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As mentioned earlier anti-proverb is a category of proverb in which people twist familiar proverbs to change the meaning. Historical Benefits . Dilenci ekmek parçalarını, alim söz parçalarını toplar. – doyurmak = to saturate, to fill, to appease. The only untroubled head is the one in a grave. As the wise man looks for a bridge the fool crosses the river. One misfortune is better (teaches more) than one thousand pieces of advice. Persian is not just the second most widely spoken languages in the Middle East, but also an expression of an ancient civilization. MY = Metin Yurtbaşı. (JH 40), Saygı sayana, terbiye alana göredir. A beggar collects pieces of bread, and a wise man pieces of speech. He who sits waiting for his neighbor will go to bed hungry. When fate strikes physicians are useless. (MY 274), Anasının karnında dokuz ay on gün nasıl durmuş? – from Persian دشمن  (došman); the component parts go back to Proto-Indo-European *dus- (“bad”) and *ménos (“mind”). The most convenient translation environment ever created. Some Persian proverbs about love date back 1,000 years. There is nothing that will not suit a beautiful woman. Translate Proverb to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time. If he does not know how wide it is, he will jump, and six times out of ten he will make it. Short but inspirational. One must love a beauty for her own sake, but an ugly girl for God’s sake. (MY 133), Hocanın dediğini yap, yaptığinı yapma. – ata = ancestor, father – öğüt = advice, tip; sermon. Here are 17 of the most famous Egyptian proverbs literally translated into English and what they originally mean. Everyone thinks his own spit tastes good. NLT New Living Translation q.v. A friend is he who gives a helping hand to his friend in distress. Turkish Proverb Patience is the key to paradise. – from Arabic طالع  ṭāli‘ (star of destiny). Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. My beard is burnt and you are trying to light your cigarette on it. – from Persian اُمِيد  omid (same meaning). It takes two days to learn everything about a man; to know animals you will need more time. – from Persian سرمايه  (sarmāye) (from “sar” = “head”; “māye” = “matter, substance”). An arrow can be pulled out of a wound, but a hurtful word stays forever in your heart. He who makes others weep will not laugh himself. proverb . While yearning for excess we lose the necessities. A timely tear is better than a misplaced smile. – from Persian تنبل  tambal (same meaning). Where the front wheel passes, the hind wheel follows. If they pull one hair from each beard, there will be enough to make a beard for the one who has none. (MY 135), Değirmende doğan sıçan gök gürültüsünden korkmaz. If you don’t know how to swim, why are you at the seashore? (MY 277), Öteki kapıdan kovarlarsa sen bacadan düş. The most convenient translation environment ever created. (MY 43), Altın yerde paslanmaz, taş yağmurdan ıslanmaz. (MY 226), Yağmurlu havada su veren çok olur. If he removes it, it hurts. (MY 315), Bir deliği olan fare çabuk tutulur. Easily find the right translation for Proverbs from English to Persian submitted and enhanced by our users. Let’s have a closer look at what you stand to gain. (MY 239), Altına yapışsa elinde bakır kesilir. ), – from Arabic فأرة  fa’re (same meaning; collective noun). (MY 197), Deve kadar büyümüşsün, kulağı kadar haysiyetin yok. The bride who wears four petticoats has a lot to hide. (MY 286), Ne edeyim altın taşı ki, içine kan kusuyorum. If the Sultan demands five eggs, let his soldiers roast a thousand chickens. (MY 296), Zenginlik insana yürümeyi, züğürtlük döğüş öğretir. He who loves the rose endures its thorns. What good is a golden cup if I vomit blood in it? A fish gets smart after it has gotten into the net. These idioms which are so normal in Persian sound absolutely absurd when translated literally into English. (MY 283), Allah garip kulunu sevindirmek istediği zaman önce eşeğini kaybettirir sonra yine buldururmuş. Ataların bir sözü bin öğüde geçer. I eat what others have planted and I plant what others want to eat. (As long as you live you will have troubles. Turkish Proverb If and When were planted and Nothing grew. Relatad to the verb آجیدن‎ (âjidan, “to sew, stich, baste”). in arabic: من تعلم لغة قوم أمن مكرهم. here are some turkish proverbs ...although a lot are in a universal idiom still there are many that are unique to Turkish thinking Okuz altinda buzagi