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Backpackers who are backpacking Peru on a budget, will find that simply wandering the streets and soaking up the sights and smells is a fascinating way to pass the time. “Once upon a time, I almost lost my leg in a sweltering jungle…. Not only the Inca capital, Cusco is the gateway to many of the most incredible things to do while in Peru. If you really want what the locals eat then head to the markets or the food stands that stand along the side of the road. These buses are very long, but this is the cheapest and easiest option if you are keen to get from city to city. Entrance to the metropolitano is less than $1. A backpacking trip to this fascinating landscape will be one of the most rewarding journeys in Peru. With many fascinating stops along the way and all just on one ticket, you can spend as much time as you please in each city before hopping on the next bus continuing on your journey. Apart from the treks to Machu Picchu, the other exciting treks include the Ausangate trek that takes you through the multiple lagunas (lagoons) in the Andes, the Colca Canyon trek that takes you down one of the world’s deepest canyons, and the Huaraz trek, a difficult but rewarding hike. Deciding where to stay in Peru can be a struggle too.To travel Peru cheap, travel slow and absorb the country. Trujillo makes for a good stopping point if you are headed up the north coast from Lima. There are a lot of gorgeous places to visit in Peru and it’d be a shame to rush them. Carry as little money as possible and so not flash jewelrey or electronics. The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! Long a highly coveted destination for seasoned and amateur travellers alike, Peru leaves all in awe of its beauty. Public transport is also very conducive to backpacking Peru on a budget. Huge common areas and green gardens to help the chilling! All it takes is a little preparation and a little investment in good adventure gear, and you can be off exploring the wilds of Peru in a unique and personal way. Huaquillas-Machala. By the year 2000, Peru has had successive democratic regimes having being led by Alejandro Toledo, Alan García, and presently Ollanta Humala Tasso. The middle of the night border crossing into Ecuador was a positive experience! Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Typical Tourist Mistakes At Machu Picchu, What NOT To Do When Visiting Rainbow Mountain, Peru and Covid-19 - Everything you need to know, How I Spent 50% Less And Saw 100% More Than The Typical Tourist In Peru. MP truly is too stunning to miss. Even the greatest adventures backpacking in South America need off-days: In the South Americas, the area now known as Peru was deeply affected by the imperial nature of colonialism because the targeted people and resources became the pawns of the Spanish monarch during the early 15th century. So book your hostel in Puno get your homestay sorted from there. Having your own wheels is a fantastic way to explore places that buses in Peru can’t take you. Both constitute the most important international framework in the guarantee of Indigenous Peoples’ collective rights. Now that we’ve covered the itineraries, let’s talk about where to travel in Peru in greater detail. There are some amazing hostels in Arequipa. A careful backpacker can easily get by on $25-30 a day, but it’s always smart to bring some extra for emergencies or last minute changes of plans. At a staggering 5,200 meters above sea level, this mountain is striped with 7 different colours, giving it its iconic name. About 30% of this population lives in Lima, the capital city. There is a pretty dark vibe and it has mannequins that have been placed in torture machines to show how painful it must’ve been for those who defied the church. If exploring deeper into the Amazon interests you, then Iquitos is the place to hunt for a guide to help you fulfill that dream. A foosball table, comfy beds, and free breakfast - what more could you want! There are several typically Peruvian drinks that you should definitely try while backpacking Peru. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This magnificent city hidden high in the mountains is touristy, yet it is popular for good reason and is still the highlight of my travels in South America. The first thing you must consider is which regions you want to visit. It’s kind of an ‘old charm meets new’ vibe. Do you have a lighter? She has swum in the ocean with bioluminous planktons, giant manta rays and sharks, tasted porcupine meat, chilled with Komodo dragons, dived in a shipwreck and has narrowly escaped getting stung by a jellyfish. Peru backpacking budget. There is nothing like getting to know a city with some quality locals. If you’re planning on traveling into Peru, you can either fly into the airport in Lima or take a bus from one of these countries. I would only recommend traveling by plane in Peru if you have limited time, otherwise, the bus is still your best and cheapest option. Can you give me a ride – Me puedes dar una vuelta? As with every major city in the world, petty crime is reasonably common, so try not to walk around with a huge and expensive camera hanging around your neck. Best Travel Itineraries for Backpacking Peru. Peru is a funny country when it comes to working out your budget, as the prices fluctuate depending on where you are. Pisac has long been something of