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(No effect), They're perfect, just like you! (No effect), But only if you promise to do the same. (No effect) ⬅ Correct, Smash Maxwell's face into the pie! You have to talk to her while giving Olivia instructions on dealing with another security guard. If you are friendly to Madeleine, she distracts him and diverts his attention to the kitchens, allowing you and your friends to escape. A new era dawns in the world of Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series. Despite her menacing appearance, Zahira has been trained by her master to be obedient and not harm other people, even appreciating being petted. (No effect), Having titles doesn't make us helpless, you know. (No effect), Do people really need a reason to make out? Our MC could be the heir, we could choose their gender, and our old MC would be our mom. If you decide to sneak away with your spouse to investigate Barthelemy's office, you distract the servant from his post guarding the entrance. I just finished the latest chapter and can't wait for the next one! Bertrand has the premium choice to retake the camp with his friends or sleep in the woods by default and wait until the bear leaves by himself. (No effect), We've seen him before! (No effect), I don't have the freedom to make my own choices! A collection of assembled character files from Choices. I'll put it with the rest of my apple stuff! On 8 May 1945 all of Britain was celebration Victory in Europe and behind the doors of Buckingham Palace two daughters were asking their parents if they might be allowed to join in. Her character model resembles Isabella DeLune. If you don't impress them, they put your friends in jail until you're done. (No effect), To take this much, much further. Choices: Stories You Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (No effect), You're a fantastic dancer, but I'm ready to see you try something on. (+Soulmates), How about we open one more bottle for ourselves? (No effect), Cuddle while we watch the snow fall. Her appearance is modeled after Tina, a character in Rules of Engagement. If you impress him, he will give you information about Barthelemy and what he has observed. The Royal Romance. (+Soulmates) (Path A), But I'm happy just kissing you tonight. (No effect), I suspect there's something you're not telling me... (No effect), Honestly, you needn't have gone through so much trouble for me. Someone to remind you how incredible you are. When do the monsters show up? (No effect), You couldn’t have picked two better women for the job. (No effect), I'm really only thinking about ways to steal a kiss from you right now. In a premium scene, you can take a picture of the Heir and this horse. (No effect), If the timer ends, you call yourself Ramsford Beaumont. ), Diamond Choice 14 (Liam & Maxwell), 13 (Drake), 15 (Hana), Diamond Choice 15 (Liam), 14 (Drake & Maxwell). In Chapter 19, she is amongst the crowd at the Betrothal Ball. A ROYAL CHRISTMAS RESCUE is a 45,000-word contemporary Christmas novella (about 140 pages) that's Book Two of the new series, The Royal Heirs. For more information on them, click here for Han, here for Zeke, and here for Chris Winters. (No effect), We have to decide who's the best fit for our baby's future. "Parental Approval" if purchased "Rhapsody in Blue". Yes! (No effect), I bet you're thinking of his brother. "One Upped" if you haven't impressed Isabella throughout the book. (No effect), If the timer ends, you stumble and fall. If you choose incorrectly, you will get to choose again. (No effect), You know what?, Although he is Barthelemy's "assistant" (and the reason that Landon voted against you), Barthelemy is smart enough not to leave a paper trail or any proof of their collaboration. This just determines the order. The humorous and loyal Maxwell. His character model resembles Carter. He reappears in Chapters 3 and 17 of The Royal Heir. (No effect), I guess they don't teach manners in Auvernal. (No effect), Get much more intimate with my king... (No effect), Cuddle up and watch the snow. (+Monterisso), Taught those royals the meaning of chill. 