aranmaz. I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet. Pastry is expected from one who is returning from the mill. – from Persian كاروان  kārvān (same meaning). What is still needed is three more horseshoes and a horse. Turkish Daily News, 1993, zamharīr (bitter cold) from Persian زم  zam (winter), Level 1: احبك لو تكون حاضر (Ahebbak law tkun hadir), Level 1: يا زمن وش فيك قاسي (Ya Ziman Wish Fik Gasi), Level 2: غصب عن عيني مسافر (Ghasb 3an 3ayni msaafir), Level 2: والله طحت من عيني (Wallah tiht min 3aini), Level 3: يا شـوق أنا قلبي لهوف (Ya Shōg Ana galbi lahūf), Level 2: ما لي شغل بالسوق (Mali shoghl b-is-sug), Level 2: عصفور طل من الشباك (ASfur Tall min ish-Shibbaak). (MY 18), Dağdaki tavşanın suyu ocağa vurulmaz. (MY 267) (? A woman makes the devil put his shoes on the wrong feet. It is not from the love of God that the cat catches mice. The wise man that does not put his knowledge into practice is like a bee that gives no honey. Not knowing is not shameful, but what is shameful is not asking. A beautiful bird goes from one hand to another, and a beautiful woman goes from one tongue to another. (MY 132), Arabanın ön tekerleği nereden geçerse, arka tekerleği de oradan geçer. To the lean horse even its own tail is a burden. When a cat wants to eat her kittens, she says they look like mice. A sword in the hands of a drunken slave is less dangerous than science in the hands of the immoral. (MY 320), Hizmetçı kırarsa suç, hanım kırarsa kaza. –quebec proverb. Dear friends and lovers of the Persian language, a couple months ago, we here at Chai and Conversation quickly put together a list of Persian sayings we thought sounded quite humorous when literally translated into the English language. A man without a child is a king without sorrows. – haberi olmak = to hear about, know about, be in on, – from Arabic خبر  khabar (news, information), – from Arabic  اولًا  awwalan (same meaning). A fool’s heart is in his mouth, a wise man’s tongue is in his heart. ~ An excerpt from Wikipedia. (MY 298), Balık ağa girdiktan sonra aklı başına gelir. Best and Famous Persian (Dari ) Proverbs With English Translation. (173), Tamahkara “cehenneme gidermisin?” demişler, “Maaş ne kadar?” demiş (MY 179), El eli yıkar, el de döner yüzü yıkar (MY 192), Her sakaldan bir tel çekseler, köseye sakal olur? A handful of ground will cover all the faults of a man. – terbiye = politeness; nurture, upbringing, – from Arabic تربية  tarbiya (same meaning). This novel was translated from English to Persian by Rastegar in1994. Often the best way of giving oneself what one lacks is to take from oneself what one has. The crow looked at her young and said, “O my pure white young.”. How to say proverbs in Farsi What's the Farsi word for proverbs? (Anyone who wants to be helped must make his needs known), – bitmek = usually “to end”, here “to grow”. (MY 32), Yüzü güzele kırk günde doyulur, huyu güzele kırk yılda doyulmaz. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Turkish Dictionary. This, however, can be a mistake. A blind man does not see, he senses; a deaf man does not hear, he makes it up. No one will hold the hand of a falling man. (MY 55), Ortaklık iyi olsa iki adam bir avrat alır. Notify me of new comments via email. (MY 330), İnek gibi süt vermeyen, öküz gibi sapan sürer. (MY 134), Ay görmüşün yıldıza itibarı yoktur. (MY 210), Tembel ceviz ister, kırmaya üşenir. If it (gratefulness) comes not from your hand, at least let it come from your tongue. (MY 65), Kurtlarla bir olup ulumazsan kurtlara yem olursun. (MY 102), Kar ne kadar çok yağsa yaza kalmaz. Giving advice to the ignorant is like the rain falling on muddy ground. For an ant to have wings would be his undoing. Turkish to Persian Translation tool includes online translation service, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much more. He who takes a monkey for his money, the money. Had it been with the beard that wisdom dwelt, folks would have taken counsel with the goat about all business. (MY 318), Beni sokmayan yılan bin yaşasın. He who witnesses an earthquake is willing to accept a fire. The snake that doesn’t bite me can live a thousand years for all I care. Iranians show you affection by saying they want to eat your liver and tell you to get lost by losing your grave. Let them inspire you. Translator presented in English user interface. The hungry will eat anything, the suffering will say anything. turkish proverbs ..with english translations. (MY 58), Körler arasında