Massive MIMO for VLC

by Ana Garcia Armada

In this talk, the concept of massive multiple input – multiple output (MIMO) and its application to visible light communications (VLC) will be explored. First, VLC will be motivated in the context of the evolution of wireless networks and its main characteristics explained. The talk will continue with the introduction of MIMO and massive MIMO techniques and the necessary signal processing. Feasible ways to conduct them in the context of VLC will be detailed and finally some examples will be illustrated in the context of a testbed that is being implemented.
Ana Garcia Armada is a Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain. She has published more than 150 referred papers and she holds four patents. She serves on the editorial board of IEEE Trans. on Communications and IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society. She is Member at Large of the Board of Governors and Director of Online Content of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc). She has received awards from University Carlos III of Madrid, third place Bell Labs Prize 2014 and outstanding service award from the IEEE ComSoc Signal Processing and Communications Electronics technical committee and the IEEE ComSoc Women in Communications Engineering standing committee.