a congregating point for hippys and psychonauts. The beaches in Mancora are bloody fantastic. Once you’re in the cities, it’s quite easy to find your way around, most of the time you will be able to walk to get to where you need to go. I recommend staying at the Nanasqa Hostel if you plan on coming to check out the Nazca Lines. If you are going to spend money on any experiences in Peru, I believe you should put it towards a trek of your choosing. | Destinations | Off-beat destinations | Eco travels. I have heard the journey after crossing into Colombia is beautiful, but can be very time consuming. If you want to try out a few more of the best beer in Peru then there is still plenty to go around! Public transport is also very conducive to backpacking Peru on a budget. If you’re going somewhere in high altitude (which you almost certainly will), make sure that you take the appropriate measures to ensure that you don’t get altitude sickness. Peru will definitely take on more travel cost if you are staying at fancier hostels/hotels, traveling by plane, eating out for every single meal, or purchase a tour package, but I would say that it is entirely realistic to backpack Peru for as little as $20-45 a day…. What are you in the mood for? Are you a native English speaker looking to earn cash whilst traveling the world? To this date, it remains one … If you are properly prepared for a hike, get ready for the trek of a lifetime! The Spanish first arrived on Peruvian soil in 1531, led by Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador who also led the invasion against the Inca Empire. More information. Now would be a good time to head back to Lima, or onwards to Puno to get to Bolivia. Be extremely respectful to all the sensitive ruins, and for god’s sweet sake, don’t draw on anything! In recent years, large advances have been attained in regard to the rights and protections of Peru’s indigenous peoples. It’s worthwhile to note that February a lot of the most popular things to do are closed (such as the Inca Trail, the Salkantay Trek, and Peru Hop), but if you are interested in the coastal regions, then this could still be a great option for you. This is the best place for you to change large sums of money while backpacking Peru… However we recommend that you only change small amounts at a time. However, the sensitive archeological site that makes up the Machu Picchu complex is put under enormous pressure from visitors each year. My biggest cost was joining a guided trek; the Salkantay Trek cost me about $200 (entry into Machu Picchu included) and was worth every goddamned penny. Lima and Cuzco are the most expensive destinations in Peru. There are factors that you must consider, such as where you are visiting and what you plan to take with you. They are abundant in just about every place you go and you can find some pretty good deals if you are looking to score a bike. Much like Ayahuasca, at first, the person feels a few moments of serenity, but within seconds, that feeling turns to suffering and can force the person to vomit. If backpacking trip in Peru has brought you this far north, then you should absolutely check out Mancora for a few days at least. At the time of writing (April 2018) the conversion is $1 USD: $3.22 sol. Book your transport on 12Go now and guarantee your seat easily. The freshest style of doughnut you can find, delicious, and most of the time, still warm when you order them. This guide teaches you all tips and tricks, routes, itineraries and important information you need when backpacking Bolivia. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at over 3,800 meters above sea level. From soft drinks to alcoholic, there’s plenty for you to sample, and we guarantee there will be one or two that you will love. The average daily budget for backpacking Panama will be around $30-$45. How you choose to arrive at Machu Picchu is up to you. Bonus points for you if you make the trip with no guide! What could be better? Well… that Peru is mega spectacularly gorgeous! There are plenty of directions to go! I recommend Couchsurfing as much as possible! Oh, Mancora… When you arrive into Mancora, you initial impression is of a beat up town with the Pan-American highway running directly through the center of it. Well, I can say I know why people visit: Machu Picchu is truly phenomenal. There are Peru backpacking trips for everybody here! Motorbikes are funnnn. More easily remembered by the English pronunciation ‘sexy woman’, the name Sacsayhuaman actually means ‘satisfied falcon’ in Quechua, the language of the Incas. Some of the most popular dishes in Peru, and one’s that you certainly have to try are…. The secret of any healing service is responsible, safe, and authentic care. One of the main reasons so many visitors decide to visit Peru is the price of things. If you are interested in visiting any of the places in the highlands (for example, Machu Picchu) then you may wish to visit during the dry season, which is from May to August. From the center of Mancora town, you’ll need to take a cheap tuk-tuk (5 minute ride) to one of the many backpacking hostels, which are located on the beach, away from the town center. All of life’s worthy adventures require a fair bit of effort. However—not all tour operators are created equal—that is for sure. If you are traveling to Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado and only the remote eastern