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Upon entering the residence, the police kicked the doors and used bang flashes. My Bookings. We anticipate publishing this newsletter at least twice a year in the future. Leading forensic scientist wins sex discrimination case Jo Millington, a blood pattern specialist, won the claim after she was asked by her boss whether she disliked him because she was gay When the day planner was examined, it was determined that the ink that was used to create the questioned entries was not manufactured until 1994 and therefore could not have been used to create the entries in 1988 as purported. 912-432-3832. In fact, some forensic document examiners are also certified fraud examiners. This meant that the first page was present at the time the third page was signed (the document was signed by folding the third page on top of the other two for cushioning). The plaintiff’s attorney contacted us to determine if the progress notes were genuine or written after the fact. Contracts. Another sexual harassment case was brought against a company. If you neglected to do this, you may be tempted to construct an illegal fake record purporting to contain many entries over several years. 0. Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination undertaken by an experienced expert witness with more than 15 years' experience of criminal and civil casework. The supervisor testified in deposition that the plaintiff was present, they discussed all the information on the form, and the plaintiff signed the form in front of her. The resulting film was compared to the known pre-natal prescriptions. Workers have reported … Just before the original notebooks were to be forensically examined, the inventor had a “selective” break-in of his car in which the original notebooks were the only items stolen. The questioned … Forensic document examination or questioned document examination answers questions about a disputed document using a variety of scientific processes and methods. Will, D-BFDE: Email: Office: 919-556-7414 TollFree: 877-699-7414. PROCEEDS OF CRIME & CONFISCATIONS – Expert analysis of the Crown’s S16 reports with the production of a defence expert forensic … HANDWRITING, SIGNATURE AND FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINATION-Certified / Experienced / Court Qualified Document and Handwriting Experts- It is one of the very important task to choose a right document examiner or handwriting analyst, who must be trained, certified, court acceptable and experienced with the latest forensic examination techniques. During the investigation of one of the suspects his car was searched and one unusual piece of evidence was found that the detective thought was out of its element; a silver Tiffany pen from Cunard Cruise Lines. Interestingly, as the attempts progressed, the quality of the forgery became better and better. At the trial, the jury found in favor of the plaintiff, a subsequent phase of the trial will now be held to determine the extent of the damage to the plaintiff. At the conclusion, the judge awarded terminating sanctions to Disney for multiple and ongoing discovery abuses. Speckin Forensic Laboratories has been in business since 1979 assisting attorneys and others in their cases involving documents, inks, crime scenes, computer data recovery, DNA, handwriting, fingerprints, and other forensic issues. We were contacted to determine, among other things, whether the two critical documents were altered from documents that had the confidential label. The first was to process the document for fingerprints. ... Naveen Kosti has provided several Opinions as ‘Court Appointed Commissioner’ in Questioned Document Examination, Handwriting & Fingerprint Cases in Courts of Law across Karnataka, India. Therefore, it is essential for the Forensic Document Examiners to keep abreast of the latest technological and scientific advances in the field. This showed that not only was the deceased holding the weapon at the time he was shot, but it was pointed at the officer and raised. The U.S. Justice Department announced on Friday 3rd June 2016, the release of draft guidance documents governing the testimony and reports of the department’s forensic... Court Testimony. An objective evaluation of questioned and known writings is performed using a neutral approach. Therefore, it’s necessary to put utmost care in handling, preserving and transporting of the documents to the forensic laboratories. We were contacted to first analyze the cups in the home to determine if the deceased’s fingerprints were on any of the cups found at the scene. Documents. Roland Molineaux, a chemist, was tried for the poisoning Notable early forged Will case in New York. Your attorney will know whether a document examiner is the right expert witness … Two experts authenticated portions of the documents by comparing the handwriting with other examples of Hitler's writing. The signatures were examined and compared to other unquestioned signatures of Anna. It was shown that the was an original draft of the additions and a subsequent version was later added into the notebook, however both versions were inadvertently produced since they were nearly indistinguishable. A police raid was conducted on a house. To discuss forensic document examination in general, or your case specifically, contact Emily J. FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINATION A Brief History New York v R. B. Molineaux 1900 1903 Matter of Rice (the Rice‐Patrick case) Notable early criminal case involving the testimony of several handwriting experts. An ESDA examination showed that the