, and cinematic framing. The final decision will not only impact the last cut scene of the game, but a few minor things in the post-game as well. No matter what you choose, the outcome feels in-line with Jin’s character, Ghost of Tsushima’s themes, and the larger lore that underlies this historically inspired piece of fiction. Let’s talk. You can get all the trophies in a single playthrough, and neither choice locks you out of getting any specific trophies or content. Jin completely gets lost in the Ghost, he openly insults the culture he became the Ghost to defend, and he becomes a slave to his own defiance. There were plenty of Spidey … Shimura shows up late, clearly not committed to punctuality as much as he is to honor, and informs Jin of his retribution. You of course have full autonomy to play dress-up with Jin all you want. Even after he’s branded a fugitive none of them even try to turn him in and continue to look up to him as the Ghost. The 5 Duels that you need to do in Ghost of Tsushima are directly related to a Mythic Tale, "The Six Blades of Kojiro". 100% Adoration Rating: Among the citizens of Tsushima island who gradually idolize him more and more for fighting the Mongols and personally solving many of their problems. You also wake up in a spot called Tradition’s End, east of Mount Omi. After Jin's father died, he continued Jin's training in the way of the samurai. He knows the names of more Japanese game devs than his own neighbors, and has a way better knowledge of the game industry at large than anything going on in "real" current events. To me, sparing Shimura is a complete tragedy. But outside of those skin-deep decisions, Jin is Jin, not you. The emptiness of repeated actions that were once interesting, but are now tedious. For me, I saw Jin as still loving Lord Shimura even if he knew samurai honor had placed him there and given them both an impossible task. That would not be possible with this game since no trophy is tied to which ending you choose, so who knows which ending a possible sequel will continue off of. From start to end, Ghost of Tsushima ’s narrative hinges on inner turmoil burning inside Jin. Jin Sakai must set aside his samurai traditions and forge a new path, the path of the Ghost, and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima. On the other hand, killing Shimura is proof that the Ghost doesn't exist. That Jin could walk away from these issues that made life so difficult and hurt those around him. Maybe you’re creeping up on the end and want to know what you’re in for. The last little bit of content you get is a brief conversation with Yuna about your new home and giving condolences about Jin's uncle. Ghost of Tsushima is a game of emptiness. We had an interesting conversation about what fits with Jin. Heavy spoilers for Ghost of Tsushima follow. - Yuriko. (Free advice: Ghost stance is particularly helpful in this sequence.) But They're Dead, No Man's Sky: Next Generation's Launch Trailer Shows Off All The New Goodies, Immortals Fenyx Rising Review - Gods, A Monster (And A Great One At That), Jak And Daxter Began Their Adventure 19 Years Ago Today, Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: Supplying Demands Quest Walkthrough. So a friend and I were playing and we both picked different endings. This all changes after the Khan is good and dead. Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.Featuring an open world, it follows Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.The game was released on July 17, 2020 for PlayStation 4. After extensive planning, Jin and his motley crew decide to attack without explicitly receiving the backing of Shimura and his resources. When making InFamous 2 Sucker Punch used trophy data from the first game to see which ending most players chose to decide the canon ending. Ghost of Tsushima, out tomorrow, features some of the fastest loading times I’ve seen in a modern…, For the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any consequence for any potential spinoffs, expansions, or sequels. On one hand, you can have Jin embrace his samurai past and kill Shimura with honor. So you have to duel this spear-wielding mammoth of a man while high-level foot soldiers distract you with unblockable attacks and high-level archers shoot flaming arrows at you from the rafters. Congratulations!This must be really cool for everyone at Sucker PunchVia Famitsu, 132 industry creators, voice actors, celebrities, and gaming personalities in Japan voted Ghost of Tsushima … Ghost of Tsushima is positioned as PlayStation 4’s last hurrah, and while it’s an underwhelming note to end on, perhaps a game that pushes technological boundaries while taking zero creative risks is a fitting bookend for this generation. Related: How Long Does It Take To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima? For the most part, Ghost of Tsushima isn’t a game of choice the way a Bioware or Bethesda role-playing game is. I figured that Jin may not care about his honor but he still cared about his Uncle’s. If he’s dead does the Shogun come after you? Seriously, if you scroll past this screenshot of Kenji, you might feel much like Kenji does in this screenshot. He can hold fast to the code of the samurai, looking enemies in the eye when he kills them, or he can continue down the path of “the Ghost,” shirking his principles for more dishonorable, yet more effective, methods of silent assassination. 