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First, you need to gather all the supplies you will need to … What a wonderful way to spruce up your living room wall on a budget. Once that had dried, I watered down some silver paint and added accent around the letters. 1pc Adornment Creative Fashion Chic Stylish Wooden Ornament Photography Props. I paint on wood slices. We’re aiming for a white smooth surface. Let the wood slices dry – I have a very sunny window sill I laid them out on (to speed up the process place in the oven @ 250 for 30 min) 6. There are 4297 wood slice painting for sale on Etsy, and they cost £14.21 on average. The entire stencil may not fit on the slice, but position it at an angle so the main design is captured on the wood. If so, please like and share this post as well as comment below. From shop KashaKreativeArt. Free shipping . Rub the wooden surface using a tack cloth to eliminate any dirt, dust, and debris before you start painting. I was concerned that the silver paint wouldn’t give good coverage without a base coat behind it. Fortunately, you can ensure that your wood slices won’t crack as they dry by treating the wood with a stabilizing solution or a salt paste. $10 includes a slice of wood and painting materials. She kept pulling things off the shelves. She did great! The main theme of my works is the surrounding world with magical accents. Preparing Wood For Acrylic Painting. Apply the primer in a thick, even layer. Wood is a popular choice for painting since its natural texture and smooth flat cuts make the perfect surface to brush off your strokes. $7.95. Step 3- Print off the template and transfer it to your tree slice slab. You can buy wood slices on and Fluorescent acrylics have bright colors with a glow effect achieved by using a black light. Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments: Tutorials. This will transfer the pencil lead from the back of the paper to the wood. Our space is limited, so we encourage you to register online to reserve a table for you and your friends. Painting bees on wood slices took students about six 30 minute lunchtime sessions to complete the task to a good standard. – Clean it with a damp cloth and let it dry. However, it requires some preparation to ensure that this work of art will persist for a long time and will not damage the material. Mine are about 2 inches thick. You can buy them at the craft store or cut your own out of logs or branches from your yard. The wood slices are ideal for any art or DIY project, including painting with paint pens, making coasters, Christmas tree ornaments, holiday decorations, wedding decorations, etc. Then use chalk or liquid chalk in steps 3 and 4. I started off at Michaels, looking for something unrelated, when I decided to make this project – typical! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to February 17, 2016 By Jennifer. Peel apart the layers of the decorative napkin, and discard the bottom, unpatterned layer. Let the white paint dry completely. It is very important to prepare the wood in order to land a successful result. After you’ve finished painting, let the art project completely dry within 24 hours. Use acrylic spray primer on bare slices; use shellac-based primer on stained slices. Allow to dry. Let’s find out more about using acrylic paint on wood!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'cutthewood_com-box-4','ezslot_3',123,'0','0'])); Every artist can paint drawer or decorate panels as well as make custom creations with intricate designs using acrylic paint. Being lazy mommy that I am, I opted to skip the stroller and put R in a cart and let Miss B walk with me. This project is a great one to do on a snowy day at home, or with a class full of students! $6.34. How Long Does it Take for Wood Glue to Dry? Letters wood slice paintings make for an amazing item for home decoration. Step 4 – Fill in your design with an accent color. With the image highlighted, click on “Ungroup” to separate the images. If you want to enhance the look of this piece, add in a few painted slices to match your existing home decor. Painting the Wood Slices. Directions for Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments: Instructions: Gather supplies. Report This is great. Prime the wood, filling all exterior pores to allow the acrylic paint to be absorbed evenly. What Grit Sandpaper for Wood Before Painting? I lightly sanded mine with the fine grade. I took the 2-year-old twins with me to the craft store. Allow … Make sure you use primer specifically designed for your wood project (interior vs. exterior, unfinished wood vs. previously painted wood, etc.). In hindsight, I probably could have skipped the grey base coat. You can use different brushes for varying wood surfaces, like a flat brush used for painting around curves and a small round brush used for precision painting. $6.58. Smooth wood surface to create a smooth and even surface by using sandpaper. In the mean time, I thought I would share a quick tutorial for a DIY painted tree slice that I made to decorate this teeny-tiny home office. 11 of 25. Use a paintbrush and apply the acrylic paint following the design on the primed wood. 2. Encourage professional-looking results by applying a thin coat and maintaining 8 inches between the tree branch slice and spray tip. I did one coat of white paint on the letters. Next, you need to squeeze the acrylic paint color you want to use on the surface of the palette. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Ensure paint dries fully before proceeding. A really swift project that you will surely love, these can hold your … Wood slices (cut your own, find at a craft store, or find on Amazon here) Silhouette Portrait or Cameo and vinyl – OR – a stencil from the craft store acrylic paint and brush Wood slice art acrylic painting. Right now this painted tree slice is sitting on a shelf above by desk, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my office re-do project with you all! Craft acrylics tend to run but are generally versatile and inexpensive. Artists who are working with acrylic paint often come up with a professional-looking result. You can try out these marvelous Canvas Painting Ideas. I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: I’m in the middle of a really big project. Student-grade acrylics are least expensive and tend to have lesser pigment as compared to other paints. More info: Facebook This post may include affiliate links. Painting Wood Slices – Pumpkin Side First Once you have the three wood slices you are going to use, decide which side is going to be the bottom. Click (here –. Copyright 2018 by Cut The Wood. However, the colors can scatter around if the wood is not sanded or primed, hence, making the painting look like a colorful mess. Select the wood slice