questioned consult entry was written on top of a progress note that was dated several days after the “consult neurology”. The first were several spots of blood in the grips of the weapon and one spot of the slide. It showed the same ink formulation from the same manufacturer was used for all the added entries. Several fingerprints were found on the document were found but the two groups of the most significance that were noted were the left hand thumb and forefinger (used to hold the document from moving while writing) and the palm edge print directly under the signature in the exact location a right handed person would have rested the palm in order to sign the deed. Curling is determined round the edges of the document. Documentation is an ongoing process throughout the examination. Instead of checking the handwriting, the police studied paper and ink. The alterations were discovered by detecting impressions into the ballots by using side lighting in a darkened room. The jury awarded nearly 4X the mediation amount at the conclusion of the trial. Many examinations involve a comparison of the questioned document, or components of the document, with a set of known standards. Forensic science, also known as criminalistics, is the application of science to criminal and civil laws, mainly—on the criminal side—during criminal investigation, as governed by the legal standards of admissible evidence and criminal procedure.. Forensic scientists collect, preserve, and analyze scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. A document was submitted in a litigation that dealt with the division of assets in a family and specifically with the sale of a radio station and the familial distribution. The employee that brought the suit forward denied ever seeing or signing the forms. DiD provides professional and independent document examination services as well as the provision of expert testimony at competitive rates. The known signatures were found to be replete with individual handwriting habits and easily identifiable with one another. At one point the plaintiffs were accused of using an un-licensed private investigator to steal confidential documents from Disney. ... What Sorts Of Cases And Documents Does Forensic Document Examiner Deal With? When that document was processed on the ESDA instrument, the impressions from the progress notes were found into the plaintiff’s letter. Open Menu. This means that FDEs can often find employment working with forensic accountants and other fraud investigators. Our lead Forensic Document Examiner, Kate Strzelczyk, has given expert witness evidence on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence at a number of Crown and Magistrates' courts across the UK. The second type of test was to test the front of the page below the questioned entries for the impressions of the questioned entries. This was nearly certain evidence that the “unsol” portion of the questioned entries were all added later to the trading entries and probably all at the same time with the same pen. The fingerprint analysis found many prints on the document, however none were from the boss that allegedly reviewed the list. We were contacted by the attorney representing the company. We were approached by a defense attorney that had received a report from a plaintiff’s expert that concluded the doctor had altered records and removed documents from the file. The second examination was to look at the gun to determine if there was any way to prove that the deceased was holding the weapon at the time the police officer fired. Through careful examination of the multiple sets of copies of the notebook it was discovered that there were two nearly identical versions but subtle differences existed. The evidence was presented at the arbitration in the form of graphs for ink dating and large glossy blow-ups to demonstrate the sequence of writings. Document Analysis: A Summary of Possibilities - Expert Article. This was determined by finding the model document (which had the confidential label) and matching up a transient damage pattern from the copy machine that could not have been aligned by chance. However, in the case of electronic signatures the potential for applying forensic handwriting examination skills remains. The broker stated that the investment ideas were those of the client who would call him to place trades and make decisions on buys and sells. It can also be determined whether the front of a page (or a portion of it) was written before or after the following page, especially in a notebook. Case Submission. Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Election Fraud Indiana, 2013 City of Detroit Absentee Ballot Fraud, 2019 Aretha Franklin Estate Will Examination, Warner Bros. Rights Lawsuit Over ‘Last Samurai’, George F. Jackson Ph.D., DABFT, TC(NRCC), FTS(ABFT), Warner Bros. Rights Lawsuit Over 'Last Samurai'. If his fingerprints were not found on the document, that would be a significant piece of evidence, coupled with a test on known papers to determine how frequently the person left prints on a known set of documents. His response was classic, he stated “I think this means that my kids are going to private schools”. The previous version of the progress notes must have been discarded. In the present time medical and forensic examination plays the vital role in the trial process especially at the time of the consideration of the evidences. The evidence was presented at trial with the use of large graphs with error bars to demonstrate the ink dating and large full-color, glossy, blow-ups of the ESDA and infrared results. – Employment Law The episode started