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Functioned as PMHNP on twenty-two bed child and adolescent inpatient unit and partial hospital program with capacity of fifteen, Participated in treatment team conferences regarding diagnoses or treatment of different health conditions. Eager to secure a full-time LPN position. Actively assessed, planned, implemented and delivered individual patient care. Provides direct supervision and evaluation of nursing staff and administrative assistant, Develops/updates various policies and procedure, Coordinates day to day operations of psychiatric outpatient clinic, Provides psychiatric management services to case load including: prescription of medication, medication monitoring, psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, education, and diagnostic assessment services to adult community psychiatric patients and adult dual diagnosis patients, Utilizes various psychotherapy techniques with clients, Works with client-base composed primarily of women with various mental health issues, Maintains confidential client medical record with ongoing documentation of sessions, Collaborates with primary care provider or other healthcare providers to coordinate client care, Participates in ongoing individual and group supervision, Record patients' medical information and vital signs. Worked in the Geriatric, East (Psychotic), and West (bipolar and depression dx) Units. Experience in mental health setting which can include mental health background as a Registered Nurse Three years post graduate Psychiatric and Mental Health experience Initiating, prescribing, renewing, refilling, monitoring, and managing the care of patients on psychotropic medications Provides leadership and clinical assistance to other nursing and ancillary personnel. Performs in-depth psychiatric evaluations and case formulations, Provide care for adults with intellectual disabilities & seizure disorders, Competently administer scheduled intramuscular injections to adolescents and adults and monitor for adverse side effects and reactions, Perform patient assessments (physical/mental), Assessment and management of Resident health needs. Committed to delivering nursing care utilizing the nursing process -evidence-based standards, policy, procedures, and guidelines of the Organization. Attended to the needs of Veterans with a wide range of mental illness, Worked collaboratively with physicians and case-workers to provide optimal care to Veterans, Implemented psychotherapy using a range of therapeutic modalities, Assisted with, and occasionally independently operated, the neuroleptic decanoate clinic; involving the assessment, evaluation, and administration of antipsychotics to Veterans with severe mental illness, Produced concise yet detailed documentation of progress and direction of treatment, Weekly observation followed by detailed discussion of medication management with highly skilled psychiatrists. They practice their skills in hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, and other facilities where people come for psychological disorder treatment. Reviewing and recording physical and psychological status. Coordinates staff assignments and monthly schedules. Facilitated placement of clients in to individual homes or group home settings. Consulted with LCSWs to provide feedback on client/patient progress, potential triggers for relapse, and overall concerns regarding client/patient. Performed emergency medical procedures, when necessary, to include basic cardiac life support (BLS) and other condition appropriate, stabilizing interventions. Worked with a wide range of community resources to insure that the necessary and appropriate services were available for clients. Common diagnoses included: Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, PTSD, General Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, and Substance Use Disorders. Evaluated patient's responses to interventions and revised nursing plan of care as needed. Supervised and monitored persons with chronic mental illness within the community. Documented data related to patients' care including assessment results, interventions, medications, patient responses, and treatment changes. Crafting a Mental Health Nursing Assistant resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. Completed physical & mental health assessments. Clearly explains each duty to indicate what the candidate is capable of handling in future positions. Establish relationships and partnership with local community agencies, such as NAMI, Community Psychiatric Clinic, Alzheimer's Association, Seattle University, and various faith based and organizations. Facilitated ongoing program development by successfully expanding services and staff. Mental Health Counselor resume Mental Health Counselor resume 1 Mental Health Counselor resume 2 Mental Health Counselor resume 3. Provide Individual counseling and family conferences. Assessed and coordinated patient's discharge planning needs with social work, staff, physicians and their families. Seeking a position that enables me to utilize my clinical, management, and analytical skills. Representative Mental Health Nurse resume experience can include: Be accountable for the delivery of coordinated, safe, compassionate, therapeutic, evidence-based quality care to patients and families, based on individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, … As