451. There is a chestnut horse in a pen looking sad. (No effect), But we're still wearing too many clothes. Aku harus memikirkan masa depan daripada keinginan terdalamku. (No effect), We'd better enjoy the alone time while we can. Choices’s books have taught me so much about family, relationships, love, and the importance of making a choice. I..... SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! (No effect), Can we back up to what you're doing in the middle of Texas? (No effect), You promise we'll do this again sometime. Kasbah | Maghrabi Camels | Tigui | Farimba | Royal Heirs | Torsion Engines | Carrack | Arquebus: Rise of the Rajas; Howdah | Manipur Cavalry | Tusk Swords | Double Crossbow | Thalassocracy | Forced Levy | Chatras | Paper Money: The Last Khans (Definitive Edition) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Anyone been playing the Royal Heir story lately? (Goes to Choice 10), Making out on every surface of this place, starting with the table. (No effect), They're about to be disappointed! His character model resembles a shaved Neville Vancoeur. (No effect), Buy some fancy cupboards if you want a taste of home. Apple Blossom was one of the horses at the Beaumont Bash. In Chapter 17, he is part of the paparazzi who follow you and your friends after the reading. (No effect), If the timer runs out you freeze. In Book 3, he or a similar looking guard named Dave is hired by Barthelemy to guard your duchy but you can escape him. (No effect), Missed out on some major childhood milestones. (No effect), You're surprisingly good at this! When you and your friends arrive in Lythikos, you are surprised by the unfriendly welcome. (No effect), Get away from all this royalty stuff. (No effect), I have never been more in love with you. His character model resembles Tino Thompson from Veil of Secrets. She owned an extensive plushie collection that was housed in the seventeenth guest bedroom and which was donated by her to a museum. While 750 million viewers from 74 countries reportedly tuned into Prince Charles and Lady Diana's 1981 nuptials, The Crown chose not … I missed you! (❤ +Soulmates), He just has one of those faces. (No effect), That still doesn't justify abandoning your children! Next time we'll be prepared. King Raoul rules a country that neighbors Eirik's kingdom. (No effect), Our press conference about the pregnancy? She is Barthelemy's bodyguard. Alexei Nikolaevich (Russian: Алексе́й Никола́евич) (12 August 1904 [O.S. (No effect), Many triumphs over my enemies. (No effect), It is I, Ramsford Beaumont of Bertrand! Of the 72 cows you and your friends have to bring to the auction in time, you have to deal with a few troublemakers: the "Slow Cow", "Stray Cow", and "Wandering Cow". It uses the calf character model that is also used in Big Sky Country and Desire & Decorum. The partygoer is also wearing a mask, and is possibly the Dignitary seen earlier. (No effect), Scale down the side of the building! ), (Unsure if previously purchased outfits appear. Choices: The Royal Heir Book 2 Chapter # 9 — Quiet Before The Storm An unexpected setback sees you journeying to Lythikos. If you have Olivia follow Jin when he searches Godfrey's first yacht, Olivia encounters a security guard. (No effect), Way to appreciate the people who're doing you a favor... (No effect), Grip the pommel with my hands! (No effect), I could stare at you all day. They are the miscellaneous characters that are there to answer that one question, explain away that one plot hole, assist in adding development to that actually relevant character, or give that good (or bad) advice. (No effect), I'd be more okay if I had some ice cream. She later comments on how big the room at the Lythikos keep is. Tiberius is a wild hawk that roams around Your Character's duchy in Valtoria. He resembles Mikail Greene from the Perfect Match series and the Cordonian Man from The Royal Romance, Book 3, Chapter 6. (No effect), I should've appealed to this side of your fashion sense sooner. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make the right choice for their game. If the timer ends, you freeze and Kiara catches it. She gets along well with the female corgi if you adopted her. save. (No effect), Like I'm going to need a hundred massages! You can help fix that if you win the race as Eirik's driver. Her character model resembles Miranda Moreau. His character is modeled after Dominic Hunter's hawk from The Crown & The Flame trilogy. In Book 3, Chapter 14, if you tell the door guard that you use different aliases, you can bring up "Miley Cooks" as one of them. I don't particularly care for those vassals. My character in TRR/TRH is in love with and married to King Liam. (No effect), It was the greatest day of my life! He stopped Amalas from entering, so Olivia had to convince him that Amalas was with her. (No effect), Pretend he's a really big dog! The setting and world were interesting but overall underdeveloped. When you and your spouse arrive back at the palace, he exclaims that you're here. So long as I have you. (No effect), Why your dad was so mean to Olivia? (+ Soulmates), Remember one of the best nights of our lives. You can also choose to go to the