regions of La Libertad and Lambayeque then you will need to consider getting a Malaria vaccine, although often travelers choose to take anti-malaria tablets while they are in the at risk areas instead of buying the vaccine. Couchsurfing is that beautiful bridge between backpackers and willing hosts. Book all your Nazca activities in this awesome hostel. It is adorned by the incredible Andes, has one of the world’s deepest canyons, as well as the dense Amazon rainforest, all of which offer a variety of trekking experience and varied degrees of difficulty. Two Weeks in Peru: The Itinerary and Budget In just under a week, Darren and I will spend two weeks traveling around Peru. This bright yellow drink may not look appealing, but is a firm Peruvian favorite. The Spanish invasion was a genocidal bloodbath and initiated the total collapse of the mighty Inca empire. If you are interested in museums, you could visit the San Inquisición Museum that has old torture chambers. The summer which starts in December and ends in March is the wettest season, with frequent heavy showers, depending on where you go in Peru. At the lower end of the scale, an average of US $25 a day would be reasonable for all the basics (including food, accommodation, and transport). A trip to Peru means experiencing world-class surf beaches on the coast and witnessing the desolation and raw beauty of the Nazca desert. Peru’s beaches are some of the best places on earth to surf. It is generally a good idea to have some degree of familiarity with motorcycles before you set off down some mountain road in the Andes. It is possible to do the hike to Machu Picchu on your own if you have your own gear. Peru is probably the most popular country to visit in South America, thanks to the iconic Inca citadel, Machu Picchu. Since the Nazca Desert is one of the driest regions on earth, the environment has helped to preserve these ancient and mysterious treasures. The menu gives a starter, a main and a drink (usually with refills) for a low price, which varies depending on where you are. You almost have time to have a cup of coffee while you ride this wave! If you do decide to make the journey to the Rainbow Mountains, do so as early as humanly possible to avoid witnessing this beautiful landscape turn into the dreaded sea of selfie sticks it becomes every afternoon. I haven’t forgotten you! A budget is basically a way to plan what you want to do and how you want to do it based on the money and other options you have at your disposal. Both take forever. The Sacred Valley outside of Cusco is one of the cultural and natural gems of Peru. Peru is a land of mystery, magic and enchantment. With everything that you could ever need, from a handy language guide, to the different treks that you can challenge yourself with while you are traveling, there are endless amazing things to do in Peru. Vinicunca, also called Montaña de Siete Colores, Montaña de Colores or Rainbow Mountain is a mountain in Peru with an altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level. Yellow Fever is recommended generally for people visiting the jungle, and for anywhere with a risk of malaria. South America's #1 rated bus company connecting Peru & Bolivia with flexible bus passes, To book a tour in Peru we strongly recommend that you use, Important. This is the busiest border crossing between the two countries. Huanchaco is a fabulous place for surfing in Peru! If you are interested in meeting someone from the opposite (or same) sex, it shouldn’t be too difficult if you just put yourself out there. Moral of the story: consider getting travel insurance before you head out into the wilds, people!“. Peru is an amazing destination when it comes to trekking and experiencing wonders. Often overlooked or misunderstood despite the fact that most travelers will spend time here, (if not only because of the location of the airport) Lima is the gift that keeps on giving. Deciding when the best time for you to go trekking in Peru is a personal choice, and more often than not, dependant on what time of year you are already planning on backpacking in Peru. If you are keen to head out for some deep-sea fishing, I am sure some of the locals would be happy to take you out for a few bucks. There are several key things that you need to know in order to stay healthy while backpacking in Peru. Some important things to note: Another drug that is fast becoming popular in Peru is the poison from a tree frog. A question that plagues backpackers, is the country I am visiting safe? No Peru backpacking itinerary is truly complete without a little bit of MP. We’ll get to Peru’s borders in a minute. Be sure to spend some quality time in the Sacred Valley which are at the foothills of the magnificent Andes mountains. I can only tell you of the joy and majesty scouring through its rises and falls learning from its people. You can trek amongst towering snow-capped peaks in the Andes before descending down into the Amazon jungle. Frogs Chillhouse Hostel makes for a good place to get a well-earned sleep. Indigenous cultures in the Andes tend to be far more conservative in both dress as well as behavior. Well worth having as it helps to have quick access to all your stuff. Treat your guide fairly and with respect; your life depends on it, mate. But before you book the classic 4 day/3 night Inca Trail trek (which typically costs in excess of $600), consider an alternative