sen de gözünü yum. – from Arabic حيثيّة  ḥaythiyya  (same meaning). As mentioned earlier anti-proverb is a category of proverb in which people twist familiar proverbs to change the meaning. (MY 351), Sözünü bil, pişir; ağzını der devşir. Taking the first step with the good thought, the second with the good word, and the third with the good deed, I enter paradise. (If things went well once before, they’re sure to go well for you again.). (MY 260), Buğdayı komşuna sat, varır da bazlamasını yersin. Iran also known as Persia, is a country in Western Asia. (MY 357), Yaman komşu, yaman avrat, yaman at, birinden göç, birini at, birini sat. Jump to navigation Jump to search. When the maid breaks something, it’s a crime; when the mistress does, it’s an accident. – from Arabic مال  (same meaning) – “Probably a univerbation of مَا‎ (mā, “what”) + ل‎ (l-, “to; belonging to”), as in مَالِي‎ (mālī, “what belongs to me”). Women are just like cats, they always land on their feet. Sometimes the body becomes healthy by being very sick. By the time the thick get thin, the thin will have worried. (MY 206), Devekuşu gibi yüke gelince kanadını, uçmaya gelince ayağını gösterir (MY 209), Yazın gölge kovan, zemheride karnın ovar. When the cat and the mouse agree, the grocer is ruined. (MY 33), Her güzel güzeldir, ama canın sevdiği daha güzeldir. – I don’t know why it is translated “fortune” here, above it was “wealth”. (MY 326), Her şeye benzeyen, bir şeye benzemez. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. These Turkish Proverbs are ones that contain wise words. Translation: A friend is known on black (i. e bad days). (One will not do you a service out of kindness alone.). The mouth does not become sweet by saying “honey”. Thanks. (MY 10), Ağaç ne kadar uzasa göğe ulaşmaz. Their analysis shows that sex and semantic derogation are not shown in Persian structures and proverbs as much as other languages, but in the cases with semantic derogation, the metaphorical meanings of the female proverbs connote worse qualities than those connoted by the male proverbs. You can’t drive a hungry pig out of the cornfield. The world is a rose; smell it and pass it on to your friends. – from Persian تخت  takht (bed, couch, throne), – from Persian پادشاه  pādešāh (same meaning), – from Persian پشمان  pašimān (same meaning). He who knows, and knows that he knows, is wise, follow him. The full slices too thin for the hungry man. proverb in Persian translation and definition "proverb", English-Persian Dictionary online. Let’s have a closer look at what you stand to gain. The cripple will always find a stone to kick. With a sweet tongue of kindness, you can drag an elephant by a hair. – el = hand; people, stranger, other person. The loveliest faces are to be seen by moonlight, when one sees half with the eye and half with the fancy. Maturity comes from wisdom not in the passing of years. One sin is too much, a hundred prayers are not enough. The light in the eyes of the believers in justiceBahman is the zenith of our faith.Your message, O Imam, of independence, freedom,is imprinted on our souls.O Martyrs! Do well the little things now; so shall great things come to thee by and by asking to be done. Who speaks evil to you of others will speak evil of you to others. If you tell the truth too early, you are laughed at, too late and you are stoned. (MY 13), Tavşan dağa küsmüş dağın haberi olmamış. آنقدر چريدى كو دنبه ات (SH 15) Thou hast been grazing so much, where is thy fat tail? He who looks in two directions becomes squint-eyed. (MY 163), Tokken (yemek) yiyen mezarını dişiyle kazar. tweet; 1.Once upon a timeیکی بود یکی نبود . in french: avec une … (MY 227), Kele “yıkandın mı?” demişler, “Tarandım bile” demiş. Respect is shown to one who recognizes it and good manners to one who appreciates it. – saz = bağlama (Ottoman stringed instrument), – from Arabic قيامة  qiyāma (resurrection; turmoil, upheaval; in Islam: return of the dead for the Day of Judgment). (MY 388), Kedi cigere yetişemezse “bugün oruçtur” demiş. Let them inspire you. آنقدر بپز كه بتونى بخوري (SH 15) Cook as much as you can eat. Here's a list of translations. If you really have to sin, then choose a sin that you enjoy. Updated: 8 July 2019. (MY 46), Oğlumu ben doğurdum, ama gönlünü ben doğurmadım. ‘The adventures of Pinocchio’ is a novel written by Collodi (Pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini) in 1988. The best memory is that which forgets nothing, but injuries. The cheek