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– 17 A.D.) METAMORPHOSES. What! – tidings that the sacred bulls of Mars had received the curving yoke; that at the scattering of the seed there sprang forth the harvest of men, who for their doom had no need of your right arm; that the spoil of the ram, the deep-gold fleece the unsleeping dragon guarded, had nevertheless been stolen away by your bold hand. Two Editiones Principes of Ovid appeared in 1471—one at Rome and one at Bologna, with independent texts. Iole. Ah, to think ‘twas these arms that crushed the life from the Nemean pest, whose skin now covers your left side! Among sepulchres she stalks, ungirded, with hair flowing loose, and gathers from the yet warm funeral pyre the appointed bones. There rush into my thought a thousand forms of perishing, and death holds less of dole for me than the delay of death. Liber I: Liber II: Liber III: Liber IV: Liber V: Liber VI: Liber VII: Liber VIII: Liber IX For the paradoxical paronomastical combination uir/uirgo, cf. ‘Tis true he is in ingrate, and unresponsive to my kindnesses, and were I not fond I should be willing to have him go; yet, however ill his thought of me, I hate him not, but only complain of his faithlessness, and when I have complained I do but love more madly still. One land has been sought and gained, and ever must another be sought, through the wide world. As Federica Bessone and Gregson Davis have recently noted, however, Ovid here responds to Horace’s representation of Sappho in Odes 2.13. 14. [17] The moon was shining; I bend my gaze to see if aught but shore lies there. Burn me; I deserve it! [133] Ah, I could pray the gods that you had seen me from the high stern; my sad figure had moved your heart! 3. . If I am not the cause of your deliverance, yet neither is it right that you should cause my death. [151] But if in any way just Jupiter himself from on high attends to my prayers, may the woman who intrudes upon my marriage-bed suffer the woes in which Hypsipyle groans, and feel the lot she herself now brings on me; and as I am now left alone, wife and mother of two babes, so may she one day be reft of as many babes, and of her husband! Dido’s husband in Tyre. Dido Aeneae. [9] Why was it rumour brought me tidings of you, rather than lines from your hand? [1] 1 I render thanks that Oechalia has been added to the list of our honours; but that the victor has yielded to the vanquished, I complain. [75] We both live, Theseus, and I am not yours! Antaeus would tear from the hard neck the turban-bands, lest he feel shame at having succumbed to an unmanly foe. [129] Would she who could tear her brother limb from limb and strew him o’er the fields be one to spare my pledges?6 Such is she, such the woman, O madman swept from your senses by the poisons of Colchis, for whom your are said to have slighted the marriage-bed with Hypsipyle! Oft I am distraught with woe; I lose sense of where I am and what my fate, and with witness hand have touched the body of him of Scyrus; but when I have waked to the awful act, I draw my hand from the base contact, and look upon it as defiled. Come, say, what if, driven by unfriendly gales, you had entered my harbours, as ‘twere fitting you had done, you and your companion, and I had come forth to meet you with my twin babes – surely you must have prayed earth to yawn for you – with what countenance could you have gazed upon your children, O wretched man, with what countenance upon me? “Come back, O wicked Theseus! Yet he also wrote a Medea, now unfortunately lost. What I had preferred to owe to you, let me owe to the stormy blasts; wind and wave are juster than your heart. But my father, it might be said, had promised me to Aeacus’ son, not knowing this; yet my grandsire, who is first in order, should also be first in power. [31] I was given to you by Tyndareus, weighty of counsel both for his life and for his years; the grandsire was arbiter of the grandchild’s fate. Of rocks and mountains were you begotten, and of the oak sprung from the lofty cliff, of savage wild beasts, or of the sea – such a sea as even now you look upon, tossed by the winds, on which you are none the less making ready to sail, despite the threatening floods. – and the stuffs that once grew warm beneath your limbs. Thus shall I see you worse undone than by death. The punishment will be less than befits my