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Remember that you don’t necessarily have to match the existing colors of your cars, it can be just as aesthetically effective to choose a complementary color that can act as a highlight. BOKIN Microfiber Leather and Viscose Cover, 8. They are engineered to prevent curling, cracking, or … I consider this cover here as one of the best steering wheel covers. This cover only comes in one size, so you want to make sure your steering wheel is 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter. This steering wheel warms up pretty fast to keep the hands comfortable when driving under the weather. Both the microfiber leather and woven grip have big advantages, but you’re missing out on the durability of a genuine leather product. Overall, you should definitely consider the Bokin leather and viscose steering wheel cover if you have a specific color you want. It’s unavoidable and you should know it going in. The 5+ BEST Steering Wheel Covers. Size is crucial to ensure it fits, and material, style and texture are other core considerations. While it’s advertised to fit steering wheels ranging from 14.5 to 15.5 inches, you’ll be hard-pressed to get this cover on anything over 15 inches. For color options, this Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover sticks to neutral browns, reds, and grays for the smooth texture, with a more colorful pallet of blue, red, pink, and black for the textured options. Also, measure your steering wheel carefully. Best Premium Wheel Cover: Valleycomfy Genuine Leather. Even though a steering wheel cover looks simple, there are many factors that need to be considered to find the right steering wheel cover for you. In short, features, performance, and beauty are the best you can get. But they tend to be expensive, and they fail to offer the same breadth of style and color options that synthetic materials provide. Getting it with pointers that everyone needs to get the right one. 2) BDK SW899 Black (15.5-16.5) Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover BDK SW899 is one of the best car steering wheel covers made of leather. Synthetic covers include microfiber leather and PU leather. Why we like it: This inexpensive microfiber leather steering wheel cover combines a ... 2. Some of the style choices also contain a sparkly strip of material that’s similar in texture to a nail file at the base of the cover, which you might find scratchy. The SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover takes advantage of the softness and breathability of microfiber while providing the sleek look and feel of black leather. Overall, the Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover is a great option for drivers who want extra grip on the wheel and a classic style at a reasonable price. This steering wheel cover is just perfect for the Honda lovers in the room who don't want to spend a ton of money. One common feature all of these materials have is that they expand when they get warm. This Valleycomfy Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover comes in a variety of colors. During install, a few of the wool fibers may shed. While the Bokin leather and viscose steering wheel cover can stretch a bit more than a genuine leather cover, it can still be difficult. While not the same secure grip of a perfectly tacky genuine leather, the raised woven pattern provides for a secure, and ultimately safe, experience. It might look like leather, but wear and tear becomes apparent with frequent use. Steering wheel covers are an essential item in today’s world! If the cover is too big, you’ll have a serious safety problem on your hands–literally. Do Steering Wheel Covers Ruin Your Steering Wheel? For those who don’t want the added texture while driving, you can select a smooth surface. All of that contact leads to quicker wear-and-tear. The colors are not overwhelming and take up about 50 percent of the steering wheel cover surface. If it feels like your grip could handle some more thickness, then proceed. Overall, this steering wheel cover is a great option when you want genuine leather and a lot of color options. Be careful though as these types of tools are capable of melting plastic or permanently disfiguring leather. The Bokin Microfiber leather and viscose steering wheel cover has an open weave viscose grip, making for an exceptionally breathable hold. Steering wheels are some of the most vital in every vehicle. We want to talk about size first because it’s the most important feature. If you drive your car a lot though, you may want to look for a cover with a little more durability. Another great reason to get a steering wheel cover is that you are unhappy with your car’s existing steering wheel. For a more traditional look, you can stick with solid black. This leaves little room for damage. If you prefer to provide a light touch to the wheel, you might want to consider steering wheels with added texture for grip, such as the Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover. Just be careful with the rhinestones as you stretch it over. Steering wheels come in a range of sizes. Indeed the material is soft and durable too. If you are looking for a steering wheel cover designed for all-weather use, then look no further than this cover from SEG Direct.. SEG Direct Universal is made from quality microfiber leather.. How to Choose the Best Steering Wheel Cover, Lacks the premium durability of real leather, Multiple color options, including two tones of leather, Leather permits superior grip, making it easy to hold, Can be bulky if underlying steering wheel is thick, Textured style option provides increased grip, Many color options, including base and trim, Soft and pliable leather is comfortable and easy to hold, Heft of leather can add too much thickness, Combines the benefits of both microfiber and Viscose, Many different color options and a couple of styles, Pattern made from Viscose maximizes grip strength, Can be difficult to install due to the woven viscose grips, Deep-patterned grip can allow dirt to accumulate, Looks nice with even and symmetrical stitching, Woven cloth surface is comfortable to grip, The woven cloth is sure to catch dirt and grime, making this cover hard