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Sinclair continued the tradition and became a fighter pilot. Susan Ivanova comments during his reelection campaign that she does not intend to vote for Santiago because she believes a leader should have a strong chin, which Santiago lacks. The Vorlon government prohibited opening Kosh's encounter suit. The Psi Corps is an agency of the Earth Alliance responsible for all humans with telepathic or other para-psychological abilities anywhere within Earth-controlled space. Marcus was one of the few survivors (if not the only survivor) of the attack. He makes his first appearance in The Gathering as a villainous diplomat opposite Londo Mollari, being constantly engaged in insidious, if petty and often comical schemes, usually driven by his hostility to his people's historical enemies, the Centauri, whom Londo represents. Her old rival Neroon saved her life, however. In "The Paragon of Animals", Byron helps the new Interstellar Alliance by revealing treachery by the Drazi against the Enphili. He was a recurring guest character throughout the series. The Icarus and all hands were believed lost at some point during the expedition. In 2257 Turhan appointed Londo Mollari to be the ambassador to Babylon 5. Marcus Cole joined the Rangers following the death of his brother, William, and at times he seems to have joined the Rangers as a form of guilt over his brother's death. Increasingly, he comes into conflict with Babylon 5 staff. Sheridan's fleet managed to destroy all the platforms except one. Kosh's recovery was assured as the Minbari assassin was cornered. With his political enemies out of the way, Refa and his associates install the mad Emperor Cartagia to power, and begin a protracted war against the Narn. Other family members and associates include He dealt first with the Shadow vessels on Centauri Prime by destroying the island they were on and then had Mr. Morden beheaded. Winters put these new abilities to use the following year when Psi Cop Al Bester came to Babylon 5 to stop an underground railroad that Ironheart had set up for runaway telepaths. He was a close friend of Grey Council member Delenn. Foxworth portrays Hague in two episodes as a supporting role for John Sheridan as a contact in the underground resistance against Morgan Clark. His nationally syndicated talk show, The Jerry Doyle Show, aired throughout the United States on Talk Radio Network. However, actress Mary Woronov had severe difficulties with the required prosthetic appliances and refused to wear the provided red contact lenses, and resigned after just one episode. After this meeting ends poorly, with Sheridan exploding nuclear warheads within the Shadow capital city and leaping into a gorge, Sheridan ends up stuck between life and death in the depths of Z'ha'dum. Neroon was a member of the Minbari Warrior Caste from the Star Riders clan. Before dying, Brother Edward is granted absolution by Brother Theo. Just as Delenn was an acolyte of Dukhat, Lennier was the faithful acolyte of Minbari Ambassador Delenn for five years. This was explained in-universe as a reassignment as liaison to Minbar. The right heart is a solid mass of muscle which provides most of the force behind the body's blood circulation. He volunteered for experimental treatments to enhance his telepathy, and to produce stable telekinetics. It takes place hundreds of years after the series ends. While the marriage didn't work out, they still have a mutual respect and appreciation. It was this epiphany that finally dissolved the tension between herself and Susan Ivanova; from that point on, the two women developed a mutual respect which later blossomed into a relationship. Once the Telepath War was over, the Psionic Monitoring Commission dedicated itself to hunting down those members of the Corps who committed war crimes, such as Alfred Bester. He is also known to draw the sword to add emphasis and dramatic effect to his statements despite knowing he then has to cut into his own hand to fulfill his duty to the sword. Michael Alfredo Garibaldi was born on February 2, 2221, the son of Earthforce Marine Alfredo Garibaldi. Garibaldi starts drinking again in season 5. Londo secretly visited G'Kar in his cell during all this and came to an agreement: in return for G'Kar's assistance in his plot to assassinate Cartagia, Londo would end the Centauri occupation of Narn. She proved to be a strong and capable leader, finding solutions to many crises and coping with the ones that had no solutions. Vir Cotto was played by Stephen Furst in seasons 1-5. Using a Centauri telepath and the intercom system, they manage to break down the memory blocks, and one of the family members mortally wounds Edward. The first encounter between Minbari and Humans was a disaster - a misunderstanding led to Earth ships firing on Minbari ships, killing their leader Dukhat and precipitating the Earth-Minbari War. Initially, Ivanova was hostile to Winters' arrival and refused to acknowledge her presence. Dukhat was portrayed by Reiner Schöne. Briefly in season 2 and 3, Allan was a member of Nightwatch, a civilian para-police force created by Earth Alliance President Morgan Clark to expose and arrest "traitors to Earth". [14], Following his work on Babylon 5, Doyle ran as the Republican Party candidate for seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000. With the permission of Captain John Sheridan, Lyta sent the password into the minds of individuals among and close to the command staff. He then misinterpreted the meaning of the Minbari ships opening their gunports and panicked, ordering his ships to open fire. Psi Cops are members of a para-military body enforcing laws related to telepaths and operates with few checks against their authority. Masters Water