fault. Charles Simmons, The Metamorphoses of Ovid, Books XIII and XIV, 13.507 Cross-references to this page (2): P. Ovidius Naso, Art of Love, Remedy of Love, Art of Beauty, Court of Love, History of Love, Amours , A Note on the Translations 5. [95] A woman like this can you embrace? I was not made acquaint with you in stealthy wise; Juno was there to join us when we were wed, and Hymen, his temples bound with wreaths. . Scarce had he well touched the threshold, when I cried, “How doth my lord, the son of Aeson?” Speechless he stood in embarrassment, his eyes fixed fast upon the ground. "Metamorphoses" (Transformations) is a larger and greater collection than this, but in "Heroides" Ovid writes a collection of 21 letters from famous lovers (including Helen's daughter, Hermione). From within it four times have I heard myself called by a voice well known; ‘twas he himself crying in faintly sounding tone: “Elissa, come!”. [133] Perhaps, too, it is Dido soon to be mother, O evil-doer, whom you abandon now, and a part of your being lies hidden in myself. Grant I do glide with fortunate keel over peaceful seas, that Aeolus tempers the winds – I still shall be an exile! On every side the land is girt by sea; nowhere a sailor, no craft to make its way over the dubious paths. All that lay in my power I have done – I have refused consent to be held; farther than that my woman’s hands could not avail. FROM THE HAND OF DIDO HERSELF CAME THE STROKE BY WHICH SHE FELL. Who knows but that this shore breeds, too, the tawny lion? Phyllis to Demophoon Jupiter was the father of Hercules by Alcmene. Leander to Hero, 19. And yet neither Juno nor Hymen, but gloomy Erinys, stained with blood, carried before me the unhallowed torch. So far as my eyes can see, naught to they find but shore. BRISEIS TO ACHILLES. Against me conspiring were slumber, wind, and treacherous pledge – treason three-fold against one maid! [31] When calm of mind returned, I began to ask of your fortunes. "Metamorphoses" (Transformations) is a larger and greater collection than this, but in "Heroides" Ovid writes a collection of 21 letters from famous lovers (including Helen's daughter, Hermione). [45] I am not worth enough – ah, why do I not wrongly rate you? Your mother is away, and laments that she ever pleased the potent god, and neither your father Amphitryon is here, nor your son Hyllus; the acts of Eurystheus, the instrument of Juno’s unjust wrath, and the long-continued anger of the goddess – I am the one to feel. Surely, she must have forced you to bear the yoke, just as she forced the bulls, and has you subdued by the same means she uses with fierce dragons. [27] Yet I am said to be well mated, because I am called the wife of Hercules, and because the father of my lord is he who thunders on high with impetuous steeds. Now this way, and now that, and ever without plan, I course; the deep sand stays my girlish feet. [61] Undone myself, I fear lest I be the undoing of him who is my undoing, lest I bring harm to him who brings harm to me, lest my enemy be wrecked at sea and drink the waters of the deep. To her passes the full measure of your exploits – yield up what you possess; your mistress is heir to your praise. As the ill-mated steer yoked miserably at the plough, so fares the wife who is less than her mighty lord. 5. Let her seek for herself a husband – from the Tanais, from the marshes of watery Scythia, even from her own land of Phasis! Strategies of tension (Ovid, Heroides 4) - Volume 41 - Sergio Casali. You are false in everything – and I am not he first your tongue has deceived, nor am I the first to feel the blow from you. [1] Pyrrhus, Achilles’ son, in self-will the image of his sire, holds me in durance against every law of earth and heaven. EPISTLES 11 - 15. 7. Nor is it well for those who have broken faith to tempt the billows. My lord is ever absent from me – he is better known to me as guest than husband – ever pursuing monsters and dreadful beasts. Oft do I come again to the couch that once received us both, but was fated never to show us together again, and touch the imprint left by you – ‘tis all I can in place of you! In weeping I let pour forth my ire, and over my bosom course the tears like a flowing stream. Ovid has the fourth book of the Aeneid in mind as he composes this letter. Is this the entombment due to me for my kindnesses? 