in 1981 when the editor of Germany's Stern magazine committed himself to buying twenty-seven volumes of what he was assured was Hitler's personal diary. The condition was alleged to have come from an over prescription of steroids. The solution of ink is then put through chromatography using another solvent, and the components separated. As the litigation progressed the plaintiff realized that the notebooks with the original drawings needed to have more detail in order to broaden the scope of the patent. Based on the results of those tests, a deposition was requested. Many of the cases above involve unique aspects of forensic science and document examination. The first is by comparing the signatures to the voter registration form on file, the second is to determine if a large group of signatures were done by one person or a group of people in a “round robin” fashion. The page that contained the “missing impressions” noted by the other expert did indeed contain impressed writings regarding that patient that were not found within the file. They prepare a detailed report about the methods and process of the document examination. In the end, the jury came back with a decision in favor of the plaintiff. Two documents existed that evidenced the loan, they were both allegedly signed by Anna. This can be to determine whether a person signed their name to a document or who may have forged the signature. Our firm was contacted by the plaintiff’s attorney to examine the original prescription pad to determine who placed the “6” on the document or if it had been altered from a different number. The questioned then became when the documents were signed. We were contacted by the plaintiff’s lawyer who wanted to determine whether the questioned consult note was written on its purported date or at a later time. While this case would take a whole book to detail, a few of the high points will be discussed and only a portion of the evidence that was generated through the forensic examination of the documents produced. The differences existed to the degree that the signature was easily demonstrated to be a forgery. In the examination of the second diary, no intersections existed with other writings as in example #16 above. Handwriting Expert is not completely accurate because the work involves more diverse examinations … Both of these tests again confirmed that the questioned entries were all made in the proper sequence and on or very near their purported dates and clearly not after the litigation was started. Digital Forensics Is More Important Now Than Ever . The current Principal is Robert Radley MSc, C.Chem, FRSC, FCSFS, FSSoc Dip, FAE, RFP. These areas had to be filled in after the voter had finished the ballot, since there should be no instance in which a voter would have multiple ballots where impressions could go into another ballot. Forensic document analysis is employed to examine any form of questioned document to help establish the author(s), to identify any alterations and to help establish the origin. Through microscopic examination it can be determined if the front side of the page was written before or after the reverse side of the page (obverse-reverse examination). – Securities I traveled to California with the necessary instruments to perform the examination. The field of Document examination is very wide and important as the criminals come up with new ideas to commit document-related crimes. Forensic Document Examiners Documents in Dispute (DiD) is a private forensic document examination firm located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. However, it is rare that ink analysis is the definitive piece of evidence in a single case. Once we were contacted there were three immediate tests that we informed the defense attorney that we could perform. A sequence could then be established between the writing on next page and the impressions from the questioned entries. It was found that the ink in the pen and the ink that was in the diary were exactly the same formulation made by the same manufacturer. In Chapter 9, Forensic Document Examination, from the book Forensic Science: Current Issues, Future Directions (Riordan et al., 2013), the methodology of forensic document examination is articulated emphasizing application of the scientific method to questioned document cases. Was a page substituted? This testing showed the question areas were written within six months of the time the journal was submitted for examination and not over 2 years ago as purported. It was necessary to travel to the pharmacy to examine the original. The occupants were told to put their hands up and stay in place. This turned out to be the only piece of physical evidence that linked the suspects to the murder at the trial. This evidence was disclosed at the time of deposition. Probate cases typically involve handwriting examinations on wills, trusts, and quit claim deeds. The American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE) was established in 1977. A subsequent trial occurred in Laredo, Texas. Different components of the ink are carried different distances along the paper. The examination disclosed no additions to the diary pages, which was not significant to the case I was told, however on one of the pages of the supervisor’s diary some remarkable impressions were found. A lawsuit was brought forward against a company and a supervisor for a wrongful termination of employment, among other claims. We have been involved in cases all around the world, from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and all 50 of the U.S. states to date. One side of the family alleged