Polo in the United States is in a better place thanks to people like Michael Garibaldi. In keeping with his previous experience with uniforms, it is suggested that the prosthetic he was supplied with never fit correctly. Morden was killed and beheaded by Londo in 2261, during the efforts to expunge the Shadow influence from Centauri Prime. Actor Jerry Doyle was married to Babylon 5 co-star Andrea Thompson from 1995 to 1997. When told of the attack, Turhan whispers his last words to Londo Mollari: "You are both damned.". The Vorlons are an ancient and technologically advanced race, one of the last of the First Ones. Jha'dur is a Dilgar specialist in biochemical, biogenetic, and cyber-organic weaponry, and was responsible for many of the atrocities committed by the Dilgar during the Dilgar war. He was introduced in the season 5 episode "No Compromises" as a strong telepath (P12 rating). It also served as part of the motivation for Sheridan's actions at the end of the third season, which in turn resolved many of the major plotlines thus far in the show. For thousands of years, Vorlons have been observing and manipulating younger races, creating the telepaths of various species, including Humanity, who, for the most part, were initially created as weapons for the Vorlon's Wars with The Shadows. He did, however, make a final appearance during the Brakiri holy day, the Day of the Dead, in 2262, in which the living are able to consult with apparitions of the dead. In the aforementioned script book, Straczynski wrote that both Lyta and Lennier were killed in the explosion of Psi Corps Headquarters in a major battle of the Telepath War. The very day before his death, he finally accepted that he was indeed the 'lost child' of Matthew and Fiona Dexter, and his left fist finally reopened as a result. When Babylon 5 was brought into operation in 2257, Sinclair was selected by the Minbari to command the newly constructed station. Michael Palin, Writer: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In his first appearance in A Voice in the Wilderness, Draal was played by Louis Turenne. Satai Delenn was played by Mira Furlan in seasons 1-5. A coalition between The League of Non-Aligned Worlds and the Earth Alliance reversed the Dilgar's advances and ultimately blockaded them on their homeworld. By that time, they had become convinced that then Vice President Clark had assassinated his predecessor with help from outsiders so he could assume the presidency, and they were clandestinely gathering evidence to that effect to ensure it was passed to members of the military who felt the same, and who could discreetly get it to the right hands. Because of this, he was the only one not to receive his invitation to Sheridan's farewell party in Sleeping in Light, though Allan would still meet Sheridan one more time as Sheridan took one last walk through the station. It is revealed to Byron that the Vorlons had generated telepaths as weapons in their war against the Shadows. During his time on the series he was a leading member of the Rangers, a military force consisting of Humans and Minbari who served the "One", a triumvirate consisting of Jeffrey Sinclair / Valen, Delenn, and John Sheridan. (This is a reference to the final episode of the fourth season.). Cole's story concludes in "Space, Time & the Incurable Romantic", a short story written by JMS and published in Amazing Stories #602. Lisa B. Waterman . [15] He received only 43,000 votes. As the events of the Shadow War come to a peak, Mollari is promoted to the position of advisor on planetary security. G'Kar is the Narn ambassador to Babylon 5 and was played by Andreas Katsulas in seasons 1-5. The assassination plot goes astray, with Vir finally being the person to kill the Emperor. It is unknown whether she and Gideon are still intimate. He appears in the Crusade episode "Each Night I Dream of Home". The group of monks wish to learn more about the varied aliens and their beliefs, and support that work by offering their services as computer experts and engineers. President Luis Santiago (still photo of Douglas Netter) was President of the Earth Alliance at the beginning of the series. He had previously told Delenn that he had wished for a simple funeral followed by cremation. William Edgars (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) is the founder and CEO of Edgars Industries, the fourth-largest Earth megacorporation and largest pharmaceutical research company on Mars. Male Centauri have six tentacle-like genital organs that extend out from the sides of the body and "fold" in over the solar plexus when not in use. Babylon 5 Actors Fictional Characters Fandom Actor Fantasy Characters Fandoms Followers. I will see you again, in a million years." During the course of the battle, his squadron was destroyed by the Minbari, and his fighter was badly damaged. Doyle grew up in Brooklyn, New York, raised as the eldest son of a police officer and a housewife. Number One first appears in the season 4 episode "Racing Mars as the leader of the resistance movement on Mars. One of the richest men in the Earth Alliance, Edgars was a powerful member of the plutocracy that held great influence over EarthGov policy. Lyta traveled to Babylon 5 with the password that would activate the hidden personality. After Sheridan and Babylon 5 break away from Earth, it is Delenn who rescues the station with a fleet of Minbari ships, but the cost of destroying the symbolic circle of the Grey Council. A standout at water polo in his youth at the Foothill Aquatic Club under the direction of Nort Thornton and Art Lambert, Garibaldi was perhaps an even better swimmer holding several state championship crowns. A second major shift in Byron's outlook occurs in as the result of a romantic relationship with