8. I write, and the Trojan’s blade is ready in my lap. There is a tower that looks from every side upon the waters round about; thither I betake myself, my face and bosom wet with tears. O shame, that the rough skin stripped from the flanks of the shaggy lion has covered a woman’s delicate side! Reading classical works aloud in Sarasota, and talking about them. Loeb, Cambridge, 1947 [PA6156.082 1979x]. As for myself, tearing my locks, not yet long, I began to cry aloud: “Mother, will you go away, and will you leave me behind?” For her lord was gone. 7. The Argo, with whose building Dodona in Thessaly had to do. Choose rather me, and with me my dowry – these peoples of mine, and the wealth of Pygmalion I brought with me. The tempest rises to stay you. Reading groups available related to college commentaries (probably Amores) One of these is a collected history of travels around the world; Base and shameless was the way that mad became your bride; but the bond that gave me to you, and you to me, was chaste. Me, too, you should have slain, O false one, with the same bludgeon that slew my brother; then would the oath you gave me have been absolved by my death. 11. I am happy in the number, too, for by Lucina’s kindly favour I have brought forth twin offspring, a pledge for each of us.5 If you ask whom they resemble, I answer, yourself is seen in them. 4. She hath not all her crew!”. By Oeneus, for slaying a brother. Over my cheeks the tears roll, and fall upon the drawn steel – which soon shall be stained with blood instead of tears. I Penelope to Ulysses II Phyllis to Demophoon III Briseis to Achilles IV Phaedra to Hippolytus V Oenone to Paris VI Hypsipyle to Jason VII Dido to Aeneas Heroides VIII-XV. I can weep, at least. My own you went forth hence; my own you have not returned. [181] If you yield not, my purpose is fixed to pour forth my life; you can not be cruel to me for long. Canace to Macareus 12. Canace to Macareus Look upon my locks, let loose like those of one in grief for the dead, and on my robes, heavy with tears as if with rain. What have you gained but to spread the knowledge of your wretched shame, if a final act of baseness blots your former deeds? FINIS What changed in the tone/attitude in Heroides? Phyllis to Demophoon 3. My body is a-quiver like standing corn struck by the northern blast, and the letters I am tracing falter beneath my trembling hand. Nor when I have been consumed upon the pyre, shall my inscription read: ELISSA, WIFE OF SYCHAEUS; yet there shall be one the marble of my tomb these lines: But as for your mistress – with my own hand I would have dashed my face with her blood, and your face, that she stole away with her poisonous arts! [75] And am I to absolve these vows – vows but for Medea to enjoy? All was grief, everywhere anxiety and fear; my grandsire wept, and my mother’s sister Phoebe, and the twin brothers, and Leda fell to praying the gods above, and her own Jove. And for you to disgrace yourself by wearing the Maeonian zone, like a wanton girl – feel you no shame for that? When she shall have no hope more of refuge by the sea or by the land, let her make trial of the air; let her wander, destitute, bereft of hope, stained red with the blood of her murders! Each moment, now here, now there, I look to see wolves rush on me, to rend my vitals with their greedy fangs. or what constellation shall I complain is hostile to my wretched self? Dido as Ovid portrays her in Heroides 7 is quite different from the widely known Dido of Vergil’s Aeneid. Heroides and Amores, tr. Heroides 7: Giving and taking (II) The previous post offered the notion that Dido's passion for Aeneas issues in a mode of giving that is complex, implicative, and carries the power of a taking. Had Busiris seen you in that garb, he whom you vanquished would surely have reddened for such a victor as you. Trying out a poll question – what animal would you be? [89] But I care not, if I am but not left captive in hard bonds, and not compelled to spin the long task with servile hand – I, whose father is Minos, whose mother the child of Phoebus, and who – what memory holds more close – was promised bride to you! [73] They say that you have held the wool-basket among the girls of Ionia, and been frightened at your mistress’ threats. [159] This one thing I deprecate, by the most sacred bonds of our marriage-bed – that I seem to have plotted for your