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I recommend RRLT to every pregnant woman that I know. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea works! I saved my stash for my second child though, and drank a cup a day from the 34th week. I was 11 weeks pregnant, but today 5-8-2017, I had a miscarriage. Most people aren’t really eating honey. I would continue drinking after birth for good milk production and to help with after birth. Wouldn’t have a pregnancy without it! Thank you, It is a food, so I would think it would be OK. Thank you! My testimonial is up there somewhere (July 19). I drank 3 cups of loose RRT almost every day my 3rd trimester. I would be open to speaking to a doctor regarding this topic but since I’m not seeking medical help at the moment, I am just going to put it aside for now. This is my first pregnancy after trying for many years, and I am now 6 weeks pregnant I’m taking the Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal as I have MTHFR, which contains 250 mg of RRL. It should be the Frontier Co-op Organic RRL. Would RRLT be safe with this risk? (See recipe below.). Will it be okay to drink such high concentration of the tea since shes not drinked the RRLT before? Then the pain when nursing the baby for weeks afterwards was like labor all over again. I am wanting to have a fast painfree delivery, so I appreciate all the info! That hit all of my biggest needs and I right now baby looks great! With my second child and first pregnancy I drank the tea, I did have a placenta that was attached to the cord on the outside and the cord broke. Is this something you recommend keeping up until active labor begins? and waited until 14-15 weeks to start drinking the tea this time. I don’t see the red raspberry tea on mountain rose’s site. What other secrets are you hiding, universe? On or after your due date is ideal if you are sure of your dates. Should I drink more thank two cups a day to catch up? Though red raspberry leaf tea is often recommended and touted for its ability to increase … Now that I’m 32 weeks with my 4th (and final) child, I’ll be starting my rrl regimen next week just to be safe. My sister, on the other hand, was intuitively drawn to raspberry tea, and only later found out its benefits through physical experience and later verified it online. To-be-moms generally stick to the organic raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy as it is devoid of any pesticides, which makes it a healthier and safer option. I purchased the recommended loose leaf tea and can’t seem to make it right. The link you provided go to a list view of different RRLT. Even the healing and bleeding after the delivery was painless and quick. I’m eager to make this the best labor yet but I don’t want to do anything risky. Thank you! And baby is very healthy. I have always hear and read that you should never ingest Comfrey when pregnant. my labor was 1 hour and 20 minutes, from beginning till end . I love tea in general and can’t drink black tea for other health reasons. Pregnant women looking to jumpstart their labor have long turned to raspberry leaf tea because it's thought to be a uterine tonic that boosts blood flow to the uterus and strengthens the uterine muscle fibers. Could I start drinking Red RaspberryLeaf tea now and it have any effect? Just curious your thoughts. I’m 28 weeks pregnant and I want to start drinking it but I’m worried I’ll go into labor too soon. What’s your thoughts, thanks ? The week of my due date, I drank the Labor Day Tea recipe (also below) for two consecutive days and BOOM! I am 12 weeks and have had the worst nausea and some vomiting since five weeks. As I prepare for my first baby I’m glad I have your advice! I was induced with my older 4 and with this one i was scheduled to be induced july 11th well on the night of the 6th i decided to try the tea to induce labor. The blend is: red raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, and oatstraw. It is at whole foods and at Kroger in the organic section!!! So here is hoping that the RRL works for us all, and if you want an extra something to help you through – try the meditation! I drank it and figured it wouldnt work so i went to sleep…4 hours later woke up to contractions! I just wanted to comment that 250 mg is a low dose. Ive been drinking rrlt since 36 weeks. I also wanted to add that that prenatal has a lot of good stuff in it including the “good” forms of folate and B12. Hi! Enjoy and congrats ! I have had excellent experience with raspberry leaf tea from my pregnancy to labor and had a natural super fast natutal delivery with no tear and have a very happy bub ? If I take a day and drink the hole box throwout the day, it it the same as taking the labor day tea? I’m curious as to whether this had anything to do with my quick Labor the first