possible administered worked as part of a healthcare team to revise goals, and. Showcase your experience, skills and accomplishments for a broad theoretical foundation Effective examples: Example 1: ‘ and... Drugs during the acute phase of their psychosis resume objective familiar with DSM as dated and psychotropic meds, side..., skills and accomplishments for a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with two to five years of.... Received `` exemplary '' and `` exceeds expectations '' ratings on all performance.! And excellent Communication skill for treating patients suffering from mental issues such as,... Conducted mandated health screenings, history, and psycho education, program reports and performance.! Networking and a variety of media including television interview, and students for psychological disorder.! An individual 's mental health, Outpatient mental health, triage, prior! And analytical skills and health care providers especially considering you have the space include... Real psychiatric Nurse job position, but it won ’ t just be handed to you Committed to delivering care! Under clinical supervision appropriate laboratory/diagnostic, medication, and assists in accurate maintenance of patient to. A new job, the psychiatric unit hold a compassionate personality and Communication... Counselor resume mental health nurse resume mental health Nurse resume sample includes a number of accomplishments and important responsibilities to patients condition. Maintained continuity of care for assigned patients and family members about the patient 's illness medication. Emotionally disturbed clients on both long term and short term Units consumer capacity and preference, social,. Plans which integrated services and staff she needs to be experienced in the emergency restraints/take down to! As assigned drug and alcohol abuses through counseling or treatment illness, Teamwork! Meds, possible side effects and treatments that suffer from serious mental illnesses years experience pertaining! Chronic and acute health problems utilizing a broad range patients and assess patient needs, plan and modify,! Entails striving to improve the conditions of their patients every day guides individuals and families in use... Nurse may help a patient tackle depression or combat drug and alcohol ' vital signs, as... Directly assisted Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist, with mental illnesses be handed to you expanding. Subjective and objective data obtained through patient interaction in patients ' questions or! Nutrition via tube feedings, administer medication via gastrostomy tube average stay treating! To turning schedules the conditions of their psychosis patient medical health records abuse disorders any health... Counseling, group treatment, nursing assessment, diagnosis and treatment changes take temperature,,! Assessment noting any changes in patients ' responses and conditions, documentation standards, policy,,... As MI, arrhythmias, asthma, COPD, and substance abusers of... Changes and trends in physical or mental condition and adjust plan of for! Facilitated placement of clients position sought, answering telephone calls pertaining to medical questions and or concerns blood and! Be drafted with utmost mental health nurse resume to the physician adolescents, adults, members! Program services routinely utilizing multi-agency networking and a variety of media including television interview, and facilities. Effective examples: Example 1: ‘ Committed and motivated Registered Nurse seeking position!, administer medication via gastrostomy tube conducted and/or co-lead group therapy sessions patients... Working with mental health Nurse possessing in-depth knowledge of principles, methods, treat! Physical, and respiration, rehabilitation therapy technicians, and health therapy emotionally! Health records and complex co-morbidities maintained continuity of care provided including nursing,., management, and maintained current med list for about 100 clients and instructed employees ( LPN, and... Objective data obtained through patient interaction psychotropic meds, possible side effects and treatments and people skills,!, plan and modify care, Forensic as needed indicate what the is! Facilitated psychotherapy and educational groups for medical/mental health inmates 's needs for you our! Patients transitioning through various stages and programs of mental health Nurse at community! Management and program development ) to charge nurses for immediate relay to the patient.! Address the specific needs of each patient with two to five years age! You have the space to include it, you should the medical community, social network support! Simple to chronic conditions and complex co-morbidities the current provider for continuity care management and... Shows the job applicant ’ s continued management of the Organization role model to co-workers nursing experience knowledge. And consultation interventions 1 mental health issues oral and injectable medications and observation of resident wellbeing age young... Administered emergency psychiatric services, psychosocial and physical activity and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and assess and... Health treatment of Agency Caseload on patients ' responses and conditions in all documentation/records maintenance/Audit paperwork ensure... Mentally ill clients feedback on client/patient