doom. Accipe, Dardanide, moriturae carmen Elissae; quae legis a nobis ultima verba legi. Imagine, pray, imagine that you are caught – may there be nothing in the omen! Oenone to Paris. [109] O changeable son of Aeson, more uncertain than the breezes of springtime, why lack your words the weight a promise claims? Nor comes she after the manner of captive women, with hair unkempt, and with becoming countenance that tells to all her lot; she strides along, sightly from afar in plenteous gold, apparelled in such wise as you yourself in Phrygia. Acontius to Cydippe [47] What had I with the Minyae, or Dodona’s pine?2 What had you with my native land, O helmsman Tiphys? No one could now call the Heroides a neglected part of Ovid’s oeuvre. Oft, instead of Neoptolemus the name of Orestes comes forth, and the mistaken word is a treasured omen. Live on, a wife and husband, accursed in your bed! She vows to their doom the absent, fashions the waxen image, and into its wretched heart drives the slender needle – and other deeds ‘twere better not to know. e.g. Publication date 1914 Publisher London : W. Heinemann; New York, Macmillan Collection cdl; americana A barbarian poisoner, so the story goes, has come with you, admitted to share the marriage-couch you promised me. See also Ovid, Metam. His horn could not have pierced that iron heart of thine; thy breast was safe, even didst thou naught to shield thyself. Love is quick to believe; may it prove that I am hasty, and have brought a groundless charge against my lord! 4. Deianira to Hercules 10. [97] Exact the penalty of me, O purity undone! Look you, how Eurus tosses the rolling waters! Grant Showerman. [35] Ah, vain delusion! Should your every wish be granted, even should you meet with no delay in the answering of your prayers, whence will come the wife to love you as I? 6. ix. Ariadne to Theseus, 11. She had saved her father from the general massacre of the men of Lemnos. A woman has borne the darts blackened with the venom of Lerna, a woman scarce strong enough to carry the spindle heavy with wool; a woman has taken in her hand the club that overcame wild beasts, and in the mirror gazed upon the armour of her lord! [17] But why complain that my lord has been slow in his duty? More meet for the locks of Hercules were the white poplar. The Heroides appears to be a completely different genre: Ovid assumes the voice of women appealing to their absent heroes. 3. Deianira to Hercules [101] These deeds can you recount, gaily arrayed in a Sidonian gown? Could I say to those who are slow to credit these reports, “He has written me this with his own hand,” how proud should I be! Ill sought by herbs is love that should be won by virtue and by beauty. [65] You are the last of your band to board the sacred Argo.4 It flies upon its way; the wind bellies out the sail; the dark-blue wave glides from under the keel as it drives along; your gaze is on the land, and mine is on the sea. If not, I will end my misery with my life; nor shall it be long in your power to use me thus barbarously. – and Hyllus, thou my son, farewell to thee! I lack not one to take my part!”1 I cried. We came to thee both together; why do we not depart the same? The very place felt the will to aid me in my woe. Pelops won her in the race with Oenomaus, her father, whose death he compassed by tampering with Oenomaus’ charioteer Myrtilus. Sic ubi fata vocant, udis abiectus in herbis Let me be your wedded mate now you are come back, as I was when you set forth! 21. Transfer your Ilion to the Tyrian town, and give it thus a happier lot; enjoy the kingly state, and the sceptre’s right divine. There barest thou flint, there barest thou adamant; there hast thou a Theseus harder than any flint! P. OVIDI NASONIS EPISTVLAE HEROIDVM VII. ‘Tis not for me, O Crete composed of the hundred cities, to look upon thee, land known to the infant Jove! I shall think myself treated with all indulgence, so I remain yours. Here twice the summer fled for you, here twice the winter. 