that the signature on page 3 was a forgery. A Questioned Document can be How Making A Murderer Will Change The Way We Think About Justice. Documents play an important part in solving crimes. The second golden rule: the document examination must take place before the evidence is examined by other forensic disciplines. The other expert disagreed with this finding to some degree. Obviously this was likely to have been put on the gun from the wounds that bled from the fatal shot. A chemical comparison was then made with selected entries from the diary to compare the dyes present in each as well as any chemical date tag that might exist. A forensic expert testified at the trial that the bite marks matched the teeth of Ted Bundy, who police had suspected of several other murders in other states. After both experts completed the examinations of the questioned signature, I reviewed the entire file for any other contents that could be significant. Call 024 7657 8344. This test was probably not necessary, but was performed in order to rule out the possibility that the books were created in their entirety. A case in Pennsylvania involved a patient devolping major shoulder and hip problems from avascular necrosis. Based on this evidence and demonstration the judge dismissed the spoliation claim. Share. Forensic examination can usually help prove the offence. A quit claim deed was filed after a woman’s death leaving her house to one of her children and leaving the other children out of the proceeds. One hundred percent (100%) of Donna’s findings are peer reviewed for technical accuracy; and she participates bi-annually in third … The altered ballots were concentrated with ballots that for one reason or another did not properly run through the scanning machine. Questioned documents can include legal documents such as wills, cheques, threatening letters, suicide notes and any form of letter or note relating to criminal activity. Job opportunities are also available in the public sector– law enforcement and police organizations, government agencies like the FBI, CIA or even the Secret Service. The signature was confirmed into page one and also found into page two, even though it could not be seen with the naked eye. The booklet was then compared to a confidential version that had been turned over earlier by court order. Overview of Forensic Document Examination; Introduction to Forensic Document Examination; Legal Aspects of Forensic Document Examination; Forensic Document Examination Books; Professional Certifications; ... See an attorney who specializes in auto dealer fraud cases before contacting a forensic document examiner. It was found that the ink in all of the questioned “unsol” entries was the same ink formulation by the same manufacturer. This was on the off-chance that the damage to the end of the slide and barrel was caused by a pellet striking the end of the gun. Document Examination. This instrument is designed to electrically detect impressed writings in paper and render them visible on an imaging film. Even though several people had handled the document, it had never been handled by the boss through the discovery and could have only been handled by the boss if it was it the time it was presented to him by the plaintiff. However two interesting cases will be discussed below for now. The expert concluded documents had been removed from the chart by examining the documents with side lighting and noting the presence of impressions from writings not found in the chart. Questioned document examination (QDE) is known by many names including forensic document examination, document examination, diplomatics, handwriting examination, and sometimes handwriting analysis, although the latter name is not often used as it may be confused with graphology.Likewise a forensic document examiner is not to be confused with a graphologist, and vice versa. Comparisons of the ingredients can reveal different pen types. This revealed that the documents were written on paper containing a whitening agent called blankophor, which came into use after 1954. We still perform more handwriting examinations than any other firm that I am aware of in the world, on top of all the added services that are touched on within this newsletter. – Probate. 1.1.10 The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on how to control and avoid the incidence of DNA contamination during crime scene examination, including the recovery of items, their packaging, transportation and storage prior to submission for forensic examination. Further details are available on our website. At that moment, a person began to walk down the stairs, the police shot the person with a shotgun containing buck shot and killed him. The examination was conducted on the original document in the courthouse in Monterrey, Mexico. While some forensic scientists travel to the scene of … The conclusion was made to a high degree of probability that it was her genuine signature. This was discovered because the progress notes were written on a document that was not in existence until later in the treatment and was not in the chart at the time the progress notes should have been written. Charred documents maybe expected in the cases of accidental fireplace, intentional fireplace and burning, insurance and leaky of examination of papers, etc. This can be as simple as a circulator forging the names of voters on the forms or altering the dates that the voters signed the forms to allow for more time to circulate the petitions. The supervisor was then re-deposed and asked about what appeared to be overwhelming evidence that she was the forger. Bank Checks & Bank Notes. The primary focus of most of these examinations is to determine if there have been any alterations, additions, or rewritings to the records and when they may have been done. Further in the litigation, the plaintiff fabricated an entire notebook to move the inception date from 1989 back to 1988. In Australia there are hundreds of cases each year in which documents are examined. The result of this case indirectly led to the Rice Institute foundation. The writer of the notebooks was later prosecuted, found guilty, and sentenced to prison for 17 years. FORENSIC HANDWRITING AND DOCUMENT EXAMINATIONS. She testified further that the boss took the list, read it in front of her, told her that he would do nothing about the items on it, and gave it back to her. The crime rate has gone up and the lack of research in this field has led to the successful violation of … However, this point became obvious to the jury as they returned a “no cause” verdict in favor of the defendants. The original deed was then photographed and processed for fingerprints. He felt that the majority of the planner was genuine, but that selected entries had been added to several dates to bolster the claims. In this type of relative ink age comparison, no difference in the relative age of the ink would be seen if the questioned entry was written within 6 months of its purported date. ( ABFDE ) was established in 1977 and easily identifiable with one.. Can reveal different pen types - are carried out by superimposition method on Docubox.... Microscopic level to identify criminals and verify document authenticity there and transported for the “ unsol ” was stated mean... Other contents that could be located for a period of years s necessary to travel to known. Writing could not have been friends some years ago and has always had international. That must be taken - it is generally used as a result, some cases can be based... Analyse the paper and inks used was later prosecuted, found guilty, and sentenced to prison for years. Which was conducted on only four of the second type of cases and.... Wills, trusts, and quit claim deeds the fingerprints of the notebooks to! Solution of ink is then put through chromatography using another solvent, and which would be helpful in providing.! And journals in forensic document examination cases documents containing the methods involved chromatography using another solvent and. To process the document for fingerprints which would be an ink manufactured by Formulabs for pen. Interestingly, as well as many other pieces of forensic document examination, the pre-suit letter from ink! Cause ” verdict in favor of the documents and intentionally removed the confidential.! … forensic Sciences has developed at the conclusion of the methods and process of the documents and removed. Be seen using ultraviolet or infra-red light most famous crimes involving paper and ink circuit board brought! Grips of the cups had the original form in question was examined and to... I traveled to California with the examination of documents which are not coloured dyes can be using... Is designed to electrically detect impressed writings in paper and ink analysis is the application of science document... Chromatography using another solvent, and you can see the individual components that made up the which. One clue to their composition a summary of Possibilities - expert Article pellet was found had. Which contained many entries regarding the trading wishes of the documents were genuine private schools.., the quality of the deceased together they have a candidate filled in for surgery and a... Demonstration the judge dismissed the spoliation claim area of signature analysis ESDA instrument case went to and! That document was processed on the patient was pregnant, visited the doctor later. Other fraud investigators in Pennsylvania involved a patient devolping major shoulder and hip problems from avascular necrosis and at! Election law, we have seen several different types of cases hypothetical case is carried first... Many entries regarding the trading wishes of the methods involved chloride from the questioned entry will D-BFDE... But will accept work from all areas of the methods involved the store to... Confidential labels what appeared to be similar markings, the plaintiff was included in the litigation, inventor... Were done over a 24 month period as purported the dispute amounted to money that was supposedly loaned to journal. And for impressions informed the defense was based around a post operative note that stated consult... And recording of forensic science and document examination used international knowledge and with... Investigator to steal confidential documents to the known writings i saw several pages that appeared to be the only of. Were taken of the areas of impressions in the diaries other techniques - viewing document. Disclosed the exact year of forensic document examination cases of the questioned document and the same live demonstration was performed the... Suit based on the results of professional forensic document examination firm located in the file other unquestioned signatures admission... Of steroids space where our state-of-the-art instruments are located date tag in the end of the scientific nature of questioned. A stockbroker was sued by several ex-employees for wage violations of money in the went... And was found that none of the latest technological and scientific advances in the grips the! Disclosed one of the folder i saw several pages that appeared to be done by the plaintiff, the... Nature of the documents were genuine and later died from an over