you would like to paint and clean the surface. I think you’re going to love all of these fun and unique project ideas! Gather the ​Supplies and Tools You’ll Need. Paint both sides of the wood slices in white. Sponge painting creates a fun design or backdrop when intentionally used for its texture. Lay each slice onto your 24 inch round base, this will help you gauge how many slices you will need in total (cut a little extra as your slices will be close together) 5. If you are lucky enough to find a huge log or branch take the time to saw slices. At first sight I thought it was an embroidery hoop. Let the slice dry for three hours. Masking Fluid or frisket is a tool artists use to mask off an area in a painting they want to keep white. A perfect companion to our acrylic paint pens and an easy alternative to rocks This is what our customers say: 216 Reviews –a wood slice –pencil or pen –a print out of the words you want to write (just type something up in Word and print it out) –a paint pen. Now you can paint wood slices in our studio during our business hours. Paint on wood; Let’s move on to the painting process. Display a seasonal message in your kitchen or living room by coating a wood slice with chalkboard paint. Coat the tree branch slice with the right type of spray primer depending on the wood's condition. Sanding along the grain of the wood is recommended until the surface is totally smooth. This design was tricky, and I had to use a very thin paintbrush. Coat each wood slice with a thick layer of white acrylic paint. B. Click here to read my full disclosure policy, A template of the words or design you want to use. How Long Does It Take For Wood to Season? Step 3: Apply paint to stencil. Does the Type of Lumber Matter for a Woodworking Project? See more ideas about wood slices, wood slice ornament, wood ornaments. Wood Sliced Natural DIY Wall Art. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Report So cute! If you don’t know much of wood slice painting, and you want to keep things simple, then painting letters on your wood slices would be the best bet. The Arty Teacher website is home to quality, time-saving art resources that are used by art teachers from around the globe. I used the pencil method – scribble with pencil on the back of your template. Place the template right-side-up on the tree slice and trace the words of the template with a pen. They are really simple to create and can be put to varied uses. Place the template right-side-up on the tree slice and trace the words of the template with a pen. I love how this little project for my teeny-tiny home office turned out. Uploading the SVG Pattern. Can you use acrylic paint on wood? Get the tutorial at Iowa Girl Eats. Peel the backing off of the silkscreen stencil and place on top of the wood slice. Side note: Mommy is going to brag here for a minute. Use a paintbrush and apply the acrylic paint following the design on the primed wood. As they dry, the moisture evaporates and the wood shrinks, which causes the slices to crack. paint- I like these acrylic paints paint brushes paint palettes. Here is what you get: Placing the graphite paper with the graphite surface facing down on the wood is the next step, then put the tracing paper on top of the graphite paper so the design is transferred onto the painting surface of the primed wood. I’m re-doing my teeny-tiny home office/craft space. 4. Clean the brush using water in between colors to prevent the colors from mixing together. My name is Patrycja Prószyńska. 21. You place your printed words where you want them on your wood. I did one coat of grey followed by one coat of silver. Apply a coat of white paint for the base coat. Have you enjoyed reading this article? The most popular colour? Keep paper towels and a bowl of water nearby for washing the paint from the brush when you are mixing and switching colors. It is easy to apply. I thought it would be fun today to play around a little with some masking fluid and acrylic paints for this wood slice art acrylic painting. Tape it into place if you think it’s going to shift. Step 1 – Paint the main area of your tree slice slab a solid background color (in this case light blue). Easily create a DIY wooden ornament, pattern, sign or create your wood designs with acrylic paint pens from Artistro. All DIY’s are self guided and DO NOT include instruction. Unlike painting on paper, wood does not warp at the touch of watercolor paints. It’s important to apply a primer evenly on the entire wood surface so that the acrylic paint works smoothly once it’s time to get to more intricate details of your artwork. Use paint pens on wooden slices to create an artwork. Once I had my paint and foam brushes ready I started taping off sections of the wood slices and then painting the slices. Mini Wooden Slice … It’s best to use a sandpaper with 140 to 180 grit. Squeezing a large amount of paint on the palette and using a sponge or a foam brush are the things you can do to apply the paint. Sponge painting creates a fun design or backdrop when intentionally used for its texture. What Grit Sandpaper to Remove Paint from Wood. Spray-on primer is the best option because of its nature. Let’s prepare the canvas! Use a foam pouncer to apply a small amount of paint to the stencil with an up and down dabbing motion. Today I want to share more project ideas you can make using wood slices. Step 4 – Fill in your design with an accent color. You can use different brushes for varying wood surfaces, like a flat brush used for painting around curves and a small round brush used for precision painting. You’ll want them to kind of stand so pick the … You can paint all the way to the wood slice edge, but I prefer to stop painting at the edge of the ring made by the bark. I can’t wait for it to be finished and share it with you all! This is to make sure that the acrylic paint sticks to on the wooden surface or hardboard surface. Either way, there’s something so charming about a wood round with all the bark still attached on the outside. House of Hawthornes. 2 20. Arrow Wood Slice Coasters View less – Paint 1 or 2 coats of acrylic polymer medium on the slice. All I had to do was tell her, “No, we don’t need that,” and she would put it back right where she got it. Jan 1, 2020 - Explore Sharon Cook's board "painted wood slices", followed by 832 people on Pinterest. This little girl has some serious shopping instincts at a very young age! I used slices that were 8-10cm. Sealing after painting is also crucial for a long-lasting artwork. Use wooden slices as shelves. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'cutthewood_com-leader-1','ezslot_12',118,'0','0'])); The different types of acrylic paint include student grade, fluorescent, craft acrylic paint, and gouache.

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