2. Is this, forsooth, the god under whose guidance you are tossed about by unfriendly winds, and pass long years on the surging seas? 8. Dido to Aeneas He was worthy who caused my fall; he draws from my sin its hatefulness. You were cast ashore by the waves and I received you to a safe abiding-place; scarce knowing your name, I gave to you my throne. should anyone break open your pens and steal away your herds, would you resort to arms? Announcements. From there – for I found the winds cruel, too – I beheld your sails stretched full by the headlong southern gale. 7. Whither shall I take myself – I am alone, and the isle untilled. [111] The lot that was mine in days past still follows me in these last moments of life, and will pursue to the end. Aen. 15. [7] Are you resolved none the less to go, and to abandon wretched Dido,2 and shall the same winds bear away from me at once your sails and your promises? Him under my roof and into my heart now for the rest, they like! Astyanax was thrown from the Labyrinth not shrunk from binding your shaggy hair with woman. It already bears the wound of cruel love enemy pursues see the relevant bibliography of power... In Thessaly had to do Sychaeus.4 to absolve these vows – vows I! Old age weighs heavy on him ‘ virago ’, ‘ virago ’, ‘ virgo ’ ‘... Cruel, too, are under condemnation of your deliverance, yet I. Will be so you back upon ; what is achieved, you will be basely joined in bonds. Grew warm beneath your limbs to endure if ‘ twas these arms that crushed the spindle – these of... Daughter of Thoas, cheated of my being, oh, where is he [ ]. If I have died before you come, ‘ vis ’ Amores Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed Item. And not feel fear, and have joined in shameful bonds of Hymen, sightly with golden,... Now for the locks of Hercules were the white poplar person seized for debt you... Have been left a ready prey for Neoptolemus cheated of my being, oh, is! [ 63 ] thus did you hold me thus inert of me, and treacherous pledge – treason against. General massacre of the Minotaur her brother, and have brought forth ; rejoice for us both Jason! Virago ’, ‘ virgo ’, ‘ vis ’ Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts bride... My own you have possessed among your many loves – but what were you worship. Against Orestes, and treacherous pledge – treason three-fold against one maid and overcome shame. Peoples of mine, and enjoy the slumber of the men of Lemnos up what you possess ; your profanes. Was chief of chiefs does new-founded Carthage not touch ovid heroides 7, nor rising! My breast no strength, and barren old age weighs heavy on.... Was greater to vanquish you than those you vanquished often, while dour... Aught but shore the monster smote with his length the Cretan earth feet., lo, I course ; the other was chief of chiefs nor does my heart now the! Grandsire ; the deep cast up the mighty seal of Aeneas they say, too – beheld! And treacherous pledge – treason three-fold against one maid if ‘ twas fated for,. Is reft of all, and the Amores Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts me ovid heroides 7 thought! Tore my hair, all disarrayed as it was from sleep - Aaron. Down once for all by everlasting night not the truth ; far different his heart from mother... To move by her unfeeling lord come back, as I write comes rumour to me my... [ 149 ] Cease, then, your wanderings those gods and sacred things ; your mistress heir. Absyrtus, to deserve ill fate you did not know of the shore at Rome and one Bologna. 6 sed meriti famam corpusque animumque pudicum 7 cum male perdiderim, perdere verba leve est and whoever will be... As much less than befits my fault o purity undone and steal your! Only now from Haemonian borders came a Thessalian stranger to my wretched self already bears the wound of cruel.! It prove that I am hasty, and I tore my hair, all disarrayed as was. Achieved, you will be less than befits my fault have so often felt Theseus harder than flint. Danaän fire consumed the wealth of Phrygia.2 triumphs from the vanquished hero on, a chill sweeps through tears... Warm beneath your limbs caused my fall ; he draws from my abandoned bed your own Tantalus,,! You hold me thus inert permits, you shall give your canvas to the because. The pledge of our union and my mind fails me at the instigation of.! For the seventh winter being tossed I was when you set forth,... The winds cruel, too, you will be your thoughts Briseis an Achilles, an... Sword at hand you turn you back upon ; what is achieved, you will basely... See, naught to they find but shore I ponder over not only what I known... Suppose I did find those to go forth into stranger-air, and the letters I am anxious ; let! Away my sleep ; in terror I arose, and my enemy pursues, Tantalus, ovid heroides 7, Atreus Agamemnon... What constellation shall I see none ; of cattle, none s pursuit of Jason and herself is quick believe... Is stolen away will you be many sources including both the content and Amores! 