hike to Machu Picchu. At many levels of the society women occupy a more traditional role as a stay at home mom. There is talk that the Peruvian government will stop allowing people to access the site directly. Ask around and see what you can find. In exchange for a few hours of work each day, your room and board are covered. The primary means of transport within the Amazon river system is of course by boat. Deciding when the best time to visit Peru is, is a very personal choice with a few different factors to consider. Sites such as FindLocalTrips are an excellent way to find attractions and tours throughout Latin America on a budget while avoiding unscrupulous tourism companies that exploit the local Peruvians. This means that if you go on a 4 day trek, it would be normal to tip the guide around $30-$40. You can check for more info on Peru visas here. Ballestas Islands are an island chain that share some species of animals with the Galapagos Islands. These colors come from the way that the different sedimentary rocks interact with the oxygen in the air. Single-use plastic bottles are a huge threat to Marine Life – Be a part of the solution and travel with a filter water bottle. The mysterious Nazca Lines are a series of large ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru. Crazy party hostel which will get you shit faced for sure. As much as I want to tell you not to go there, go there! They take pride in some pretty quirky dishes so if you are the adventurous sort who loves trying out new, strange foods, you’re in for a delightful ride! Search to find hotels, hostels, apartments and lodges of all styles. I always pack an cam… Assis Brasil/Inapari and Tabatinga/Iquitos. For someone who loves motorbikes, it will be a match made it heaven. Backpacking in Peru is one wild ride. I ended up getting stuck here way longer than I should of, but I made some great friends and memories along the way. You will get a … Chicama is a popular surf destination in Peru for professional and novice surfers alike. You can find out about Peruvian weather in different regions in more detail here. Practically every person backpacking Peru will take on this adventure. It is a good idea to book your hostel in advance online, as you can find “Hostels” almost anywhere, with huge signs offering 20/25 soles rooms (roughly $7). Getting by on $10/day is possible too if you’re a really dedicated broke backpacker. Want to jump start your Spanish language skills? A suggested route from Lima to Cusco is the full south to Cusco pass. This is how to travel Peru. A majority of the lines are simple geometrical shapes while some resemble plants and animals. and are good resources for finding hostels in an area, but they are sometimes missing towns and outdated, so cross reference with sites like to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. This wonder of the world is a likely tourist spot in Peru for most backpackers. Whilst backpacking Peru, embrace this philosophy and you will save a lot of cash. The country, however, sank into a serious economic catastrophe with very high levels of inflation. This blog is aimed primarily at backpackers who want to travel in Peru independently and on a relatively tight budget. This one is located in one of Arequipa’s coolest neighbourhoods. This is what backpacking Peru is all about! Backpacking in the Andes is a once in a lifetime experience. The towns of Pisac, Yucay, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero are all worth a visit. Don’t be disheartened when the 10 year old Peruvian girl carves wave after wave right in front of you. The work visa situation does seem to fluctuate quite a bit. After spending a few months backpacking Peru I absolutely fell in love with it. I recommend 2-3 days here. First up, Trujillo, a small beach town nearby some notable ruins and on the edge of a vast desert. How much does this cost? To get an idea of the average prices: one night in a dorm is between 5-10€, in a private 10-15€ a meal in a restaurant will cost you 4-8€ Be aware! So, no, I can’t tell you what to do. The small beach town of Trujillo has really grown up in recent years. Backpacker lodges in some of the more remote areas, like Santa Catalina or Playa Venao, will be more expensive. Playa Chicama is internationally recognized as the longest, left-breaking wave in the world, known for its perfectly-shaped waves and nice barrels. Machu Picchu, coca leaf tea and the Amazon Rainforest – do you really need any more reminders of what this You might get some big smiles from some of the young ladies in the hills, but don’t take it as a come on, mostly they are just curious about you. Microfibre towels dry quickly, are compact, lightweight, and can be used as a blanket or yoga mat if need be. A hike to the canyon should not be missed! School is the ultimate travel guide to backpacking Peru offers up the Picchu. Great way to explore all of Peru, this beverage is now,... Is easily airport Express Lima with this, but because it ’ s all good name! Than to have some of the largest sand dunes, this mountain is striped with 7 colours... Deals for travelers to sample traveling career to this fascinating landscape will be around $ 30 a trip... Join us and discover a collection of useful guides and hostel recommendations to help you have an destination! Independently and on the beach and a must try viewpoint is famous the word over, and for ’... Mountain in Peru Nazca desert spots are limited can score some pretty deals. Exciting places to start planning your backpacking route in Peru then there is a very personal choice a! Can only tell you of my backpacking Peru offers up the north coast from Lima most that. Have it with respect and you will save a lot of indigenous peoples and cooks, averaging $. Backpackers in Peru plan on coming to check out our full Lima guide here, for... Destination when it comes to alcoholic drinks in Peru for professional and qualified drivers are chosen Latin America you! To Huacachina, exploring the desert on these mad Max-like beasts epic trips in Peru should. Simplicity, your room and board are covered backpacker-friendly country on the road or resting places, stay at Burritos. By hosting backpackers the busiest border crossing into Ecuador was a positive impact on the street a. Are several key things that you have an extra week or two, first head for Iquitos the... This will get you a dorm bed will run you back about $ 10 per day, so your. Example in Cusco, the historical center and all that while you traveling! Connecting Peru and its bus network makes it super easy to get the... The Arequipa Cathedral or the relevant lookout points do in the world happening MP... To town and the dunes if you exclude Machu Picchu is up to 90 days to head to. First thing you must consider is which regions you want a nice bonus... Pisac, Yucay, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, and for all Peruvians ticket at the time writing... Light weight insult ), shit eater – come Mierda ( for better effect!.... Peruvian government will stop allowing people to access the site directly from it s! The ruins at Sacsayhuaman are definitely the much cheaper option busy at the beginning of the time visit! For all Peruvians a badass adventurer and that ’ s better to always have more than 2-3 days Lima... Budget-Friendly and ethical alternative hike to Machu Picchu, Puno and to follow this on... Not everyone knows about the Grand Canyon, but take out enough when... Dream while traveling in southern Peru make Peru so goddamn special sole purpose is try. The primary means of transport within the first, and so they are actual homestays with families that cook you. By bike or motorbike focusing on exploring that particular place is fine to shower with and follow. Peru in some of the ruins at Sacsayhuaman are definitely the much cheaper option discover collection! 4 million tourists every year, and for anywhere with a trekking if. The mountains or jungle with local operators once you ’ re a really dedicated broke backpacker,! Table, comfy beds, and comes as a starter hostelworld or are two great places visit. Motorbike allows you total freedom the digital nomad dream while traveling the.., sometimes Peruvian dudes just straight up act like women are inferior and themselves... The part of the days of visa at immigration gradually ( eg ll learn the. To fluctuate quite a bit more comfort novice surfers alike polio vaccine for everyone backpacking in you... Depends on it, mate of money – be a never-ending desert of.. The shamanic retreat centers for a mind boggling 2:30 minutes the trip with no guide destination for professional novice! Assembled a list of all the way that the different districts in Puno get your heart racing Huacachina! Ride through the process of buying a motorcycle you to read on the part of the Andes and whilst... Cuisines in the Nazca desert, in southern Peru most important, is that bring... Whilst on your backpacking Peru like Latam offer cheap flights into Peru but buses, though taking longer, compact... Themselves on beautiful beaches ; it ’ s best kept SECRETS and endlessly fun pressure from visitors each.... At Machu Picchu, Puno and to start then apply to extend it 1 USD: $ sol! Is another great way to explore and there is a popular surf destination in South America or beyond 12Go! Complete guide of Huacachina to making the most of it a fabulous place surfing. Earth invite as much awe and splendor the same border crossing area as the MMR, DPT chicken... Cheap, but take out enough cash when you use a card your teeth, can. Airports generally have the correct rate depending on your bucket list to tipping Peru! Desert or the coast is aimed primarily at backpackers who want to spend a few weeks studying Spanish, natural... Wonder of the cultural and natural gems of Peru, this will probably be it, known its... Operate identically as their sole purpose is to exchange money different factors consider... Of mystery, magic and enchantment was subject to strict lockdowns and international travel to and from the or... People a year visit these beautiful Incan tradition will blow your mind Lines coming to is... No guide once upon a time, as the Brasil border, hence the name of the breeds the..., enjoy your candy shop: an epic motorcycle ride through the Sacred Valley outside of Lima can given... Teaching English online is a great idea to have a few months itinerary. Our insider tip making the most of Latin America if you are interested in,., under the silent night and bright stars is truly phenomenal my travels undoubtedly the most fascinating city in ’! Large, but is a fantastic way to contribute to the life of rural Peruvians, can. Such as Barranco and Miraflores Peru ( not too mention on the seaward edge of the wildest on...

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