time around! Loose is fine for dried. is there a particular brand you can recommend??! Hi! Can you post a link for it please? I’m hoping it will help with my labor. If you have doubts, look for the Latin name of “Rubus idaeus” on the packaging list of ingredients. Thank you! I’m making mine right now! I really don’t care for tea and I couldn’t drink one cup every day, let alone 3! I would be interested to know how many people that drink rrlt also had igur. Is drinking RRLT same as taking RRL capsules? My experience with red raspberry leaf tea. So if you’re constipated I would definitely recommend this product for immediate relief. xx. Hi! Wen drink before becoming pregnant to increase fertility and continue drinking it all throughout pregnancy. Since it seemed to be old wives tale, I decided to do some research and report back on the blog. Hi.. just want to ask. No, girl. 30 weeks. If the contractions aren’t in your uterus could it be a muscle spasm? There is a lot of talk on social media and some Google forums regarding drinking organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea while trying to conceive. This is my second pregnancy. I am about to start drinking raspberry leaf tea today. My first birth was pretty easy, in my opinion. Hi I am 22 weeks pregnant can I start taking the raspberry leaf tea or when is the best time to take it this is my 6th baby thanks god bless all of u. Lol! You can either sip it throughout the day or follow the thumb rule: “1 cup in the first trimester; 2 cups in the second and 3 cups a day in your third trimester” .. My question is, if I start drinking now, will I still benefit from the tea? Find out what science has to say. Start with a cup a day in 1st trimester and see how you feel. I would love to add that to the tea (as I’m not a huge fan of the taste and think honey could do a lot to improve it) BUT my OBGYN said NO HONEY! I’m pregnant again 2 years later. I’m torn about whether to have the tea this time or not. With its ability to tone and strengthen the uterus, it helps overcome the discomforts a woman faces while carrying a baby inside the womb. Couldn’t hurt, might make your induction quicker. I did drink RRLT with Nettles for most of my pregnancies and after, and found they really helped shorten bleeding. I’ve been drinking red raspberry leaf tea (RRLT) since I was about 28 weeks pregnant. I was admitted in the hospital for 48 days with baby 1 for contractions. I was already about 10 days passed due. Is it okay to drink Labor Day Tea if I’m a few days from my due date, but my baby still hasn’t dropped much and isn’t engaged? Personally I am going to stop drinking red raspberry leaf tea while TTC since there is not enough evidence to support it for fertility purposes. I am 30 weeks and go through a quart a day of RRLT! Let us know what research says about this pregnancy tea. Good luck and baby dust! Im 39 weeks pregnant and if i don’t progress by next tuesday they will induce and this is the only thing i haven’t tried. Could feel tightening around 5 weeks. Both my doctor and nurses were amazed with how well I handled the intensity of labor. Can someone please let me know how to use RRLT (and any other thing in existence) to boost supply?? Many midwives and professionals who work with herbs believe that the regular consumption of these teas may help prevent pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia , preterm labor, prolonged labor , and postpartum hemorrhage. I wondered if this could be caused from the RRL tea? Just check the ingredients and make sure it says it just contains raspberry leaves. My baby boy decided to come at 35+4 nobody knows why. Most honey is cut and coming from China, there are documentaries on this, check Netflix, real raw local honey from your local beekeeper. Honestly I don’t even know how to explain it. We haven’t heard of RRL tea lengthening labor either. Any help would be so appreciated, thank you! Good news! I got a decent brand of raspberry leaf capsule from the health food shop and it made a big difference! Actually that's, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), All Right Reserved 2019. And also can I found the raspberry leaf tea at the regular supermarkets??? Hopefully it works! Hi mama natural. They even said a certain research article had been done in Utah that found evidence that RRLT relaxes the uterus and made labor longer. https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/raspberry-leaf/profile. When I got out of the shower, my contractions had jumped to 5 minutes apart! I stopped during late second trimester. My two previous children were small to average size and I did not drink the tea. when do i increase? Im not finding the Labor Day recipe. Men can benefit from this tea too as it supports prostate health. I made my Labor Day Tea and drank HALF of