closet here. Third option will appear if you married Hana. 1 History 1.1 Serving for the King 1.2 Infinity War 1.2.1 Battle of Wakanda 1.2.2 Battle of Earth 2 References In 2016, several Royal Guards were present when T'Challa returned to Wakanda, following his father's death. (No effect), Any advice on choosing a donor? Her character model resembles Aunt. Liam describes her as lackadaisical. (No effect), Dare her/him to go skinny-dipping. (No effect), This is weirdly perfect for you. (No effect), Uh, probably 100 percent less assassins? The State of Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus does not have an heir apparent, as the ruler of Negeri Sembilan, known as the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan, is elected by a council of the four Undangs of Sungai Ujong, Jelebu, Johol, and Rembau.. He is the one who has the Walker saddle. (No effect), So much more than I expected. (No effect), Throw the Lasso at her! If you choose wrong here, you will lose the hand but get Riley's property back when you search the penthouse. If you decide to sneak away from the reception with your spouse, you two hide from the caterer who thinks you're Julius. Her character model resembles Brenda Sanchez from the Rules of Engagement series. (No effect), Barely made it out with my life! Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) Theodore Altman (Earth-616) Hercules (Earth-616) Clea (Earth-616) Skaar (Earth-616) Cal'syee Neramani (Earth-616) Laussa Odinsdottir (Earth-616) Her character model resembles Brenda Silva from the High School Story: Class Act series. Julia Rivera is from the Auvernese Express and asks about Godfrey. (No effect), If the timer ends, you throw the rock straight up in the air. He shot Drake, and is later revealed to have posed as a member of the Liberation Core in order to trick Gladys into assisting with Your Character and Olivia's capture. Series Part 1 of The Royal Fanfic Romance (No effect), We appreciate the home of our late queen. It resembles the baby Kraken. Diamond Choice 21 (Letter to Liam's Wife). (No effect), I'm commandeering this saddle in the name of Cordonia! (No effect), I would LOVE to see you with pink hair. (No effect), Everyone who ever doubted me or us! In Book 3, Chapter 14, he is one of Vance Kovac's guards named Devlin. If the timer runs out you trip. She was once the queen of Rivala, but she lost her country to Bradshaw and Isabella. In a premium scene, Dexter and Mouse are two puppies who join the bachelorette party. (No effect), Like that's none of your business. (No effect), But who cares about what's acceptable? (No effect), What you do when your wife's in labor? (No effect), An announcement so regal it'll go down in history! (No effect), buh ba chic, buh, buh, ba chic! (No effect), What's important is the love Bertrand and Savannah share. (No effect) ⬅ Correct, You don't want everyone to see you beaten by a girl. In Chapter 15, he stops Olivia from exploring the east wing. I wasn't so sure. report. (No effect) ⬅ Correct, Hide behind the piano! (No effect), I hereby banish you from Cordonia. (No effect), You mix me something fancy sans alcohol? The main characters, and even the secondary characters, kept me entertained throughout the book which was a marriage of convenience story. (No effect), Slip the rope out of my hands! This one resembles Hamza Mousavi. She says she is a method actor and has studied your story, immersing herself in your character. Twilight-Dash is one of the horses in the derby. (No effect), And tell your children that it was a Beaumont who bested you today! This makes your daughter a child of Lythikos. (No effect), Are you just going to look, or...? "Yikes" if you got 0 +Isabella. The talented and beautiful Hana. It's the least we can do. (No effect), I'm always ready for a grand entrance! (No effect), Not ready to share my husband/wife with anyone! Her character model resembles Shelly Dunham from The Senior. (No effect), Shower our baby with unconditional love and attention! When he hears that Bertrand wants to have it for his future wife, Cassidy thinks of his own wife and offers the saddle as a wedding gift. (No effect), Then you can start by believing me when I say I'm not made of glass. If you decide to read the Auvernese dossier on Olivia's parents, you find she overheard them talking about "Operation Snowspear". (No effect), But I love it when you dress up. Liam tells you that the restaurant was one of his mother's favorite restaurants and she'd sneak him and Leo to dine there. r/Choices: This is a fan-run community for the mobile game *Choices: Stories You Play* by Pixelberry. (+Bradshaw), You've made a generous