9 Ghost Dog: The Way of The Samurai (1999) Before we go into spoilers, where both endings will be explained and what differences there are, know that neither specific ending is tied to any trophy. Neither choice of ending has a major impact on the post game, aside from unlocking one color dye or another, but would be a huge factor if Ghost of Tsushima were to get a sequel. When making InFamous 2 Sucker Punch used trophy data from the first game to see which ending most players chose to decide the canon ending. After you defeat Khotun Khan in open combat—an honorable match that’d surely make Lord Shimura proud—he inelegantly bows out, still alive, and orders a small army of Mongol troops to swarm you. After declaring that he has no honour, Jin walks away from Lord Shimura, accepting his final fate as The Ghost. For Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation 4, 100% Completion Map by Mobomu. If you ever need to sell some iron or upgrade some gear, Jogaku Temple is just a quick fast travel away. Neither was good or bad. Unlike Sucker Punch's previous games, specifically the InFamous series, Ghost of Tsushima does not feature a 'karma system' that tracks your behavior and choices through the game and label you as "good" or "evil". Instead, the two possible endings to Jin's quest all come down to the final moments of the game in one last choice. It’s the only time the narrative is put in your hands, and what you choose doesn’t just affect the plot. To quickly recap the final hours of Ghost of Tsushima, the game ends with Jin essentially on the run from two opposing groups. He was already probably angry with Shimura since he had first bothered him about adopting Jin and then had to inform the shogun that Jin was actually an honorless warrior who taught the Mongols how to wield poison. Players may have assumed crawling underneath a compound to stay undetected was just a mechanic created for those sneakier players in Ghost of Tsushima, but there's a scene toward the end where one of the protagonists does just that. Since at least the thumbnail to this post will be shared where people who have not completed Ghost of Tsushima will see it, I headed this with a picture of Jin and Yuna limping together off the battlefield after the final battle with the Khan. When you soak in a hot spring, you’ll have to decide whether or not Jin thinks about food or fate or some other ultimately superficial choice. (It takes a seriously committed individual to split hairs over how, exactly, they’re rescued.). Completing the quest rewards you with the Kensei Armor, an outfit that greatly increases your Ghost Weapon damage. If you asked me which I thought was the “right” one, I couldn’t tell you. The Shogun would need someone to blame. He wishes to die a warrior’s death, after all. If you choose to kill Shimura and restore Jin's honor as a samurai, he will promise people remember Shimura "as a great warrior, a wise leader, and a father." There is no shortage of films or games that draw some form of influence from samurai culture. Yuna does show up here as well for one last conversation, which is mostly the same except for her asking if Jin's uncle will come after them in the future. Whatever you think of the set piece, it’s a fitting, cathartic end to a character who’s, to put it lightly, kind of a dick. Rather than a white color, this time you unlock a red armor color called 'Vow of Vengeance'. Whether you end up with the Righteous Punishment dye or the Vow of Vengeance one, you won’t be able to get the other. The rest of your time is spent aimlessly roving a stunning, bloody landscape. From start to end, Ghost of Tsushima’s narrative hinges on inner turmoil burning inside Jin. One of the last big PS4 exclusives, it received solid critical reviews and had sold over 5 million copies as of November. And in the spirit of … The games industry owes a lot to what the film industry has done in the past century. (Keep in mind, this is after you fight your way through the Khan’s stronghold at Izumi Village, killing dozens of soldiers at every turn.) Blizzard Said Hearthstone's New Rewards Would Be Better For Players, So Why Are People Upset? Seriously, we’re warning you. The game's climactic battle has you battle it out with Lord Shimura. After the post-battle dust has cleared, Jin heads to Omi Lake (the same idyllic clearing you may remember from the tedious opening flashback sequences). Now, on to the endings. Ghost of Tsushima is receiving raving reviews but Kpop fans think Sucker Punch is racist and have no right to create a game about Japanese culture.. So, at the end of Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll have to choose whether you want to end your traitorous uncle, or spare his life. Shimura exiles him—a fate that lasts through the entirety of the third act. If you grant Shimura an honorable death, you’ll get the totally righteous Righteous Punishment dye for your Ghost Armor: Spare Lord Shimura’s life, however, and you’ll get the Vow of Vengeance dye, a set of threads we can all admit belong on a GQ cover: Beyond clothing, your decision also dictates where Jin resettles.

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