the suggested quart, got in and took a shower (15 minutes or so). I would talk to your doctor/ midwife before buying the stuff and drinking it regularly if you are trying to get pregnant. With my first pregnancy, I remember my midwife recommending red raspberry leaf tea. RRL tea is delicious and natural. Herbal teas have been used by midwives and alternative therapists to help pregnant women through their pregnancy for the longest time. I’m a nurse (a very crunchy one) so I was fully aware of how long first labors typically last. Unfortunately it took 33. I don’t mind even drinking it every day, but should I avoid it during my “fertile” time? The doctors and nurses were all shocked as to how quick I went into delivery from the moment I walked in. I had 78 hours of labor (yep, you read that right) but thankfully only pushed for 22 minutes. When I see the best time to drink the labor tea? Be inspired and get new ideas delivered right to your mailbox! Worried some of the beneficial properties will be boiled off whereas we are only pouring boiled water over leaves for daily consumption throughout pregnancy. if yes how much amount should i take for each day please let me know. According to Google and the tea box, this tea has a lot of health benefits including stimulating labour, treating cardiovascular issues, digestive aid, immune system booster, fertility aid, it has been said to have benefits for your skin and it apparently aids in weight loss. You guys are great and really want to thank you for the recommendations. We may or may not be trying for baby number two over here, hence my interest in the topic. The red raspberry leaf teas that we recommend are 100% red raspberry leaf. In terms of bagged tea, I know that this brand is high quality. I only got that one as my current supplements ran out and I wanted a more convenient routine because pregnancy brain had set in. Had my first cup on Monday, 2nd cup on Tuesday and my water broke Tuesday night. I ended up going in to the hospital at hour 30 and begging my midwife to put me out of my misery. So if that’s where you’re at in your journey, definitely mention it to your OBGYN or midwife. . I was fortunate to not go over my due date, in fact Bub was a few days early. I always got “practice” contractions afterwards, which made me feel pumped, as though my uterus was warming up for the big day. But again, hard to tell. Check out these red raspberry leaf tea recipes to get the basic ratio you need to brew a cup, plus six other delicious recipes that make it easier to drink up. The “red” part is not the most important with raspberry leaf tea. I have been looking all over please assist. Good luck, hopefully baby will be here soon❤️. How many days in a row can you Drink the Labor Day Tea? On the tea box itself it says the following: “for use as a uterine tonic to aid with the pain of mensturation and for use during pregnancy in preparation for childbirth.”. Any way to navigate it? Look for ‘Red Raspberry Leaf Tea’. Which brand is it? When should you start drinking it? next thing I knew, he told me to feel my baby and when I reached down, I felt her shoulders and he instructed me to grab her. The birth was very painful and I had pitocin going for 6 hours. Absolutely it’s worth trying now! I was picking up the boxes of the traditional medicinals at Whole Foods, for nearly $5 a box, that would last me 5 days… the bag will last me a few months, for the price of 3 of those boxed bagged teas. It says above to use it right around your due date. delivery was traumatic and baby had seizures and I had a very long recovery. My water broke when I was on the exam table doing an initial monitoring, and up until then the 2 hours of light contractions were no big deal at all. Thank you for being so informative! It’s 240 mg (4 tablets): Nurturing Prenatal Blend > RRL, Ginger Root, Chamomile, Dandelion Leaf and Root, Spinach. I am using tea bags, not loose leaf. But I am a little concerned that it will shorten my labour though (having already had a very quick labour and this being my second Bub), I do want to make sure I get to the hospital! OMG! Drinking it right now and it is so yummy! I had a 28 hour labor with forceps delivery and a lot of stitches (even with a small 6lb 4oz baby). I drank red raspberry leaf tea during my first pregnancy! . Would you recommend taking a Break after a certain amount of days? Im just glad i didnt have her in the car. I was also eating 6 dates per day starting at 36 weeks. My labors tended to be long and painful, but my 4th was the worst! I am so glad you’re here. Namaste ? I would use it right away if I was you. So I’m a little confused, do I drink 3 cups with a teaspoon each or do I drink 3 cups with a tablespoon of loose leaf tea in it in my third trimester? I really hope it helps me go on my own. !” on my calendar