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A virtual astronomy night for the David Dunlap Observatory’s Birthday! Donald Alexander MacRae (“Don” to his friends) was Chair of the Department of Astronomy and Director of the David Dunlap Observatory, and a leader in the Canadian astronomical community. Originally deeded to the University of Toronto by the philanthropist Jessie Donalda Dunlap in memory of her husband David, the Dunlap Observatory opened on May 31st, 1935. The Institute was founded in 2008 with the help of endowed gifts to the University of Toronto from David M. Dunlap and J. Moffat Dunlap, using the proceeds from the sale of the David Dunlap Observatory. Observatory Hill will be one of the most unique communities in Canada. In 1921, while campaigning to establish a large telescope observatory in the Toronto region, Chant managed to get David Dunlap, a lawyer and mining entrepreneur, interested in the project. The observatory got its start in 1935 after the widow of David Alexander Dunlap, a wealthy mining executive and astronomy enthusiast, provided the funds for construction. Born in Halifax, his early career was spent in the U.S., earning a PhD with Bart Bok at Harvard, and holding positions at several prominent U.S. universities. The tour will review the history of the observatory and its role in Canada's contribution to space exploration. Check our main page blog and our events page for more info. The observatory was mainly the work of Clarence Augustus Chant, a Canadian astronomer and astronomy professor at the University of Toronto. Tucked in alongside David Dunlap Observatory Park, a huge, cultivated green space with stories of astronomy and discovery. Many of those stories became history, and soon those who … will be broadcast live on YouTube! That's when the RASC's volunteers, who had been involved in the observatory's outreach programs for decades, stepped in to maintain and operate the historic facility. Constructed in the 1930s, the Observatory is located in the heart of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Students will also be shown displays containing… 1) Guided Tour and Work Sheet After arriving at the David Dunlap Observatory the students will be given a guided tour of the facility by one of the site volunteers. We will be starting on-line activities starting in January 2021. Ylab is located in the Administration Building in the David Dunlap Observatory, which is owned and operated by the City of Richmond Hill as a community center. May 31st, 2020, 7:30pm EDT! Astronomy Nights Online - Episode 2: Happy 85th Birthday David Dunlap Observatory! Every time the sun lets off a solar flare, a massive wave of ions, electrons, gamma rays and other science-sounding stuff comes flying out with unimaginable… The David Dunlap Observatory is home to the largest optical telescope on Canadian soil with a primary mirror measuring more than 1.88 metres (74 inches) in diameter. Following the transfer of the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) lands into public hands, a Richmond Hill Town Council vote over control of programming at the cherished heritage building has created a rift in the York Region astronomical community.

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