offer, and I'll consider it. (No effect), Some good days, some bad, but they're all worth it. He says the fight is for King "Liam", Duchess Olivia, Lord Barthelemy, you and all of Cordonia. (No effect). (No effect) ⬅ Correct, Did Maxwell tell you? (No effect). (No effect), I wanted their wedding to be almost as good as ours. "Corgis! +Impressive if you are wearing the premium outfit. if you retook your camp. (No effect), Are you like a spy or something? (+Soulmates), Someone could catch us anytime? His character model resembles Keo Parata. His character model resembles Brad from Perfect Match, Book 2 and Wayne from Open Heart, Book 1. Drake Walker Main character. +Auvernal if you bought the premium outfit. You get to choose all options. For more information on Ryan, click here. (No effect), How could you keep this a secret from me? (No effect), Not surprising, coming from Auvernal. If the timer ends, you fall on your face. The rules of succession in Perak Darul Ridzuan are more complicated than in other Malay states. (No effect), Of course I chose you. (No effect), Going to be great for family vacations. In Chapter 3, he is introduced as Penelope's ex-husband Guy Brixton (sharing his first name with Guy Ledford). Galahad is the greyhound Guy walked when he and Penelope first met four years ago. This book number one in this awesome series that I am so hooked on. If you buy him now he will only appear from onward, not in previous books. (No effect), If the timer ends, you struggle to find words. Characters who are the heir or heiress apparent to the throne in a royal or imperial monarchy. And it still felt completely alien. Miley plays your character's role and she is an exact doppelganger of your character model including hairstyle. (No effect), Love that you went all in for the authentic country experience. She uses the cow character model that is also used in Big Sky Country and Desire & Decorum. (No effect), Can I just say how amazing you are? When the Real-Life Royal Drama Runs Out, Turn to The Heir Affair. Marco is one of the children of Lythikos. (No effect), Showing off your best dance moves right now! (No effect), Let the ice cream 'slip' too... (No effect), A ridiculous amount of kisses. He wants to know when the link to the livestream of the ceremony will be up. He was upset when the orchards have been burned and wonder how he would feed his children. (No effect), What you're about to learn is how much I hate being spied on. (No effect), I'm lucky to be married to the most thoughtful man in Cordonia. You and your friends can either trick him into leaving his post or cause a stampede of guests rushing to the door and overwhelm him. A man who Maxwell talked to asking if he had seen Tariq around the area in Los Angeles. (No effect), I can't believe you did all this for me. When Your Character arrives in her duchy, she is greeted by Gladys who tells her about Your Character's predecessor. Royal Heirs halves their base creation time from eight seconds to four seconds. (No effect), I had more than just playing in mind... (Path A), Should we give your little game another go? His character model is the same as the waiter from Chapter 3's premium scene. (No effect), There's something I really need to talk to you about, but it's complicated! I need more cuddles before we fly back to Cordonia. (No effect), I'm sure that must've been tough for him. It's exactly what I need. Maxwell comments that the more he learns about her, the more he likes her. (No effect). At the end of the chapter, you see Landon and him arguing. This citizen believes King "Liam" and you are oppressing Lythikos. (No effect), Let our baby have all the toys we can buy! (❤ +Soulmates), More adventures just like this one! Created Nov 21, … Autumn's Ember is one of two horses you can borrow for the "fox hunt". He welcomes you to the restaurant. (No effect), Of just how far we've come together. (No effect), Wish I could make this easier for you. (No effect), The three of us are the ones who matter now. (No effect), I bet you just brought me here to get me naked. The third option replaces the second option if you married Hana. Valerie is one of the children of Lythikos. Oh my god, I saw a comment that Jess appeared in The Royal Heir, anyone knows if she interact with Leo ? (No effect), You're wandering around these woods naked?! A collection of assembled character files from Choices. Samir is a reporter from Them magazine. The humorous and loyal Maxwell. ("Royal Blue" can be purchased in Chapter 18; "Classy Affair" can be purchased in The Royal Romance, Book 1, Chapter 16; "Long Live the King" and "Black Tie Event" are his two default outfits. The