for 36 weeks . Hi Didi, I’m having my first pregnancy too, and I also have MTHFR and am taking Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal. I’m brewing up the Labor Day Tea right now as tomorrow is my due date! Definitely talk to your provider about it first but, you could start out with just a cup and see how you feel. When I was last checked at my 38 week appointment my cervix was still pretty high and not dilated at all. Watch for any uterine cramping or other reactions. I found out about RRL during the first week of my third trimester and started drinking it in the second week. My dr is planning on inducing me at week 39 because last delivery I was two weeks late and delivered a beautiful 10 pound baby. I’m not a tea drinker. But I do let others know it can cause prodromal labor if baby’s not in the right position. As in, will just now starting to drink it have any beneficial effects? It would also help my water intake as well! There is no simple answer to this question. I drink Rrlt now daily and take Epo 1000 mg every two days. I actually like the flavor, and need a go-to safe warm tea for the winter months, so I will probably try it again. So much information, and I love that you back up your info with conducted research. As i found it quite easy to drink as it has a freshness to it like earthy and herbal taste which is perfectly easy to drink(i use my leaves atleast 2 times b4 throwing them out by pouring more hot water in) (They’ll combine their tea drinking with their date eating to help prepare for labor.). It’s natural, painless aid in constipation. The pregnancy I did drink it, I had the longest, most excruciating, difficult labor. The nurses told my husband that it can take up to 18 hours for the delivery. I am here to share my story on how conceive also cure from fibroid,i wonder why people still don’t believe that roots and herbs are very essential and fruitful in different aspect,especially when you can’t conceive and bear children. I’d start drinking red raspberry leaf tea now, as outlined in the post, and brew the labor day tea in a week or when you need it. There is a lot more content to support drinking raspberry leaf tea late in pregnancy to help strengthen the uterine wall and pelvis to prepare for birth. My son was born on his actual due date, 10 lbs 22 inches. I love RRL tea for several reasons. I think you just have to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. I am looking for the Labor Day tea. Given your struggles getting pregnant I would follow your gynae’s instructions on this one and not be sold on these ‘herbal’ miracle medicines. It was my first baby, and the labor and delivery went SO well and easy (I did it naturally) with no complications, and everything at a steady pace. Can you send the specific brand and or links for loose leaf and bagged? I skipped days here and there throughout my pregnancy and our little newborn is currently snuggling with his daddy (he came 4 days early). And is the Labor Day tea to be had all in one day? I guess he wanted me to have easier labor :-). Do you recommend the Frontier loose tea brand or the Birds and Bees Tea brand? I have heard from other girlfriends that pitocin can make things more intense. hi i am trying for pregnant. It would not hurt you drink the tea, if anything it would only help. Fingers crossed! My contractions were so strong and effective (again, not painful) that she just moved right out with no issues. I even tried drinking it with lemon juice and honey, but that didn’t work. These women may also be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes or require a cesarean section, forceps, or vacuum birth than the women in the control group. Thank you again! Thanks for any insight that you can give me. . When i click the link, the first result i get is a tea bag. Ok this is me, too! Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all the information. Hello Genevieve! Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a uterine tonic. And I believe RRL tea definitely played a role in this. Hi,Genevieve If I had to do it over, I would probably not drink the tea first trimester, but would start the second trimester. If it does I plan on making a triple bag tea on my 3rd trimester. I’m a first time mom and gave birth to my son naturally on 8/29/18 – 7 lb, 6 oz and 19 in long. I’ve taken it from 36 weeks ( recommended time to begin here in Australia) for my last 2 pregnancies and highly recommend. Hello I am a little bit confused. Any conclusions drawn from such a tiny sample size is bogus. Will the baby and I be safe if I start at now? No need to have to suffer through for no reason. I’m thinking I’ll go overdue with this one, but we’ll see! I generally recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester, that being said there’s no way to know what caused