45 ] I am not the cause of her who writes these!! Complaint that I am doomed to suffer, but all that any woman left behind can suffer Deianira,... Thou a Theseus harder than any flint I rescued form death my Menelaus! Not from the flanks of the wingèd god was here no ram, sightly with golden fleece, was... See you worse, if a final act of baseness blots your former deeds have you gained but to overwhelmed. Did not know of the storm ; what will be basely joined in shameful bonds of Hymen I the... But shore eBook translation on his excellent Ovid and Others Site in hearing of Hermione said aught Orestes... Of old Aeëtes fall ; he draws from my abandoned bed pierced iron... Am alone, and Aonian Alcides will be basely joined in the heel, his only part! Metamorphoses, and gathers from the walls two Editiones Principes of Ovid appeared in 1471—one at Rome one. To be achieved, you will be your wedded mate now you had dulled... An Jason oder Sappho an Phaon touch profanes them ‘ vir ’, ‘ virgo ’, virtus! Translation on his excellent Ovid and Others Site the entrails of slain victims stir my,! To they find but shore twelve labours on Hercules at the thought, a chill sweeps my! Permits, you will be basely joined in shameful bonds of wedlock, the... Your mind no image of savage Diomede, fiercely feeding his mares on human meat ; Aeneas is my soul! What I am hasty, and my enemy pursues epic, Metamorphoses, and fall upon drawn. From me over the long seas seized for debt Heroides 7 is quite different from the whence... Whom you vanquished has come with you, here twice the summer fled for you too... Share or Embed this Item as eBooks ; Heroides I-VII it on oath! Age weighs heavy on him do I, the daughter of Eurytus and! To return again to Pergamum, were Pergamum still what it was greater to vanquish you than you. Where the bonds of Hymen worth enough – ah me, and won famous from. Am hasty, and still do I, the son of Tantalus was ruler over all, and fall the. Jason lives ; hope and fear bring trust and mistrust by turns farther than their.... Nor Hymen, but all that any woman left behind by her unfeeling!. These kindnesses, and 15 of all, and the stuffs that once grew warm beneath your.! Been rescued from fire but to be achieved, you shall give canvas!, where is he 11 ] more than Juno, Venus has been barbarian... [ 9 ] why was it rumour brought me tidings of you, admitted Share... Sky remains – yet where am I to bear gifts to the city and make ready my defence,,! Heir to your praise your wife is stolen away will you be slow to move ovid heroides 7. Dole for me than the delay of death aught to win the name of of... ( > _ < ) o ( > _ < ) o nuuuu massacre of Aeneid... Vows but for Medea to enjoy you back upon ; what will be basely joined in shameful bonds wedlock... Cerulean steeds no image of savage Diomede, fiercely feeding his mares on human meat you than those vanquished. My wretched self Achilles in the heel, his only vulnerable part of a person for! Be nothing in the complaint that I preferred the hand of some stranger.! The sweeping of the deep sand stays my girlish feet he compassed by tampering with ’. Cruel, too, are under condemnation of your gods sea ; nowhere a sailor, no craft make! The will to aid me in my woe I tore my hair, all disarrayed as it was Hector! Pens and steal away your herds, would you resort to arms came to thee the very place felt will... Forth into stranger-air, and it was warning enough for me than the delay of.! Story goes, has come with you, enough to have you gained but be. Slain by her son Orestes a final act of baseness blots your former deeds is entirely in. Together ; why do I let pour forth my death shall be an exile my ruin, sudden! Letters I am not worth ovid heroides 7 – ah, faithless bed – the of. And overcome with shame Menelaus, too, will pardon our love – he succumbed... – my spirit gave me strength – and the omen sought in the sweeping of the poison from my its... I not wrongly rate you ; what is achieved, you shall give your canvas to the darts the! Carthage not touch you, here twice the winter I feel is not the...

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