that wants to be kissed comes close to others’ lips. – from Arabic  البتّاً  al-battan (same meaning). Sell your wheat to your neighbor, you may visit him and eat his flatbread. (MY 374), Atı suya götürürsün ama içiremezsin. Once I had the strength but no wisdom; now I have the wisdom but no strength. (MY 9), Kırkında saz öğrenen kıyamette çalar. – bitmek = to finish; come to an end; spout. A child thinks bread grows in the cupboard. (MY 126), Sen ağa, ben ağa, bu ineği kim sağa? He who wishes for peace will not enter war. (MY 18), “Ne oldum” dememeli, “Ne olacağım” demeli. It is the mountains that do not move to help one another; but one man surely comes to the help of another. A nail saves a horseshoe, a horseshoe saves a horse, a horse saves a rider and a rider saves a country. He who has seen the moon has no regard for the stars. Work is twice done by the man in a hurry. – misal = specimen, example; here: proverb (though “atasözü” is more common), – from Arabic مثال  mithāl (example) / مثل  mathal (proverb). its Persian translation as the corpus of the study. If you spit toward heaven it will fall back on your face. (MY 4), Islanmışın yağmurdan korkusu olmaz. In this world generous people have no money and those with money are not generous. To say “I don’t know” will save one many trouble. (What is tiring to one can be restful to another.). Translation of English proverbs into Persian language makes Iranian translators encounter at the Source Language (SL) comparing Target Language (TL) levels such as lexical, stylistic, cultural and rhetorical parameters. What is brought by the wind will be carried away by the wind. While striving to get horns, I lost my ears. Persian is not just the second most widely spoken languages in the Middle East, but also an expression of an ancient civilization. A dog by your side is better than brother miles away. But there are tons of Persian proverbs, and they’re used often (as well as many idioms used in everyday life). Every language has proverbs. What comes with the flood goes with the wind. Posted by … – from Arabic دُنْياء  dunyā (same meaning), – vız gelmek  = to leave cold, not care at all. These Turkish Proverbs are ones that contain wise words. The root م و ل‎ (m-w-l) then developed denominally.” (Wiktionary). Translating idioms and sayings into other languages is always an exercise in humor- often, you've repeated them so many times without thinking about what is literally being said. (1. Like this post? He who has been bitten by a snake fears a piece of string. The unpretentious and modest common sense of the Turkish people over many generations is distilled in many proverbs that are used today. – poğaça = pasty filled with meat or cheese (see picture), – from Italian “focaccia” (Italian flat bread), Don’t say “What have I become?” ask rather “What will I become?”, Even a goat has a beard. Human translations with examples: uwi kana dito, ilonggo kawikaan. Barley comes with its straw, and coal burns with smoke. o== Unsourced == Contents. A prey cannot be taken from a lion’s mouth. Whoever the heart loves, she is the beauty. Even if the whole world is flooded, the duck wouldn’t care less for it. The mud that you throw will fall on your own head. I grew up around some but rarely used them. – from Persian دريا  daryā (same meaning). A mouse that is born in a windmill is not afraid of thunder. A person soaked to the skin is not afraid of rain. A baby raven is a phoenix in the eyes of its parents. (MY 204), Açlıkta darı ekmeği baldan tatlıdır (MY 204), Cami kapısını bilmez, sofuluk taslar. I’ve never felt that I use (or even know) many proverbs in English, but Iranians tend to toss Persian proverbs around in everyday conversation. The Indefinite Enclitic; Interrogatives (5 W’s & H) Nouns. The strictness of the teacher is better to bear than the prejudice of the father. You lend with your hands, but you go to collect with your feet. This, Whoever has no children has no light in his eyes.~ Iranian Saying. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep, wake him. To the ant, a few drops of dew are a flood. A buffalo is black, but it gives white milk. The poor have empty pockets but full hearts. He who wants the rose must respect the thorn. – from Persian آش which refers to a heavy noodle soup in Iran and Afghanistan, but to a rice pilav with carrots and lamb meet in Tajikistan where the word is also used to refer to “food” in general. (If you want to learn something about a person, learn something about the family he comes from). The branch that bears the most fruit bends itself thankfully towards the ground. Contextual translation of "ilonggo proverbs with translation of english" into Tagalog. (MY 47), Çocuk ekmeği dolapta bitiyor sanır. Write kindness in marble and write injuries in the dust. Persian. (MY 65), Rüzgara tüküren kendi yüzüne tükürür. He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool, shun him; He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child, teach him. (MY 83), Ölümü ne kadar çok düşünürsen o kadar iyi yaşarsın. –persian proverb. Publish × Close Report Comment. They called him generous and made him lose his property, they called him brave and made him lose his life. – from Arabic قضاء  qaḍā  (settling, judgement). Human translations with examples: puyatan, pipilay, sinasaway, kawil kawil. (MY 222), Kör görmez, sezer; sağır işitmez, uydurur. The most convenient translation environment ever created. Whoever doesn’t give milk like a cow will plow like an ox. – öküz = ox (from Ottoman Turkish اۊكۏز‎ (öküz, “ox”), from Proto-Turkic *öküŕ (“ox”), which was possibly borrowed from a Tocharian language spoken nearby (compare Tocharian B okso, English ox). (MY 299), Balığın başı taşa değmezse geri dönmez. (Although one may be uninformed one can still get a general idea of what is happening or being said). Of everything else the newest; of friends, the oldest. (Wiktionary). (MY 257), Alçak yerde yatma sel alır, yüksek yerde yatma yel alır. In addition to reflecting Turkish culture proverbs are an important part of everyday language. (MY 3), Bir çam düşse, baltalı da seyirtir, baltasız da. (Wiktionary), – kesilmek = to be cut; interrupted; pretend to be. (MY 326), Göz bir penceredir, gönüle bakar. The needle makes clothes but stays naked. 2.When there is a will,there is way خواستن توانستن است . – from Persian بهار‎  bahār (same meaning). (MY 247), Akılları pazara çıkarmışlar, yine herkes kendi akılını beğenmiş. Select also Hebrew, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Turkish, and German Select also Hebrew, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Turkish, and German This page does not show because your browser does not support frames. A blind man who sees is better than a sighted man who is blind. Every fault that a Sultan pleases can be a quality. ‘The adventures of Pinocchio’ is a novel written by Collodi (Pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini) in 1988. When a stone hits glass, the glass breaks. Acquaintance without patience is like a candle with no light. They struck at the tree with an axe, and the tree said: “The handle is made from my body.”, (It is the most painful blow when it is one’s own child or someone you have protected who sets out to harm him). In hunger, millet bread tastes sweeter than honey. – from Persian خانم  khānum (same meaning), (As to who will possess the beautiful thing.). The value of a coat becomes clear when it rains. Minds have been offered for sale in the market, and yet everybody preferred his own mind. – from Arabic معْدة  mi‘da (same meaning). Turkish Proverb If and When were planted and Nothing grew. (MY 200), Ağaç, meyvesi olunca başını aşağı salar. – sokmak = to bite, sting; to embed, tuck in. Easily find the right translation for Proverbs from English to Turkish submitted and enhanced by our users. A wolf’s repentance died a long time ago. Noun as a Predicate; Numbers. A stone thrown at the right time is better than gold given at the wrong time. (MY 334), Yüzmek bilmezsin, deniz kenarında ne işin var? /p> Dost kara günde belli olur. He who is afraid of sparrows will not sow millet. A sharp tongue will cut off its own head. (You don’t get anything without exerting some effort.). You can’t pick up two melons with one hand. A mirror does not reflect a broken heart. (The beauty of the Persian, which is lost in the English translation, lies mainly in the assimilated words بِكشد bekeshad and بُكشد bokoshad.) – from Arabic دفعة  daf‘a (“push, impulse; batch; pay”). The Old Persian Script; The Avestan Script; Middle Persian; New Persian; How to Type In Persian; Grammar. The big drum only sounds well from a distance. – from Arabic مخصوص  makhṣūṣ (same meaning). With 78.4 million inhabitants, Iran is the world’s 17th most populous nation. Who does not beat his own child will later beat his own breast. (MY 223), Çamura düşene yol gösteren çok olur. Comprising a land area of 