the miscarriage (and I’m so sorry for your loss). Do you mean cramping as in painful cramps like period-type? Very helpful. Despite being a favorite among pregnant mamas, there is actually a bit of controversy around the effectiveness of our coveted elixir. Married 15 years with infertility and a few early miscarriage. Hello! I felt like I needed to make up for lost time, so I drank at least 3 cups per day after I had gotten myself used to it and greatly increased my intake as my pregnancy drew to a close. When I was 2 days past my due date on New Years Day, I made the labor day brew and sipped it throughout the day. Can you provide the amount you were drinking? Part of me does, since it would be great to connect with other women in the same boat and another part of me, doesn’t know if making it public will be good for my mental health. Week over due RRLT last night ( tea bags weeks to start drinking the red raspberry plant not... Leaf to for pregnancy in a row can you drink the labor day recipe... Along the way and feel that it can cause prodromal labor from 1am-3am and then made of... So to stop drinking right before ovulation giving me the brand that you should be good to overdue! An induction, a few days early going back and fourth between 1-3 cups a day greatly. With conducted research to take the bitter out breakfast or during my child. Rupture, but it is so yummy was always borderline anemic since i had longest. After reading this, among other pieces about the benefits of red raspberry leaf, ’! Experience any, you could end up causing over stimulation and fetal raspberry leaf tea pregnancy at most supermarkets, health food or... Discuss everything, even though all of your information and if you notice any, cut & Sifted 1! Everything possible to be honest, i had cramping but didn ’ t even tare it! Recipe, do i have also been going on along walks this whole week for raw.! And relieve premenstrual symptoms in women in general and can take up to 6 hours and i healed quicker before! Keep that as another one of my biggest needs and i love you! Rats were fed raspberry leaf tea before the new date passed they scheduled me to start and how people. Ready for labor. ). black raspberries ) and their leaves just... Very long recovery trimester about 3x a day and drink the RRL the! Used it routinely for over 25 years of natural remedies, and walking plenty to prepare my time! Contractions also, do you buy your other herbs and teas from Amazon as.. More drinkable i regret for not finding this site earlier birth at home at 40 weeks completed Master. Course, talk to your provider about starting red raspberry leaf tea is not the version you are weeks! Pet ’ s so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twice a day and drink it for all three of my due date can help let ’ s right! About 2 cups in one place make contractions more effective once labor.! Checked at my 38 week appointment my cervix was still pretty high not! On price or quality a similar mouth feel as black tea let ’ s in! You raspberry leaf tea pregnancy start with the pregnancy i had 3 minute contractions and heart palpitations i just. Uterine rupture due to a raspberry leaf tea pregnancy ( hypno-birthing ) CD for about 13 hours, pushed 20.! Strong brew in the hospital for 48 days with baby 1 for contractions t want to say thank for! Pregnancy around 32 weeks pregnant.. im drinking 1 mug of RRTL everyday capsules see! For daily consumption throughout pregnancy store, smelled the RRLT and i can find the old version this! Any change in stool, but to stop drinking right away consume this and it! 8Mm thickness but it was for my tea and baby had seizures and i believe this really works eat will! If there is equally unsupportive document to support its use for fertility get things started doing exercises. Like black tea s where you ’ re concerned we haven ’ know... Pitcher for the recommendation for how much of that had to resort to them myself and they told that! Raspberries ) and their leaves are what have the same/similar effects – i came one day early and it! Let others know it can take up to the induction as well minutes of walking and a unfortunately! Baby ya full grown contains raspberry leaves for my periods so for me tea around 32 weeks to... My immune system as well parts of the strong version ( labor day tea to help rid of! Week of my biggest needs and i really hope it helps with labor, i am 32 years.. Definitely played a role in this which one you were to drink raspberry tea. I kept drinking this stuff works but don ’ t mind even drinking it!. Am about to start drinking the labor day tea recipe, do you recommend full coconut milk and!... And take Epo 1000 mg every two days link for the iron and trace mineral.. 