Royal Heir: Developer: Pixelberry Studios: ... Head back to Cordonia in this follow-up to The Royal Romance! (No effect), The goblet was poisoned! (No effect), You're the sexiest king I know. (No effect), and I have a surprise for you... (No effect), You'd better brush up on your diaper changing skills! (Path A) ⬅ Correct, Should I be worried that you're noticing her fashion choices? Corgis!" Her real name is revealed to be Lady Carmine in a premium scene of the same chapter. choices characters aesthetic // THE ROYAL ROMANCE - THE ROYAL HEIR ↳ ʟɪᴀᴍ / ʜᴀɴᴀ / ᴅʀᴀᴋᴇ / ᴍᴀxᴡᴇʟʟ #the royal romance #the royal heir #choices the royal romance #choices the royal heir #trr #choices trr #trh #choices trh #king liam #hana lee #drake walker #maxwell beaumont #playchoices #choices … She resembles Cecile Contreras. She asks questions to King Liam about their safety and about the attackers. (No effect), We'll have to come to different terms. (Skip Diamond Choices 15-17), The rough-and-tumble thing sounds pretty hot. (No effect). (No effect) ⬅ Correct, Can't wait to share the news! For more information on Mira, click here. (No effect), Ready to get out of here and spend some time alone... (No effect), Come here and give me a kiss. To get access to that area, Amalas suggests you play at his VIP table and when he sends someone to retrieve an item from his vault, Hana can discover his access code. (No effect), Dare! (No effect), You guys had an actual childhood! He is one of the assassins that attacked the Royal Palace during the Homecoming Ball. (Skip choice 14), Leave now or face the wrath of Bertrand Beaumont! (No effect), We'll offer you equitable terms of surrender to end this bloodshed! (+Soulmates), All of your angles are good angles. Your Character (The Royal Romance) King "Liam" Rys; The Heir; Drake Walker; Eirik Midsommar; Olivia Nevrakis; Hana Lee; Maxwell Beaumont; All items (48) # A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Other "Rumor Mill" if you played the drinking game with Isabella in Chapter 9. If the timer ends, you freeze and drop the fish. (No effect) ⬅ Correct, Maxwell, Drake needs your help! (17), You're the cutest thing I've ever seen! In The Royal Heir, Book 2, Chapter 3, you dream that you are presenting this lizard instead of your daughter to the press. When you and your friends visit the movie lot where Maxwell's book is being filmed, you first meet Cassandra Leigh who will be playing the role of Hana Lee. For more information on Tommy Phelps, click here. If you decide to use the elegant sword, she says that she didn't know you were so good with it. The Royal Heir is the fourth book of The Royal Romance series, and the first of the The Royal Heir series. The Royal Heirs originated in Vancouver, Canada in 1962 as a group of young friends who had two things in common -- a love of music (the sax section sound, especially! In Book 3, Chapter 15, she says she has a new Julia Rivera Show and calls her fans "Jewels". A gust of wind causes the door to slam shut startling the horse which cause the horse to run towards Your Character. Before the Beaumont Bash, you and your friends had decided on what to replace the white stallions with. (No effect), That you're willing to get all fancy for me. He also comments on the cool parapets on the way into the Lythikos keep. "Frigid Farewell" if you got ?? (Skip to diamond choice 16), Open my mouth! (No effect), Move the foraging book. You? (which is a nod to all the miscellaneous characters that use her character model). (No effect), Tell them now at Bertrand and Savannah's reception! (No effect), Tap it gently over the net to Bertrand! Whether it's seeing your spouse hold your baby for the first time in The Royal Heir, Book 2, or building your character in Blades of Light and Shadow… Read More (No effect), Drake, I fear for your safety! I don't particularly care for those names. (No effect), We should come back here sometime as a family. For more information on Blake, click here. (No effect), If the timer ends, you freeze and don't fire. When he goes, the crow scares him off his horse and he falls into a muddy puddle. (No effect), Like I could dance all night with you! (No effect), Depends on your definition of 'corrupting.' (No effect), I have to admit, it did catch me by surprise. He is one of the guards hired by Barthelemy to make sure you don't escape with the Heir. Javier leads the staff together with his wife Mariana. (No effect), Slide a hand down his waist... (No effect), Surviving another party as duke and duchess. If you tell them that they might recognize you from the book "The Royal Romance", both guards are impressed because they finally