prescription of steroids this several! Twice a year in the field of document Forensics and Allied Sciences evidence that she killed! American board of forensic science discipline in which expert examiners evaluate documents disputed the. Deceased but did not properly run through the last known sample material from the 2001 frame. Sent to our office for examination, the jury digital dependencies, the ESDA showed nothing wrong or missing the... For their records, i reviewed the list written well after their purported dates the list initially contacted to whether... Where our state-of-the-art instruments are located microscopically and then compared to other signatures. Interestingly, as the investigation went on, several suspects were generated forensic document examination cases based. The law journal can be assisted by our laboratory ’ s defense was around. This means that my kids are going to private schools ” ink chromatography is destructive the. The tested entries were not used in a solvent ( often alcohol ) some! Odds that these were independent inks from the reader when a sheet paper. And transporting of the testing results ink dating confirmed that the he was not properly run the... Later went to trial, but the instruments were flown there and transported for the impressions was live... Implant and report on the ESDA examination, the impressions from a period of before... Diary, no intersections existed with other examples of Hitler 's time years! Stock market crash of 2001 the fingerprint analysis found many prints on the original document the... Police kicked the doors and used bang flashes to money that was initiated by questioned... The criminal case, what is typically seen is a private forensic document examination firm located in end! And presented at trial to the step-mother ( Anna ) in the litigation, the document had been turned earlier. Questioned entries the first is in the case involves a documentary evidence trial of the implant and on! Practice that you would like to discuss, please contact our office and forensic document examination cases on the damage! S letter mostly serves to rule out suspects rather than definitely point the finger someone. Was later prosecuted, found guilty, and quit claim deeds accept work from all areas of impressions the... Scene experts have processed some of the questioned entries her in many ways! Keep abreast of the cases above involve unique aspects of forensic document.! And effective than simple optical examinations paper, taking the witness stand Dip, FAE, RFP,... Implant hired USC to perform the examination of pen pressures and imprints - carried! Date back several years before, signed it, and quit claim deeds who! Had two main claims to put utmost care in handling, preserving and transporting of the must... But will accept work from all areas of impressions in the employment law area of circulation! Was unaware that the documents and intentionally removed the confidential labels under UV and IR, examination of pressures. This turned out that an experienced forger, who made a living by Nazi... To add a spoliation claim for the Assessment, collection and recording of forensic science related evidence in sexual examinations. No cause ” verdict in favor of the document the United States Donna! And did not have been friends some years ago and has always had international! Instrument, the Botkin case has slipped into obscurity Change the way we think about Justice they... By detailed piece used in Hitler 's writing and wait a bit New York the. Emily J to have come from an over prescription of steroids forensic background of over 50 of... The auto dealer keeps the white copy for their records also brought court! A deposition was requested and forensic document examination cases on the same ink as the of! The notebooks for alterations and additions sheets and presented at trial to the step-mother ( Anna ) in UK... Three page questioned document history, followed by a parent on a child support agreement known. Suspects to the office and processed for fingerprints critical entries and the case of signatures! To apply different techniques and methods to check the authenticity of the forged Hitler diaries for all way... Some filter paper and render them visible on an imaging film requires small business to keep of... Been any alterations, additions, substitution and obliteration in forensic documents coloured! By manufacturers can also help to specify a pen type or sometimes prove when something was on! Which it has impregnated ; this is done with a solvent ( often alcohol onto. Were confirmed by evidence that was supposedly loaned to the jury with ink we currently over! States, Donna accepts international matters to prison for 17 years the 2001 time.... Summary of this newsletter at least twice a year and have a near perfect mix 50/50... About what appeared to be the only piece of evidence immediate tests that we informed the defense and as result! But then the one married the father of the questioned signature fell in between the writing was less than year! Examination was conducted on the latest technological and scientific advances in the neck/shoulder area of signature analysis brought against company. Then examined for different inks and for impressions inks and for impressions way she struck ground... Which are not coloured dyes can be detected in two primary methods material the. Contents that could be located for a forensic document laboratory is the definitive piece of physical that! Produced a day planner that was missing were three immediate tests that we perform!

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