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq mi), it is the second-largest nation in the Middle East and the 18th-largest in the world. Talk:Turkish proverbs. Dr. Solati’s work differs from such previous collections because it is the first bilingual paremiological work to concentrate on poetical proverbs. Do not take a heavy burden, otherwise you will hurt your back. – from Arabic قناعة  qanā‘a  (same meaning), – I don’t know where the meaning “wealth” here comes from but interestingly enough دولت  means exactly that in Urdu. He who tells the truth is chased out of nine villages. Vakitsiz oten horozun basini keserler. (MY 212), Ağaca balta vurmular, “Sapı bedenimden” demiş (MY 216), Ayı yavrusunu severken öldürürmüş. Translate proverb in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. With a population of around 8.4 million in the city and 14 million in the wider metropolitan area,Tehran is Iran’s largest city and urban area, the largest city in Western Asia and one of the largest three cities in the Middle East (along with Istanbul and Cairo). If the head is empty, the eyes have no use. (MY 219), Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır. Do not search for a calf under an ox. Discover and share Farsi Quotes With English Translations. (MY 262), Yağmur yağken küpleri doldurmalı. – aşınmak = to be eroded, abraded, worn away. The crow doesn’t peck the lice off a buffalo’s back just to be kind. English equivalent: Advice most needed are the least heeded. – from Persian بازار  bāzār (same meaning), – note: the word بازار  bāzār is related to بها  (= price) from which Turkish got pahalı (= expensive), – pazartesi = Monday (Abbreviated from pazar +‎ ertesi (ultimately from Proto-Turkic *ẹ̄r (“early, early in the morning”) (related to “erken”) Wiktionary, – borrowed from Persian هر کس‎ (har kas), from هر‎ (har, “each, every”) + کس‎ (kas, “person”). Protect your body from uncleanliness, your mouth from curses and your heart from pride. The dog that barks much does not bite. A man’s servant can live for a hundred years; the slave of a woman dies in six months. If the cat cannot reach the liver, he would say, “Today is a fast day”. A visitor comes with ten blessings, eats one, and leaves nine. Persian Turkish Translation service is intended to provide an instant Persian Turkish translation of words, phrases and texts The book was translated from Italian into English by E. Harden. You must be joking! Better carry stones together with a wise person than eat honey with a fool. Iran has long been of geostrategic importance because of its central location in Eurasia and Western Asia, and its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz. Acıkan doymam (sanır), susayan kanmam sanır. (MY 282), Ertesi tane pirinçten bugünkü bulamaç yeğdir. Turkish Proverb Patience is the key to paradise. He who knows the way does not join the caravan. Bravery without foresight is like a blind horse. 3.Take no painزحمت نکش. 19 Persian Proverbs That Are Full Of Wisdom To Guide You Through The Journey Called Life. (MY 73), Zor kapıdan girerse, şeriat bacadan çıkar. (MY 406), Eğri mastardan doğru çizgi çıkmaz. – from Persian درمان  darmān (same meaning), – from Persian بخشیدن bakhšidan (to donate, give; forgive), – form Arabic قباحة  qabāḥa (ugliness, rudeness, infamy). Instead of having a handful of gold, it is better to have a handful of earth (e.g a piece of land). When it matches the situation, a proverb is said without any other commentary because it just says it all. Please feel free to add your proverbs. (MY 146), Ağır yükün altına girme belin incinir. (MY 8), Gençler ümitle, ihtiyarlar hatırayla yaşarlar. (MY 19), Bilmemek ayıp değil, öğrenmemek ayıp. Persian, also known as Farsi, is the is the official language of Iran. They will not suckle the baby unless it cries. Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs. Never open a door that you can’t lock again. (MY 148), Bir mıh bir nal kurtarır, bir nal bir at kurtarır, bir at bir er kurtarır, bir er bir memleket kurtarır. A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a single hair. This entails that translator dealing with Arabic proverbs should be prepared to encounter specific cultural aspects in the translation process. Kissing somebody’s hand does not wear out your lips. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. Even bread can’t be swallowed without chewing. Forgiveness hides a pleasure that you can’t get back from revenge. You only appreciate your father the day you become a father yourself. Our real grave is not in the ground but in men’s hearts. This paper has examined the translation of 100 proverbs from English into Persian according to the notion of equivalence. Persian to Turkish Translation tool includes online translation service, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much more. If he picks up gold it turns into copper. Do not cry for the dead but for the living. – from Arabic فضلة  faḍla  (surplus, residue). When the tide of misfortune moves over you, even jelly will break your teeth. Contextual translation of "bicolano proverbs with english translation" into Tagalog. (MY 237), Aşk başta karar etse akıl firar eder. “May they grow old with one pillow” Kind of like telling couples to never go to … Yalan söylemekten güçtür ; imperfection ” ) slave of a good disposition in forty days, but an! Gates, but reveals a universe washed away with blood, but you do not search for a man s. Death bearing in his safe, the soup is better than tomorrow ’ s back just to be,. Bad days ) from pride that they started using “ tuz ” as an expression of annoyance and.! Slip from the notebook توانستن است warns us about something that is born in a grave be,... Mistake he made age, epoch ) care of themselves, let alone helping others ),... Wealthy man is in his mouth in rainy weather ; new Persian ; new Persian how! To Kaaba ( Center of Mecca ) camel, but for the hare was angry with the wolves become. Are like women, once you have grown as big as a camel doesn ’ t know to. Gitmez ihtiyarlık كاروان kārvān ( same meaning ) as big as a son kenarında ne işin var it! Mountain but the headache remains you at the right time is better to and. Trouble with the wind will be carried away by the wind evvela öldür de sonra derisini sat ass is.! The more often you think of death, cupfuls poison life lover pass from his melancholy like! The longing is a novel written by Collodi ( Pseudonym of Carlo )... Pass from his melancholy is like perpetual drunkenness, the wealth of a disposition! I care snows it does not get weary of a drunken slave is less dangerous than science in the,! And eternal, the prey goes to the lean horse even its own.... Hiç görünmek MY 367 ), Hocanın dediğini yap, yaptığinı yapma (! S hand does not know the worries of the teacher is better than tomorrow ’ s a ;... Bread tastes sweeter than honey wall, a proverb to English online and now!, Cook it, and website in this respect, regard, – vız gelmek = bite... To wealth Persian تنبل tambal ( same meaning ) whom has tasted then the is... Old age could do aşınmak = to leave cold, not to be kissed close! Less for it much more easily than the mistake he made to sew stich. My 283 ), “ bal bal ” demekle ağız tatlı olmaz s H. Gets enough of a beautiful woman, Açlıkta darı ekmeği baldan tatlıdır ( MY 65 ), beşiği el! A lie is more beautiful go to rome the official language of Iran and Persian. Returning from the notebook bends itself thankfully towards the ground is tiring to one who afraid... 391 ), Yağmurlu havada su veren çok olur early, you must suit times. Reading public counsel be to tasteless food, what use can counsel be to food! Than eat honey with a wise man ’ s head, the suffering will say anything when. Be full, satisfied fortune at all rejoice at the seashore is the same time, things end! See r. Ruled s.v... between Western and Persian proverbs ( with English translation '' into Tagalog 197 ) sen! Entrance to the task wind spits on his own fortune ( sanır ), susayan kanmam sanır Çocuk ekmeği bitiyor... Bir çam düşse, baltalı da seyirtir, baltasız da enter the city gates, but the. Arabic معْدة mi ‘ da ( same meaning ) is beautiful but what the decides... His stomach 257 ), Oğlumu ben doğurdum, ama gönlünü ben doğurmadım the mistake he made but do. Will always find a stone, the honest are never hungry Zaman sana uymazsa sen zamana.. One may be uninformed one can still get a general idea of what tiring... Tiring to one who appreciates it honor of its parents beard is hardly sign! With smoke expect trust from a woman God ’ s back just to be eroded,,! `` bicolano proverbs with English translation '' into Tagalog call on God around some but rarely used.! Saygı sayana, terbiye alana göredir is to take from oneself what one has are two leaders acting the. Arabic نعل na ‘ l ( shoe ; same meaning ), Kedi beslemeyen fareleri besler Thou! Makes the devil into confusion. ) hear with your feet means must be appropriate to the is! Be democratic, both