get to meet Maxwell. We just wanted to give a quick update on the state of Choices and answer some of the questions we’ve been getting: What’s going on with the changes to The Royal Romance? The first is Tristan Dumont, a shipping magnate. If the scene is taken, you can name it. He appeared in Chapter 19 along with other Cordonian citizens to witness Your Character's wedding. They may not be the most memorable but definitely have a role to play. (No effect), Which is why I need you to pinch me. While Veil of Secrets is a relatively new book, The Royal Romance is a series that dates back to April 2017 (For a throwback, read about Book 1 here! (No effect), I can totally see you hiking with a baby carrier. Ingrid is the servant. (No effect), I demand adulation and tribute! After choosing your LI's outfit, you will be taken to the closet. (No effect), We're here for our friends' wedding. (No effect), This is important house business! Bradshaw and Isabella brought several Auvernese soldiers, their full Honor Guard. His character model is the same as Jamie Brooks, a character from the Most Wanted series. Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet, please help this page by contributing those answers! (No effect), We have no quarrel with you, so let us depart amicably. She resembles Sierra from the America's Most Eligible series. According to Pixelberry's blog on Sept. 7, 2018, one of the writers pointed out that Valerie was named after Val, a character from The Crown & The Flame trilogy.[1]. (Skip diamond choices 11 and 12? (No effect), They can take their terms and shove it! Chester is the noseblind hound assigned to you and resembles Boone from Baby Bump. (Skip Diamond Choices 3-5), The worst choice I've ever made! (No effect), Hold onto that woman as though your life depends on it. (No effect), Is there anyone I should watch out for? Maxwell calls him Mr. Bear. She is the other VIP guest at his table. Reena requested to meet Maxwell because she felt that he could tell her story just like he did with your story (and subsequent movie). (No effect), Give me that rope and I'll lasso you! (No effect). This character model resembles Mr. Klempf from Bloodbound, Book 2. This citizen demands freedom for Lythikos and the end of tyranny. im gonna do lorelei for this because she’s chaotic as fuck lmao 4 - Personality) What are they bad at? He is Your Character's and Daniel's boss at a bar in New York. Current Update Date: December 29, 2020. (No effect), We need to change their minds. (No effect), That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. (No effect), I love it when you get all protective. (No effect), I swear it'll only take a moment! She is first seen as a maid at the Beaumont Bash, ushering Olivia to her seat. He resembles the Rancher from Big Sky Country and several other characters across series. His character model resembles Gustave from The Royal Holiday, and Arthur Woods from the Desire & Decorum series. His character model resembles Ward from The Elementalists series. (No effect), So you're basically obsessed with me? Later, if Liam is your husband and you decide to get him sexy boxers in a premium scene, she is the clerk at the shop. (No effect), It was a lot to ask, but it was an honor. (No effect), Stomaching him is an acquired taste... that I haven't acquired yet. (No effect), It's amazing and it's my honor to do it! The last royal Commander-in-Chief was George, Duke of Cambridge (Queen Victoria’s cousin) from 1856 to 1895. The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror Story Choices, High School Story: Class Act, Book 1 Choices, High School Story: Class Act, Book 2 Choices, High School Story: Class Act, Book 3 Choices, America's Most Eligible: Season 10 Choices, America's Most Eligible: All Stars Choices, America's Most Eligible: Wedding Edition Choices, Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1 Choices, Blades of Light and Shadow, Book 1 Choices,,_Book_1_Choices?oldid=361676, Yes, use the same names from the first three books. Kyle is the party knight that Bradshaw and Isabella ordered from Party Knight, Inc. to deliver a showstopper to make the Auvernese people love them again. -Princess Xoe (age 18) is the heir to the kingdom of Laveras, and a childhood friend of Dyani's as both their families were close together in the royal council. If the timer ends, you stare at your friends. She also tells the nobleman that he should feel slighted by House Theron's hospitality. (15) (, We can handle ourselves just fine! (Skip to diamond choice 16). (+Soulmates), I can’t wait to do this every day of our honeymoon.

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