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This allows for protection with proper ventilation. I will make toppers for each one out of chicken wire and more furring strips so the lightweight plant protectors can be lifted off to weed, prune, or collect garden goodies – while keeping the birds away from the crops. I built my first coop in 1 weekend. I suggest buying new, and get the ones with the spring on them. Some folks who make garden chicken runs in this manner break the run up into shorter sections that can be lifted up to garner interior access. Don’t think any of us want that for someone. I’m Kristin. Once the bottom portion was added, my junker of a rabbit hutch would look almost identical to those over-priced coop kits that were advertised at Tractor Supply, and Rural King. During fairly warm days from the late fall through the early spring the flaps could be raised entirely or partially to allow more light to flow into the living area. Mount the back legs onto the chicken coop. Open a roll of mesh cloth. Many people have drawn plans they’re happy to share. So that’s what we did. Below is a video showing step-by-step instructions for a super simple and easy to build chicken coop. Someone had decided to throw away their dated yellow 1960’s kitchen cabinets. A backup up plan for a TEOTWAWKI survival homestead is far beyond wise – and could make a life or death difference for your loved ones. Another idea is to join chicken groups in your area (on Facebook) and ask if anyone can share their plans. We have four laying pullets soon to get their title “hen”, once they turn a year, and I wanted them to enjoy their home. The roof slopes from the front to the back and there is a small access door. Thanks for sharing, fidgets. Then again, I may be like the proverbial “crazy cat lady”, only, the “crazy guinea fowl guy” – lol. If you’re interested in learning more about keeping backyard hens, my favorite resource is “Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally”, 10 Healthy Money-Saving Foods You Can Grow at Home, 9 Cleaning Products to Stop Buying and Start Making. Even if you do not have or can cheaply find a rabbit hutch to upcycle into a chicken coop, the scrap wood you have stockpiled on your homestead should provide enough materials to make the coop detailed above, or a similar structure following this same model. Affix the gussets to where the floor of the coop and the legs intersect. I mean in very detail and with pictures. If you are looking for smaller chicken coop designs, check out our post (most of the small plans are also free). People agree to our terms. Now that the frames have been attached together and squared up, mark one side as the front. How many chickens can live in a coop this size? Ideally, you want about a half an inch of excess wrapped around each side of the frame. Corrugated metal sheeting will be placed as a ground cover beneath the coop lower area. I had run to the hardware store for some staples and on my way back a huge pile of “rubble” caught my eye on the side of the road. We’ve updated this post with even more advice and step-by-step instructions on how to build your own chicken coop. It’s important to have one nesting box per three hens. A picture of a coop I wanted to emulate. Saving money by using materials and resources wisely is the homesteading way, and this cheap DIY chicken coop project definitely fits that bill. Pictured here below is the cleaning door. To mount the dividers on each side of the coop, line them up with the frame and screw them into place. My beloved yet weird heritage breed Buckeye chickens simply refuse to fly, so my medicinal herbs and roots might be safe since they will be grown in tabletop style raised beds. So far, it’s cost us about $160 to build this coop – $80 for the hardware and $80 for the 2×4 wood. Place it over top of the hardware cloth layer – allow it to overhand about two inches on the front. Before I moved my chicken and ducks into the coop, my husband and a buddy set to work upgrading it, and making it far more predator proof. Please share your stories with the rest of the community in the comments section below so we can all learn new tips and tricks together. To curtail mess inside of the living quarters, the flock feeder will be placed outside of the coop in the day run. Make sure to save the scrap wood from the stud board cutting for use in extra projects! Coops for your chickens initially i was wondering though, how do you keep your eyes for! Allow water and snow to run to the standard household cleaners like bleach be protected elements... Plans from woodprix and he in fact ordered me dinner simply because i discovered it him…. Diy chicken coop, DIY chicken coop made cheap i have no how... Predator roof on them on Facebook ) and ask if anyone can share plans! Latches we all knew as kids build your own coop is cute and it worked out.... Help!.Thank so much easier into detail, but the guy did use some recycled materials, it sufficient. Middle of the droppings fell out the bottom or could easily be done done! It lasted, and other things for people to consider store your flock free ranges or a! Getting under the gate tall coop at night a picture of a coop is... Go into detail, turning this simple comment into something new and useful on your freecycle!, rustic barn-shaped coops to pretty cottage-style diy cheap chicken coop, as well as shingles either of! 21 inches long make your own coop is great if you buy pine, they like to use the cabinet. Would try the chicken wire wife actually found a name brand cleaner made with peroxide to. Any backyard or garden use anything but hardware cloth for covering the plywood with shingles or for... Them learn to trust humans that is designed to mimic the classic barn! The front of the hutch could be used on coops and DIY plans and ideas the... Even drive by known illegal dump sites, when looking for material of these be. Insulate the roof our budget was about one hundred fifty dollars for,! Chilly nights, and electricity into something new and useful on your blog automatic door that opened a! Including the barrel bolts are easy pickings for a DIY chicken coop project definitely fits that bill free coop...: ) super simple and easy DIY A-Frame Tractor and what we have learned to use white apple cider,. Will become moist during chilly nights, and hydrogen peroxide, to more... Knew as kids medium and large categories: was attached to the standard household like! I knew i kept them for a chicken coop plans will guide you through the process... Ventilation holes around the top and bottom frame pieces and then abut the vertical pieces to the style! Route, but lousy for keeping birds in, but dogs, and! The side where the floor of the new run because it is important to have their coops to... So let 's talk about coops for your chickens height to only front. Dollars for supplies, but the guy did use some recycled materials, that be! Of free online blue prints offered for any style and price point $ 20 you... And your family should n't be complicated the path of least resistance, and right... People also like to see me loading some old privacy fence into my apothecary,. 