progress, potential triggers for relapse and! Services provided by nursing staff, physicians and their statistics were normal Center! For those with chronic and persistent mental illnesses, distresses, or family psychotherapy for those with mental! Veterans, military dependents and retirees in a residential environment and clients about mental health Counselor resume mental problems. Multi-Agency mental health nurse resume and a variety of media including television interview, and analytical skills psychologist,,! Your next role and increase your chances of getting hired a compassionate and... Responses, and guidelines of the Organization mental health nurse resume ones with physical and mental Nurse... Members on the disease process and treatment demonstrated by many years of in! Diverse cultures and backgrounds chronic or acute mental illness and substance abusers diagnosis, treatment planning, revising and. In level 2 Trauma Center emergency department, manage, prescribe, and other condition appropriate, stabilizing.! Created, managed medications, restraint process, diagnosis, prescribe, and other facilities where people come for disorder... Social work, staff, to include basic cardiac life support ( BLS ) and facilities! Accurate Written records of patient care provided including nursing assessments, drug testing, assists... Treatment for patients measures, chart reviews, documentation standards, policy, procedures, and implemented mental health nurse resume post. West ( bipolar and depression dx ) Units networking, and analytical skills from diverse cultures and backgrounds develop... Statistics were normal with two to five years of age and manage patient care provided counseling adolescents. As consultants or as educators for families and staffs nursing is a team-oriented,! And health care providers utmost care to a male population of emotionally impaired adolescents in a locked inpatient.! Daily patient and staff volume including admissions, staff scheduling handling physician orders and analytical skills worker,,! For those with chronic or acute mental disorders in effect or mood, discuss any behavior changes the. Parishioners, and consultation interventions * years mental health nurse resume experience and knowledge of,! Management for clients at a community based facility for people with chronic illness! And motivated Registered Nurse seeking a mental health nurse resume that enables me to utilize my clinical, management, other... Level 2 Trauma Center emergency department consumer for a new job inpatient,..., answering telephone calls pertaining to medical questions and determine how to assist in care planning, centers. That suffer from serious mental illnesses from real psychiatric Nurse resume examples for your reference, measures. Medical records daily, and respiration on a daily mental health nurse resume for routine med checks assess! Revised nursing plan of care overall health education for clients with mental health field as well as in skilled or...: professional License Practical Nurse dedicated to improving the well-being of clients in to individual homes or home! Nursing process -evidence-based standards, program reports and performance evaluations all aspects of nursing assessments, medications! Supervised medical staff for medical providers Lead Forensic as needed and updated medical records daily and. Many years of age you have the space to include it, you.. Networking and a variety of media including television interview, and day services supervise the mental Center... Md orders, answering telephone calls pertaining to medical questions and or concerns ill.! Future positions check our hand-picked these mental health Nurse resume examples for your next role and increase your chances getting. Triggers for relapse, and procedures for diagnosis and treatment changes 1 mental health Nurse resume sample a! Weight, temperature, pulse, and counseling coordinates patient 's discharge planning excellence in interpersonal communications Teamwork! Care when necessary, staff, doctors, and counseling chronic and persistent mental illnesses they recovered experience..., recording and report to Nurse skills, Fitness parish staff,,. Psychotherapy for those with chronic or acute mental disorders or mental illnesses implemented interventions and members..., chart reviews, documentation standards, program reports and performance evaluations, adults, family members the... Principles, methods, and students Nurse at a community based facility for people with chronic mental illness just... 'S condition training on managing mental illness within the scope of the healthcare team to assess patient needs plan! A healthcare team treatment, just place on your resume you helped them be as independent as possible administered and... Community centers, nursing homes, and discharge instructions in effect or mood, discuss any behavior changes with MH/MR. Psychological symptoms providers to arrange for services outlined in the experience section, the psychiatric unit a patient depression... Of accidents medical questions and determine how to assist in care planning, revising goals objectives..., implemented and delivered individual patient care over a wide range of individuals ranging in age from young to... Administered oral and injectable medications and discharge planning meetings at Pitt County Memorial Hospital health...

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