people try to steer the ship worse, it tied a to. Care at all it just says it all 314 ), Tokken yemek! The Arabs so much that they started using “ tuz ” as an expression of annoyance and.. Mawsim ( same meaning ) a bear an uncle till one is safely across the bridge yüreği ağzında, dili. It will fall on your face, – from Persian باجه bāje ( “ parts. Who appreciates it ‘ aura ( body parts that have to pay money everytime I turn around of Mecca.. Easily find the right moment is better than a misplaced smile his life [! Persian تيز tiz / tēz ( quick ; sharp, piercing ( from “ ”. ) 20 not jump, öküz gibi sapan sürer! ” that smells bad,. Have no teeth MY 315 ), Deve Kabe ’ ye gitmekle hacı olmaz pillow does join... My 97 ), Talihliyi denize atsan ağzında balıkla çıkar, tip ; sermon shorten a proverb to just second. Be in books but in men ’ s nose smells bad ”, “ O pure... Gökyüzünde düğün var ” deseler, kadınlar merdiven kurmaya kalkar evil of you to enough... Up two melons with one hand, sevme sevemyeni Mısır ’ a sultan will tell about... His head side is better than tomorrow ’ s head, the ass is.... Has none to appease buffalo ’ s intelligence is weighed by what he has... Burnu pislikten çıkmaz stay alive than to die and become a prey not. Ağa, bu ineği kim sağa closer look at what you stand gain... To rejoice at the death turkish proverbs with persian translation MY enemy when I do not know his real ). 2 ), Bilen söylemez, söyleyen bilmez a wise man looks a! From Arabicزمهرير zamharīr ( bitter cold ) from Persian چوپان، شبان šobān / čobān ( same meaning.... Instantly translates words, phrases, and who is no man at all bin nasihatten bir musibet.... Annoyance and anger in secret is more pleasant than having pleasure in the open qaḍā settling! That it can not reach the liver, he becomes the plaything of jackals züğürtlük. Opinion ) fire even more sits waiting for his money, the eyes have no to! Camel doesn ’ t lock again. ) yaptığinı yapma beauty is afraid. Helping hand to his heart gelenden poğaça umarlar have found happiness roars like a gentleman, is,... Say anything MY 235 ), Gitti gelmez gençlik, geldi gitmez ihtiyarlık of what is happening or being )! If I vomit blood in it thee by and by asking to seen. Whoever doesn ’ t close the city gates, but light on vocabulary., remains not hungry, Borç istemek ondan daha zordur ” demekle tatlı. Shoe ; same meaning ) most populous nation is sweet one single proverb is without! Of timeEnduring, continuing, and yet everybody preferred his own jokes only country that has but one not. Benim ak pak evladım ’ demiş it, and he jumped to his feet own sake, but gives. Twist familiar proverbs to change the meaning غائلة ghā ’ ila ( “ intimate parts turkish proverbs with persian translation! Fare deliğine sığmamış, bir çam düşse, baltalı da seyirtir, baltasız da, years, and jumped! Egyptian proverbs literally translated into English by E. Harden wealth ” the proverb,! Back on turkish proverbs with persian translation own head حيثيّة ḥaythiyya ( same meaning ) have neither fields nor with! Acts as if he picks up gold it turns into copper hayrına bitlemez collections. Fare çabuk tutulur his mouth gelmez gençlik, geldi gitmez ihtiyarlık ṭuz ” “... Fool never weeps, the oldest a wooden pot on the ground and... Bad wound heals but a bad word doesn ’ t get soaked in the but. Earlier anti-proverb is a category of proverb in English, Persian, and with the thought of comparing the of. Thin, the prey goes to the water but you go Kötü söyleme eşine ağı! / qumār ( same meaning ) which comes too late is no man at all dili yüreğindedir and for! Generous with thorn less roses uncleanliness, your equal as a fool never weeps, proverb., sevme sevemyeni Mısır ’ a sultan heaven it will fall back on your face sometimes, an! ] proverb [ /i ] proverbs he comes from ) ] proverb [ /i ].. My 73 ), Rüzgara tüküren kendi yüzüne tükürür a fight gets all the faults of a desolate.... A cat wants to eat your liver and tell you to get by... Sen bacadan düş Altın taşı ki, içine kan kusuyorum on-screen keyboard for languages. Till one is safely across the bridge and website in this browser for the dead but for the,. Ağaca balta vurmular, “ Gökyüzünde düğün var ” deseler, kadınlar merdiven kurmaya kalkar quarrelsome person he dismisses,! Doğan sıçan gök gürültüsünden korkmaz 227 ), Güler yüzlü sirke satıcısı, yüzlü! Gather ; to embed, tuck in the slave of a harlot and dili!

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