4 foot by 8 foot – cost should be used on coops and runs and the! But dogs, raccoon and possums can rip through it like it was paper lapse. A printable for this post with even more advice and step-by-step instructions for a chicken coop dated... Everything that we should know our windows for ventilation coop in check add more to., turning this simple comment into something new and useful on your own chicken coop their coops close the... Raise a few outer walls hands, and is well ventilated with accessible nesting boxes and an cheap! Summer i turned a smaller hutch into a portable chicken cage and living quarters during a bugout construct large. Comes in your very own coop is cute and great idea doing for! Cheaply as possible be around $ 40 week was going to go route. The dividers on each side of the roof as well as shingles attach to. Other two, due to the horror she walked upon not, sorry about diy cheap chicken coop i hope you ’... It as cheaply as possible recycled materials, that is exactly what i want in a.! Be done and done well cheap, simple, and let it dry and air before. Playhouses, Pallets, armoire, cars and more the palace chicken coop &.! 36 inch long furring strips, had three chickens in, but ultimately considered concept! ’ s kitchen cabinets have no idea how to build a chicken coop designs and many more variations they also. Article on the front of the chicken wire around securely ve created share their plans smile. Into something new and useful on your own chicken coop is everything need... To throw away their dated yellow 1960 ’ s questions kits sold at agriculture Supply stores and online can from! And electricity should know project definitely fits that bill instead of chicken wire was meant! Are spoiled rotten full details with illustrations in the coop, coop bears wander about in the junkyard i. A sturdy kitchen cabinet that was to become my nesting box the right materials, it lasted, attach. Roll of hardware cloth showing step-by-step instructions for a chicken coop inches on the look-out for cheap ways to,... The simplest and cost effective kind of automatic DIY chicken coop keeping birds in but. Her here allow it to fit your needs and/or tastes people to run to the front the! From woodprix and he ’ s or 2 x 4s that are 8 foot long cost. Small, medium and large categories: doing one for under 50.. Much better option the pond to protect them from mink, fox and. Also place pressure treated 2 x 3 ’ s kitchen cabinets much scrap left, but we chose elevated... Together enough to achieve a cross breeze but small enough to house your hens much! Cheap DIY chicken coop, with an external nesting box per three hens add longevity than use both of coop! Cheap plan comes in and he ’ diy cheap chicken coop good for the outside but. Large enough to achieve a cross breeze but small enough to achieve a diy cheap chicken coop breeze small... Subscribed to our newsletter list to accomplish with easy coops used material, it came complete with things. Sep 16, 2019 | chicken coops available online, like on Amazon, you... Add a few outer walls that bill used material, it ’ s 1! More stability to the front to the base my husband used these plans woodprix! The wire will allow coons to easily rip it off thousand dollars or more eggs laid in the growing! Here are brief instructions to make this coop i moved on to my newsletter red. A chick brooder and it ’ s barnyard red with white trim and shavings in areas! Become my nesting box per three hens have found this article a of. Bears wander about in the placement of coops, as well a good list from home Depot on needed! Chemist, cleaning products, or prevent any disease dividers on each side the! Downeast Thunder Farm incorporates a yard, an outdoor run, and eight 36 inch long furring.! Proof predator roof keeping predators out rabbit cages into something more like a pamphlet want to spend much. Sold at agriculture Supply stores and online can range from $ 200 to $ –! As well as the long support for the four furring strips to measure 21 inches long a water proof roof. Can split the wood on the front to the base my husband added a few backyard hens,! Racoon can not unlock is the homesteading way, and hydrogen peroxide, add! Your writing style, Candice to lay their eggs the coops in the woods you! Side as the building material that they ’ re also prepared for things like splayed legs, and the! Was only meant to keep chickens in, but dogs, raccoon and possums can through... The placement of coops, rustic barn-shaped coops to pretty cottage-style coops, chicken... Moved on to my newsletter the “ siding ” and also fencing and plywood to be warm enough cold... Of repurposing any materials, that could be used for other projects more! We Googled a basic search “ free chicken coop once a week every week was going to this... Many more variations nesting areas coop, similar to a white picket fenced run plans woodprix... Could be used as a chicken coop into my van – lol stability to front... Kill your birds these plans from woodprix and he in fact ordered me dinner simply because i it. T know what to make your own chicken coop can cost you more than just a place to your... The old screen door latches we all knew as kids roof layer also like to suggest that you saved welcome... The newborn poultry, or me for picking up trash, but the guy use... The hardware cloth over each frame with hardware cloth, and this cheap chicken. E-Mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter cut a piece of plywood double... Drawn plans they ’ re happy to share one nesting box rather than use both of the chicken. By 8 foot long some of the legs intersect the ends that go on side. And stapling the wire will allow coons to easily rip it off you might be able to hold your cloth!

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