to clean, Fluffy design requires a stronger grip on the wheel. They help to protect your hands and fingers from extreme heat and cold. Synthetic Covers. Check if the leather wrap is weather-resistant. On the safety side of things, we like that this steering wheel cover comes in three size options. Steering wheel covers do more than improve the look of your car. KAFEEK Steering Wheel Cover Eighth on this list is the KAFEEK Steering Wheel Cover for the Toyota Tacoma. Size. Complementary colors can be determined using a simple color wheel. The microfiber leather is slightly difficult to install, requiring a bit of effort to stretch the material fully around the wheel. Once in place, though, the cover stays put and won’t slide around while in use. So do steering wheel covers. This cover is perfect for winter driving as well. But if that’s your goal, we recommend you give this ANDALUS Pure Australia Sheepskin Wool Steering Wheel Cover a shot! Oversized steering wheel covers can slide as you rotate the wheel. Leather covers are durable and highly resistant to weather changes. Consider using a heating method on the microfiber leather to help stretch it out before installation. Best Budget Steering Wheel Cover: Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather, 4. Made from microfiber leather, this cover will remain easy to clean and won’t dry out like leather. Special features. One of the benefits of the stitched breathable grip area is that it makes installation significantly less challenging. You also can choose if the embedded rhinestones are white or colorful. If you start from the bottom (and you may be tempted to, depending on the pattern of your cover), you’ll end up having to pull up the top of the cover over the steering wheel. We’re here to cover the most important safety and style features of steering wheel covers. Check out more style suggestions in our full buyer’s guide. On the simple end of things, you can just leave your steering wheel cover out in your car on a sunny day. The cover suits most middle-size steering wheels with diameters of 14 to 15 inches. The design of this cover adds softness and comfort to the wheel, but not so much that it becomes squishy or too large to hold. This allows for a proper fit on most vehicles. The Rueesh cover provides comfort, grip and durability at an affordable entry point, making this the best budget leather steering wheel cover on our list. If you tend to accessorize, then either consider how much you really need a fuzzy steering wheel (knowing that you’ll have to de-accessorize every time you drive) or just choose a slick surface cover. Every steering wheel cover in our list has a tightly defined range of sizes for this reason. Next time you’re holding your steering wheel in your hands, think about what it would feel like if it was somewhat thicker, then decide from there. While we’re partial to the black, having options that match your car is nice. If that’s what your steering wheel measures, then you’re set. For example, have a look at the ANDALUS Pure Australia Sheepskin Wool Steering Wheel Cover. They possess … Unfortunately, this comes with a serious drawback: cleanliness. The microfiber leather also lacks the premium durability of real leather, like this product has. We’re happy to steer you in the right direction. Please note that they don’t all do so to the same extent. For a good microfiber steering wheel cover option, check out the SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover. Make sure to check out our installation guide for helpful tips. This steering wheel cover is what you want if you are seeking the premium quality of genuine leather. Many of the bright colors available as options with this steering wheel cover are likely to work as highlights to the colors found in most cars. They are always in use, which makes them prone to quick wear and tears. This steering wheel cover isn’t going to be for everyone, especially those looking for a sporty look. One easy way to address this is to just think if you typically wear anything that is likely to catch onto a non-smooth surface. Overall, the Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover with Bling Bling Crystal Rhinestones is a great cover that will quickly re-style the inside of your car. The BDK SW-899 leather steering wheel cover is one that comes in various sizes and if you want a steering wheel cover that would be a perfect fit for small-sized to large-sized steering wheels then the BDK SW-899 steering wheel cover is the right option for you. A steering wheel cover can address this concern by making the surface of your steering wheel more comfortable through the use of different materials, like genuine leather or a soft, pliable cloth. Step 3. If your steering wheel is already on the thicker end, this may make it too bulky. Like many of our top choices, the ValleyComfy comes in multiple size options, making it likely that you’ll find one that fits your particular car. Overall, we were pleased with the selection of styles and colors. Best Sellers in Steering Wheel Covers. In the areas covered rhinestone-to-rhinestone cleaning can be more difficult. The softness of the material means you’ll need to apply extra pressure to the steering wheel to obtain a firm grip. Valleycomfy Leather Steering Wheel Cover. This Valleycomfy genuine leather cover doesn’t come with any instructions. So if the cover doesn’t go on right away, you might want to look into a heating option for stretching it out before resorting to a crowbar. Another important element is that the soft, giving nature of genuine leather permits a confident grip. Steering wheel covers are made from several types of materials. That can be uncomfortable to hold at best, and a safety hazard at worst. This translates to enhanced comfort and safety. The small nooks and crannies in this cover will accumulate dirt and grime over time. Once you have your steering wheel cover selected, you’ll have to get it on. A viscose cover will expand much more than a piece of genuine leather. Just make sure you know the size of your steering wheel and be a little gentle installing the cover. Installing a steering wheel cover can be a difficult process.

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