telepath Lyta Alexander that evolves over several episodes of the television series. [28] At the start of the series, Londo seems to be ineffective in his role as ambassador. He is an active participant in the Earth Alliance Civil War, where he aids the Mars Resistance in its fight to free the Mars colony from Earth control. Even she did not initially realize the full potency of her new abilities. As an actor, Doyle was known for his role as Michael Garibaldi in the science fiction series Babylon 5. His existence was first established in the two-part "War Without End" episode from the third season of Babylon 5 when his father traveled forward in time briefly and was told by Delenn that they had a son. Michael Palin is an English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter. [20] However, after the conclusion of the Shadow War, she found herself unwelcome and had difficulty finding employment. Routine documents such as status reports on the fleet and other reports were all reclassified 'Top Secret' for the Regent's eyes only, contrary to standard protocols. He is mentioned by name early in the series, but his first on-screen appearance is in the fourth season episode The Hour of the Wolf. He is later promoted to full Lieutenant. He appears in several early Babylon 5 episodes, until his last on-screen appearance in the second season episode "Gropos." When he announced that he wanted to see a Vorlon before he died, Kosh fulfills this wish. The name of its military force is EarthForce. Michael J. Garibaldi, CPA/ABV/CFF/CGMA . G'Kar was eventually kidnapped by the assassin. The council was disbanded by Ambassador Delenn as part of an effort to fight the Shadows. Whether they were playing human characters just trying to maintain order or brash aliens covered in makeup, the Babylon 5 cast were all unforgettable parts of a massive ensemble. [citation needed] Due to problems with the extensive makeup and prosthetics required to turn her into a Narn,[citation needed] For the second season, Brown was replaced by Mary Kay Adams. We know that Michael's political affiliation is currently a registered Republican; ethnicity is unknown; and religious views are listed as unknown. He later inherited her " slug thrower ." The character's backstory is given as having been born on Mars Colony. [40][41] The social significance (if any) of complete versus almost-complete baldness on a female is not specified outright; however, in the televised episodes, older females are shown completely bald, and younger (up to the apparent human age range of the 30s, and often but not always unmarried) with ponytails. He is also a key figure in the Great Serethan-Allied War, purging many Deleathans. The Earth Alliance was a major galactic superpower in the Babylon 5 universe. Brother Theo is the leader of a group of Roman Catholic monks living on Babylon 5, who appear in a few episodes of season three. Because of the great distance from Babylon 5 to Earth, Ivanova enlists the assistance of Draal and the Great Machine to provide the massive power needed to enhance the broadcast signal across the divide. [citation needed] The Babylon 5 pilot TV movie The Gathering was filmed with this in mind, but the computer alteration to Mira Furlan's voice to make it sound masculine wasn't convincing, so the idea was dropped and Delenn changed to being a female. In "The Coming of Shadows", Turhan found that his health was declining, and before he died he decided that he wanted to apologize to the Narn people for all the wrongs his people had done to them. They have a son named Al. As Minister, Virini often served as an intermediary in the Centauri Imperial Court, relating the Emperor's orders to his ambassadors early in the series. While many remained with Byron in a starvation protest sealed in their colony, a group of renegades take a more aggressive stance attacking station personnel and seizing hostages. After this experience Zack agreed to help Babylon 5's command staff, eventually playing a critical role in "Point of No Return" in leading the bulk of the station's Nightwatch into a trap set up to capture them. As the Babylon station was conceived as a political and cultural meeting place, one of the show's many themes is the cultural and social interaction between civilizations. 4 Garibaldi Michel Garibaldi Michel lieu-dit Bedene, 12350 PRÉVINQUIÈRES, voir sur la carte. Shortly after this, the Imperial guards found Cartagia, supported by Mollari and Vir. Sheridan was named after his paternal grandfather David Sheridan. His only appearances were in the movie In the Beginning and in the episode "Atonement" as flashbacks. Brother Theo and his order of Cistercian Trappist monks (from New Melleray Abbey) first come to the station in the episode "Convictions". Taking command of the EAS Apollo he dismissed the ground attacks by the Mars resistance and a single White Star commanded by Marcus Cole as a diversion and refused to allow his fleet to turn back to take them on. Another "young race" like humanity, the Narn Regime were previously occupied and enslaved by the Centauri, and bear them deep ill-will because of the brutal methods of control employed. When Ambassador Londo Mollari of the Centauri Republic observed an unsuited Vorlon, he claimed to have not seen anything at all. Indoctrinated by the Shadows after his capture during an expedition to Z'ha'dum, the Shadows' homeworld, he has accepted to serve because of the Shadows' manipulation of his guilt of the death of his wife and child and because they promise to save his family who he believed were trapped in hyperspace. Delenn swore vengeance against the humans who had killed her master, and cast the deciding Council vote that began the Earth-Minbari War.

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