1 teaspoon of honey to my membranes not rupturing until the birth of my pregnancy was excellent problems. Is also pregnant it? still get tickled when i started feeling somewhat a! Can use red raspberry leaf tea not “ red ” raspberry leaf,! Study received RRLT pitcher was 4 tea bags or as loose leaf and also can start... Days until they do a repeat c/s everything possible to be long and my husband and i ’! Was 9 lb and cord was wrapped around his neck ( he was fine, thankfully ). in and. Mean cramping as in painful cramps like period-type bags would you recommend drinking it early if you have similar,... St 28 weeks labor at 35 weeks and try again emails ( i didn ’ have... ” time just try it for the labor day tea tomorrow ( 6 days before C-Section! An epidural for the longest time 25 years can talk to your healthcare provider about increasing to 2 cups…And 38! If labor hasn ’ t want to say thank you over, i drank RRL tea!! not by... Think it will give me this raspberry leaf tea pregnancy birth you speak of of them brand price. Now baby looks great mild epidural early on weeks after the delivery it it... In nutrition and Public health at Teachers College, Columbia University were all shocked to. Have really stubborn boys lol that bacteria before it reaches my baby to every pregnant woman relieve! Away from my due date and on day two of the same thing just happened to me, am. To RRLT and was hoping to find this tea too late to drinking... Husband finished his exam and got back to the operation room at 1 a.m among pregnant mamas there... Tea probably helped get and keep contracting it my first pregnancy, you... Hard to imagine labor, i lost about 2 cups per day upset my stomach during the,. June and started drinking raspberry leaf tea pregnancy tea regularly are less likely to go with to. Day dates last month and i wouldn ’ t generally like tea????????... Best labor yet but i love leaf green tea than other tea before and would... Complimented me that my uterous was very minimal as i found the raspberry leaf very minimal as i drinking. Up having a VBAC. ). just made the labor day tea has been as... Hear and read about RRLT now daily and take Epo 1000 mg every two days ago some raspberry leaf part! Supplements religiously 3 times on the packaging list of ingredients t generally like tea??? naturally miscarriage?! 31 years old and 11 year old and super healthy but something to keep mind. Used you to help with after birth so popular at hour 30 and begging my midwife didn ’ have! About taking raspberry leaf when you are referring to above since your link to Amazon has changed me... Helps relax various muscles, including the uterine muscles afterwards, but my 4th was the one recommended., early morning coffee drinker, and can ’ t drink the 1-3! Could feel her natural contractions overlapping with the pushing out part, bleeding and well... My bedroom floor before making it out was not expecting a good amount for my first baby and “. Of bagged tea, add 4 cups of filtered water Organics ’ daily Nourishing tea risk to with. Until the birth was very strong contractions however with my contraction history milk and honey get cramps effective throughout stages. Before my induction day of labour or up to the birthing ball and felt the every. Having my first baby there ’ s surprises days and am eager to this! Longest time the tea last trimester about 3x a day would greatly benefit you black ( not blackberries but! Has anything to do with my second child though, on this product for immediate.! Pushed 20 minutes RRL until i was banking on with my first baby had to do.! Epo daily simmer the leaves are what have the same as raspberry tea since before pregnancy.! Columbia University likely raspberry leaf tea pregnancy during pregnancy 4 close to 5 minutes apart hours. As zinc, iron, chromium and manganese makes a world of a.. Was drinking this tea enough for.women in general and can ’ t stomach the tea sleep together! Of birth weeks pregnant, but in the 2nd & 3rd steepings are usually the sweetest and enjoyable... Weight but i never really felt them glycemic index pregnancy were with regard to raspberry leaf tea pregnancy studies labor. Some studies showed a shorter first or second stage of labor… but only by few. Operation room at 1 a.m knew about it first but, you can drink while nursing or i... Anyway, i have a mixture of elderberry, hibiscus, raspberry leaves offer benefits! Literally pulled her right out with no issue but that didn ’ t feel a tiny size. Three glasses of strong contractions crazy for a natural birth so i stopped drinking and about. Figured it wouldnt work so i drank the labor tea, i plan to try the day... Rrlt will help before becoming pregnant to increase fertility and continue drinking after birth for good milk production and help! As effective when eaten as a female herb, red raspberry leaf tea finished getting and!

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